Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Episode 3 Recap

This was a relatively uneventful episode of Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu that can best be chalked up as “the case of the unexpected pink scrunchie”. Part of the allure of this dorama is how ordinary it is to follow square little Hanae as she evolves into a more dynamic version of herself rather than being stuck in the same routine lifestyle. Seeing her date young Yuto is fun but sadly just a smidge dull. That sounds like an oxymoron description so the best way to splice the baby is the fun is in Hanae’s overwrought reactions to the most simple of dating interactions, but the dull is that her relationship with Yuto has zero sizzle to it.

The conundrum arises with Hanae’s interactions with Yu always chock full of sizzle, he elicits so much more spark of life from her both in sussing out her deepest worries as well as critical breakthroughs. Yu being Hanae’s inadvertent (or intentional) romance coach doesn’t necessary mean she ought to date him, frankly he scares the living bejesus out of her because he’s so imposing and assertive. Episode 3 throws a tiny little wrench in Hanae’s romance with Yuto which is resolved as quickly as it flared up, but does have a point in actually teaching Hanae some experience lessons on the very act of dating which involves both conflict and communication.

Episode 3 recap:

Hanae and Yuto start their dating relationship at, where else, the ramen restaurant where they dined together for the first time. This time Hanae isn’t wearing glasses to fog up from the noodle steam and is thoroughly enjoying herself. As is Yuto, he is now comfortably calling her by her first name Hanae which is a huge deal in Japanese culture since she’s older than him and a senpai at work. He checks with her first before ordering another beer for them and another plate of snack and Hanae is immensely pleased by having someone so solicitous of her.

Yuto asks if Hanae wants to go see a movie with him which makes her even happier since she doesn’t have a lot of interests but movies happen to be one of them. She always watches alone but see couples watching together and did wish to have someone to talk about the movie with afterwards.

Hanae wakes up to her alarm clock the next morning and her happiness has carried over so that she’s even smiling in her sleep. So cute. Her life patterns are gradually changing because of Yuto and even her regular bus stop crew notice it when she arrives later than usual so isn’t in her normal spot in line. Then they all stare in unison after catching her smiling like a moon calf.

Hanae and Yuto remain professional at work though Yuto slips and addresses her casually as Hanae-san rather than Aoshi-san. Perceptive So notices but his deductive reasoning needs more work because he assumes Hanae is telling Yuto to call her by her first name because she’s planning to marry boyfriend Mamoru soon and take his last name. Hanae breaths a sigh of relief that her Mamoru lie is now smoothing over anyone suspecting she’s actually dating young Yuto.

Hanae thanks her dog Mamoru, who we see is currently undergoing training by Hanae’s mom in sitting on command which doesn’t seem to be going that well yet.

So’s mention of Hanae taking her husband’s last name makes her type out Tanokura Hanae on her PO form instead of Aoshi Hanae to give it a whirl were she to marry Yuto. Holy girl slow down there. She quickly deletes it while hiding a small content smile.

Hanae runs into Yu by the elevators and her papers fly everywhere when he greets her by noticing that she’s stopped wearing glassses. She desperately tries to be polite and quickly excuse herself except Yu knows all the buttons to push with her. He asks if she’s officially dating the young guy now? He now believes that a woman can change for a man but advises Hanae that not all such change is positive, especially when its an older woman-younger man romance. He reminds her not to become a woman who makes a man feel pressured, i.e. like she’s a burden because of her needy ways.

That one sentence starts to eat away at Hanae for the rest of the day because it’s the very thing she’s spent her entire life NOT being. She shows up at work early to clean and leaves late after tidying up, all to make the lives of people around her easier. Making someone feel pressured around her is the farthest thing she wants to do.

She wonders what kind of woman adds pressure to a situation, in a literal sense we see a plump lady try to get into a packed elevator and has to get off because it’s over the weight limit. On the bus ride home, Hanae sees a high school girl try to wheedle her uninterested boyfriend to listen to whatever she’s listening.

Hanae’s fantasy runs amuck back to the Edo era where she’s a traditional maiden and Yuto a young samurai. She delivers a love bento to him that makes him feel pressured, then adds to the pressure when he comes home and she’s ready to offer him dinner, a bath, or more….. When he goes to take a bath, she peeks in through the window slats to offer a back scrub, which is when he breaks up with her because she’s too overbearing.

