Shim Eum Kyung Adorably Finds Drunk Joo Won in New Tomorrow’s Cantabile Stills

It’s fairly guaranteed that Shim Eun Kyung is going to steal my heart in Tomorrow’s Cantabile. She hasn’t had a failed acting performance yet and even playing iconic character Noda Megumi (Nodame) doesn’t seem like a stretch in her hands. This might be my favorite set of official drama stills released by KBS so far, the very memorable scene in the manga where Nodame finds Chiaki drunk and passed out in the apartment hallway. I’m sure Joo Won will do his best drunk impression but I’m loving Shim Eun Kyung’s expressiveness even when she’s just cradling his passed out head.

I can’t believe the drama is coming in just one week. Fans of Discovery of Love will probably be on pins and needles this week to see which of the two leading men the leading lady picks in that drama since the writer has dragged it on for 14 episodes already without even a clear end in sight. I like love triangles but DoL’s was particularly exhausting to watch, which makes Tomorrow’s Cantabile likely the perfect drama to infuse that same time slot with a completely different aesthetic after DoL.

So far none of the Joo Won stills have cured my allergy to him but I’ll be watching with an open mind once the drama starts to see what all the fuss is about him that makes his fangirls adore him so. KBS also released the official first look at the music university orchestra. Looking good! There isn’t a love triangle in the original story and even if the K-version adds one in I don’t think it’s going to have that much narrative importance to interfere with the musical focus of the story.


Shim Eum Kyung Adorably Finds Drunk Joo Won in New Tomorrow’s Cantabile Stills — 35 Comments

  1. Cradling his head already? Ehhhh that’s not right…

    She at least looks like a passable Nodame. He continues to look and feel totally wrong as Chiaki.

    • I know right! I keep trying to like this adaptation. I have no problems with Shim EunKyng but JooWon just isn’t Chiaki, he doesn’t have the stance or the look right. And from what I can see, they appear to be making Nodame some kind of cutesy fangirl, which is far from the entirely of her character 🙁

      • Well im not familiar with the manga as u are probably but ive seen the original and joo won is really close …so for acting I know he can pull of ANYTHING after his good doc performance nothing is hard for this guy

        For you koala I agree and looove the blog its my third year a fan …..^_^ and im really really shocked that u even have allergy against him …come on whats not to adore hes awsome and a great great actor …and sexy *remembering gaksital * but its always a tatse ….

  2. Joo Won’s version of the male lead still does not translate as Chiaki to me…

    Also, Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung together do not have any vibe of romantic chemistry to me at all (but Joo Won is like that with most of his leading ladies, right?). They seriously look more like biological siblings with how platonic everything is. And the age gap does not help at all.

  3. Shim Eun Kyung is going to do great! So is Joo Won. These stills tell me that they will be better than Tamaki-Ueno pairing. I do not know if it is the script or their acting but there was no chemistry between the Japanese pair. They were funny in the beginning but they did not convince me of their love. Nodame was crazy about Chiaki from start but when he finally return her feelings, I didn’t get any emotion from her. I also cannot get how Chiaki fell in love with Nodame. I think the direction and acting failed.
    Hope the Korean version can convey the love better. I am excited about SEK doing her first romantic role and Joo Won never fails to have chemistry with anyone.

    • I am soryyy whaaaaaaat ??
      I love their pairing the japanese version the best in everything the chemistry , direction……etc .
      I love Ueno & Tamaki seriously they deliver me their characters in the best & professional way .
      Any way the aim from this drama isn’t purely romance & kisses but about finding their lost gifts and make it shine again .
      I disagree with your respected opinion .

  4. I’m totally in love with Joo Won and Shim Eun Kyung pairing. I am big fan to both of them. I’m so looking forward to this drama…. Fighting!!!

  5. Lord, now i’m really hoping joo won and shim eun kyung puts those diehard fans’s endless complaining to rest by proving them wrong. Not a single post where i don’t see someone crying that it won’t be as good as the japanese version or that the actors (based on STILL photos) don’t give off the same vibe they had in mind. From what i’ve seen in all the remakes (fated to love you, mischievious kiss, boys before flowers, etc,) people tend to prefer whatever version is suited better to their taste (be it chemistry, actors, tone, etc).
    I’m so glad i haven’t watched the japanese version, cause that means I get to come in with an open mind and a clean slate.
    It’s really interesting how people can get rather defensive (or overprotective) with their most loved shows and cynical with remakes. Perhaps it’s really just a way of lowering expectations so as not to be disappointed. But, if this remake fails, what’s the worst that could happen? The original still remains a wonderful piece through the eyes of millions.

    I am a pretty huge fan of Jun ji hyun and i didn’t even bat an eyelash with My Sassy Girl remake without her. To top it off, with an idol who probably might not even be as capable or in the same league as shim eun kyung. It really could be worse.
    whether you like these two actors or not or think they’re not right for the part, they’re damn talented and i’m sure i’ll enjoy whatever unique depictions they have for these characters even if it deviates from the beloved original. Just my two cents.

    If you come into a show looking for something to pick with or find fault with, evidently you will.

    • Well said. Give them a chance at least. I didn’t expect Fated to Love You to work and yet it did in many ways, of course there were moments I said the original had it better and moments where I said the new remake had it better. I guess I am lucky enough to not ship any particular actor/actress to the point I close my eyes. I watch my shows to escape and if I do then job well done, if I don’t then I go on to something else. So before there is judging at least watch one episode so you can speak from experience and not emotion.

    • i know what you mean, I watched the original about 3 years ago and totally love it and am currently rewatching it in preparation for the korean version….I fully expect the korean one to be different on many respects, firstly because of the length..secondly korean dramas are inherently different because of the culture, language etc ….but I am still extremely excited, especially because I have loved Shim Eun Kyung for many years now and I’m really glad she gets to play her first major leading role in a drama as one of my favorite Jdorama characters…I am sick of seeing some of the same ppl complaining about the same things in the same sites over and over again…I wish that someone from the original fandom was as excited about this as I am….the drama wil diefinitely feel different but I hope they can still capture the sole of the story and characters…and so far, at least with regards of casting I have felt they for the rest we can only know when we actually see this play out…and if it doesnt turn out well, we still have the original to rewatch

  6. This is out of topic but because I know you like him, I’ll ask. Have you seen what is going on with Cha Seung Won and his son? :O

      • Another name for it is ‘aegyo sal’: little puffs under eyes that make face look smiling, cute and more amicable. A big trend in Korea now.

      • Wow, so basically under eye bags are considered trendy in S. Korea? I wish it was the same where I live (sort of), that would be quite convenient for me.

  7. Writer PLEASEEEE don’t let the romance eventually overshadow everything else especially the music) in the drama. I will boycott the writer if it happens. My favorite is the pic where Nodame is smiling. Fingers crossed, hope it’s good.

  8. Just dont compare it. They will not be the same because they are different. Embrace that and stop thr complain.The j version was awesome yet to me it had no feelings from chiaki’s part. So i am expecting more feelings from joo won towards nodame. Lets just have no expectations and enjoy the k version

  9. I agree with you!!
    I hope in this remake they will put more scene that Joowon toward Shim Eun Kyung.

    btw, i prefer anime or manga than japan live action. (y)

  10. I watched the Korean version first and then the Japanese version later. I like the Korean version. By the way, I am neither Korean nor Japanese and I like watching both Korean and Japanese dramas, so I will have no bias.

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