Hanae wakes up from this nightmare fantasy and finds herself sitting on the sofa with her dad, who notices but says nothing. Hanae gets a text from Yuto asking if she wants to come to his place for nabe (hot pot) after their movie date? Hanae frets about whether it’s moving too fast since going over means the opportunity for more intimacy.

Hanae goes out to confer with Mamoru as she wonders if she needs to stop overthinking things and be more proactive in her life. She asks Mamoru to shake paws, fully expecting he hasn’t mastered it yet since he doesn’t even know how to sit on command, but to her surprise Mamoru dutifully shakes. Hanae is so impressed with Mamoru’s progress and makes up her mind to go ahead with Yuto’s hot pot invite.

Hanae watches Yuto packing food samples at work and uses her visual estimation to gauge that he can’t fit it all in one box. She’s about to grab a bigger box for him but stops herself since doing so would be making herself too overbearing. To Hanae’s surprise, Yuto doesn’t need a bigger box as he manages to fit everything into the box he selected.

Yuto drops off the boxes of samples to Yu’s company and Yu saunters over to chat with the young’un. Yu cuts to the chase and asks Yuto if he’s the reason that Hanae isn’t wearing glasses anymore? Yuto says he didn’t ask her to do it and doesn’t answer when Yu suggests he has an Oedipal complex for liking a woman so much older than him.

As Yuto walks away, Yu warns him not to go any further with Hanae if he’s just playing around with her. Yu wonders if Yuto knows what it means to date a woman like Hanae? Yuto walks back and tells Yu that he knows, an answer that isn’t what Yu wanted to hear. Yu doesn’t think Yuto has the ability to be responsible for Hanae’s future but Yuto retorts that Yu’s warning isn’t very persuasive seeing as Yu himself is still single. Yu acknowledges that retort and jokes for Yuto to introduce him to nice girls if he knows any.

Hitomi and Hanae grab lunch together and Hitomi is surprised to hear that Hanae’s friend who has never dated recently started dating. Yuto returns from the sample delivery and walks right past Hanae and Hitomo. In the lunch room, So joins in the chat as talk turns to how much Hitomi likes Yu. Hitomi admits she doesn’t like him that much yet since she barely knows him. But that’s not important as feelings can develop after marriage.

Hitomi sees marriage as her career goal since she’s not talented enough to make something of herself in the work place. She’s set her eyes on Yu as her dream man which makes So lament how tragic she makes marriage sound. Hitomi’s view on marriage makes Hanae realize she’s such an elementary school student when it comes to romance if even one look from Yuto makes her happy for the entire day.

Ryusei and So are planning an evening meeting with Yu’s team to sign the collaboration contract and Hitomi wants to join. Another coworker points out that Hitomi is angling for bigger fish than a contract but Hitomi sasses back that she’ll do her job well no matter what.

Their coworker Samejima who acts like a woman when drunk walks by and is impressed that Hitomi can collect overtime pay and pursue a man at the same time. Ryusei interjects to ask if Samejima is jealous because he wants to pursue a guy as well? Ahahaha, his retort makes the entire office freak out as everyone tries to act like they didn’t hear it and Samejima awkwardly laughs it off. Hanae files it away that Ryusei purposely addressed the pink elephant in the office that everyone has avoided this whole time.

The meeting with Yu’s team goes well and the contract is signed. So takes the initiative to invite Yu out for drinks and he gladly accepts. Hitomi and Ryusei both ask to join and Yu makes reservations at his friend’s restaurant so they can make it a food tasting as well.

Hanae is having hot pot with her parents and wondering about having to eat the same thing tomorrow night with Yuto. Mom wants to go shopping for winter boots tomorrow with Hanae but she declines and then reveals that she’s spending the night at a friend’s house. Mom asks if it’s Ichika and Hanae says its another friend but Mom doesn’t remember Hanae having any friends other than Ichika.

Hanae’s dad starts chattering about random topics like how Mamoru is so strong now and drags him along on walks. Hanae eats her hot pot and thinks to herself that her dad’s personality is to avoid discussing something he doesn’t want to face. He suspects she has a boyfriend but doesn’t want to dig in for the truth. She’s like that as well and now she realizes she got that aspect of her avoidance personality from her dad.

Yu, Hitomi, So, and Ryusei are at dinner when Ryusei directly asks what Yu thinks love is? Yu thinks love is all the same because it aims for one result – the woman wants to marry a man who will take care of her. That’s why he doesn’t want to waste his time on love when the conclusion is foregone. Hitomi wonders if Yu hasn’t met the right types of women and Yu agrees that could be it. Lately he did meet a very unique woman that captures his interest.

So teases that Ryusei is unique as well since he’s dated a lot of women but is still a virgin. Yu suggests that Ryusei having no experience in the sack might scare women away. Ryusei doesn’t think so but Hitomi pipes up that it’s pretty bad. Yu returns the question to Ryusei about his thoughts of love but Ryusei is in a pique and starts sulking at the table. Yu points out that Ryusei really is strange, he’d be fired already if he worked at Yu’s company.

Ryusei goes to the bathroom to sulk in the bathroom and tear toilet paper into strips. So goes to get Ryusei to come out and realizes that Ryusei likes Hitomi which is why he’s upset thinking Hitomi will never like him. Ryusei admits that he’s only lasted so long at the company because of Hitomi.

Hitomi tries to find out more about the girl Yu likes and hears that she’s always changing every time Yu encounters her. Hitomi asks why Yu isn’t pursuing her and he explains that some things depend on timing. Hitomi points out that he could miss his chance if he waits for the right time. Yu agrees which is why his timing depends on Hitomi because the girl is the one who recently took off her glasses and works with Hitomi.

Hanae is all ready for her date tomorrow with Yuto, double checking all the items in her purse while doing a face mask and exfoliating. She gets a confirmation text from Yuto and happily replies before thinking that tomorrow night at this same time she’ll be at Yuto’s house. She tells herself to go for it!

Hanae meets Yuto at their usual rendezvous spot at the antique store before heading to the movies. Who knew super square Hanae actually loves zombie movies, and her reason is even more adorable in that she likes how the zombies keep going and never stop no matter how many times they are knocked down. Yuto asks Hanae what movie she wants to see and she demurs to his selection, secretly hoping he would pick the zombie movie and further confirm their similar tastes.

Yuto picks the romantic comedy and Hanae happily agrees with the choice, never telling Yuto that she watched the movie already a month ago alone when it first came out.

After the movie the couple go grocery shopping for hot pot supplies and Hanae once again defers to Yuto on what to make tonight. Yuto suggests kimchee hot pot since it’s a popular new dish lately and he wants to try it with Hanae. She agrees even while thinking that she just had kimchee hot pot last night at home. And if she knew they were having kimchee hot pot she would have brought the extra bag of kimchee her mom offered her.

Hanae nervously arrives at Yuto’s apartment and makes awkward chatter about how neat it is while wandering around aimlessly since Yuto wants her to rest while he makes dinner.

The couple enjoy the kimchee hot pot before Yuto smoothly makes his move and pulls Hanae to lay down for a stretch and a sweet kiss.

Hanae’s cloud nine euphoria is shattered abruptly when Yuto gets up to grab more ramen for them to eat and she notices a girl’s pink hair scrunchie under his bed. Hanae wonders if another woman has been in his apartment other than her? Yuto returns with the ramen but Hanae is so racked with insecurity and doubt she makes an excuse to go home and fairly runs out of his apartment.

As Hanae walks home, she realizes that she’s behaving like an overbearing woman, the type that can’t overlook another woman being in her boyfriend’s apartment before. She tosses the scrunchie away but goes back and fishes it out of the bushes.

Hanae’s parents are enjoying a take out sushi dinner at home and are surprised to see her come home. Mom offers Hanae her favorite uni nigiri and dad adorably grabs the box to show her but Hanae declines and goes directly to her mom. Her parents know something is up since she said no to uni.

Hanae texts Yuto apologizing for leaving his apartment so abruptly especially since he graciously invited her over.

Hanae’s put the scrunchie around Mamoru’s tail and thinks to herself that it doesn’t look good on him. She then washes the scrunchie because it belongs to someone else and she shouldn’t have taken it like a thief. Hanae gets a call from Ichiki checking in to ask if her new relationship is going well.

Hanae meets Ichiki at the playground and shows her the scrunchie. Ichika doesn’t think it’s a big deal, if she found it then she wouldn’t have taken it home and would have asked immediately what’s going on. Hanae was too scared to ask because what if Yuto said he was dating another girl at the same time. If she heard that then she might have been too distraught to even make it home alive.

Ichika laughs her head off at Hanae because there was no way a guy would honestly fess up if he was cheating on her. Finding a scrunchie is small beans, not like Ichika who opened her closet door and found the cheating woman inside and almost died of a heart attack. If Hanae wants to keep dating Yuto then she has to get accustomed to shock like this before more will come.

Hanae thinks that it doesn’t matter what she wants, Yuto probably already gave up on her since he didn’t return her text. Ichika suggests that a college student is still in the have fun phase so it can’t be helped. Hanae should chalk this up to experience and find a more age-similar guy next time.

Hanae gets ready to mail the scrunchie back to Yuto and say goodbye to this brief romance that was too complicated for her to handle. She puts the scrunchie in the envelope and then picks up her glasses to go back to the way things used to be.

Hanae is wearing glasses at work again which So notices and thinks she had a fight with Mamoru. Yuto arrives at work but Hanae pays him no heed. As Hanae sets up the conference room for a meeting, Boss privately asks her advice as a woman on how she wants to receive an apology. Turns out his wife is angry at him and left home to go live with her parents. The problem is that he doesn’t know why she’s angry at him in the first place.

Hanae wonders why he’s not upset at her for leaving without any explanation. Boss isn’t angry because she must have a good reason for doing something so drastic so he won’t second guess her and will only figure out how to placate her.

Hitomi finds Hanae up on the roof to ask a favor for her to go out with her to night. Hanae declines because she wants to go to the movies but Hitomi really needs Hanae’s help to make progress with Yu. Hitomi reveals that Yu won’t go on a date with her unless she brings Hanae along. Hitomi knows that she’s pathetic but she’s decided to pursue this goal no matter what tactics she needs to do. Hitomi bows low to ask Hanae for this favor.

Hanae and Hitomi rendezvous with Yu in the lobby before heading to the bowling alley together. As Hanae selects her bowling ball, Yu is impressed that Hitomi kept her promise and managed to bring Hanae. Hitomi is someone who keeps promises as is Yu, he hates promises that aren’t kept. Hitomi boldly asks Yu to make a bet today, if she wins at bowling then Yu will date her. Yu immediately agrees which shocks Hitomi.

Turns out Yu has a reason for gladly accepting the bet, he’s an ace bowler and racks up the strikes. Hanae is no slouch either as she polishes off the pins during her turns. Poor Hitomi sucks badly and runs off to find another ball to try and turn around her performance.

When Yu is alone with Hanae, he asks why she’s wearing glasses again and if that means she broke up with Yuto? Hanae doesn’t give him an answer so Yu suggests that she forget about Yuto and start dating him. Hanae freaks out and thinks he’s toying with her but Yu is dead serious. He wants her to think about it before answering him.

Hanae immediately bows low and turns him down before grabbing her shoes to book it from the bowling alley. Yu doesn’t want to accept her rejection and asks that she take her time to think it through. Hanae doesn’t need time as her conclusion is the same no matter what. Yu asks “do you still like him?” He once again helps a light bulb go on for Hanae and she runs off.

Hanae tells Hitomi that she’s leaving to catch a late night movie and Hitomi stops Hanae to thank her again with a deep sincere bow for coming with her tonight.

Hitomi goes back to bowling terribly while Yu sits silently broodly. Me thinks someone took the rejection to heart.

Hanae walks past a boyfriend catching a claw machine stuffed animal for his girlfriend and that brings back all her memories with Yuto. She realizes that she can’t go back to her old self because she still misses him.

Hanae calls Yuto out to meet and breaks the awkward silence by handing him the envelope containing the scrunchie and explaining that she found it under his bed that night. She’s really sorry for taking it and wants to know if Yuto is dating someone else? If he is then please tell her directly because she’s mentally prepared for it.

Yuto looks at the scrunchie and is confused as to what that is. Hanae explains that it’s a woman’s hair accessory which makes Yuto finally understand what sent Hanae fleeing that night from his apartment. He is impressed that Hanae would act like she did something wrong in finding the scrunchie and running away with it, when most woman would have understandably gotten upset right then and there. Yuto bows low in apology for his oversight, it’s all his fault since he invited Hanae over but didn’t properly clean up his place.

Yuto walks up to Hanae and asks for her hand before putting something in her palm. Yuto tells Hanae that he has nothing to hide from her nor did he do anything wrong so she’s welcome to come to his place anytime. Hanae looks down and sees that Yuto has given her a key to his apartment. Yuto pulls Hanae in for a tight hug and asks “did you think we broke up just like that?”

Hanae and Yuto are having a happy dinner at Yuto’s senpai’s restaurant and this time she’s all smiles. Yuto orders a few dishes before asking what Hanae wants to eat. She defers to chef’s suggestions and the two chow down on the delicious dishes. Hanae places Yuto’s apartment key in her keychain holder and the two of them exchange smiles. Hanae thinks to herself that a relationship that doesn’t break up after fighting, she thought that only happened in a family.

Hanae goes home and declines mom’s offer of ice cream while getting herself a drink of water. Mom looks down and notices a new key sticking out of Hanae’s keychain holder.

Thoughts of Mine:

The dorama remains focused squarely on Hanae’s emotional and life growth and I really appreciate that. Yuto and Yu are supporting male leads to her central figure so we don’t necessarily need to hear their thought processes and spend more time with them. A lesser dorama would milk having the two hotties around with shower scenes and brooding overload, instead the story remains firmly fixed on Hanae’s own limited set of worries. She’s not exactly that relatable for me because her inexperience is so extreme, even women who haven’t dated before shouldn’t be as jumpy as she is with every little interaction with Yuto. But a female lead needn’t be relatable to be likable and Hanae remains ever so adorable. My fondness for her doesn’t come from just finding her bumbling ways cute, I also like her introspective quality that doesn’t border on intractable. She’s open to change and has the courage the try new things, she just needs to take baby steps and some prodding from friends with insight and experience to share.

Yu really stepped up in this episode with his strange pursuit of Hanae, but his approach remains wholly wrong for getting closer to her. I like that whatever he says is always incisive on point, whether it’s to Hanae or to Yuto, but he’s offering too much unsolicited advice on someone else’s relationship. Clearly he has ulterior motives in wanting to date Hanae himself, but at this point he’s basically lost out because Yuto got to Hanae first. I also think Yu’s forceful approach would never work on someone like Hanae, much like Hitomi and ladies like her don’t stand of chance of landing Yu. I might find Yuto and Hanae’s relationship so ordinary as to be bland, but that is exactly what makes it work for them. I think the dorama needs to show us more why Yuto likes Hanae but other than that the relationship is pretty positive for both of them. While I’m not rooting for Yu to roll over Hanae and Yu to win the girl himself, I do appreciate every second he’s onscreen because boy is he a sight for happy eyes.


Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Episode 3 Recap — 26 Comments

  1. I really love Yu and Hanae together because he always brings out some kind of revelations in her…As of now,I still don’t understand why Yuto likes her so much to be dating her…most people would just consider it as a one night stand but he was very insistent on dating her and we don’t really know why.Maybe because I’m superbly biased to Hottie Yu,I keep hoping that the producer will make a twist on the male lead but most likely that’s never gonna happen right?Oh my sinking ship….

    p/s : I fell in love for with Tamaki Hiroshi because of this drama thanks to you!!!

  2. I enjoy reading the recap. Thank you. I still don’t feel the need to watch it but have to ask- why does Yuto like her? Or is so nice to her?

  3. Thank You for the recap very much appreciated, I too Love Yu and Hanae together although Yuto is young and good looking i find no chemistry between the two.
    However Yu and Hanae light up the screen when they are together. The series is a nice change to what Korean dramas are offering at the moment.

  4. The interaction between Yu and Hanae is one of two reasons I watch this and enjoy it. He really pushes her buttons in an electrifying way and without his words, however unsolicited, is what gets her going and bravely move forward in an space that’s quite foreign to her. I really look forward to seeing where the writers take the Yu/Hanae story.

    I am not convinced about Hanae and Yuto’s relationship; it’s rather bland and in some ways predictable so I also hope th writer has something a bit more interesting in store for them.

    Thanks koala as always for recapping, I had watched it a day ago and was keen to hear your thoughts. Cheers!

  5. And… The mask is off. Poor Yu is sincere & with good intentions. He is a cunning old wolf who understands our heroine & reads her like an opened book. Yuto is cute & all but yeah, I’m not sure he is the end game at all.

  6. Awww Yu… that first screencap killed me. I think he did take her rejection to heart, but it probably would have been in his calculations in the first place and he may also be planning his next move like the shrewd businessman he is. But the bowling scene is awesome, I laughed so hard when Yu bowled a strike – suck that, Hitomi! Even Hanae was a better bowler. And Tamaki Hiroshi looked so hot in his white shirt, bowling like a pro <3

    I still love Yu and Hanae's interactions, they seem to have the most meat despite having less screentime. For the bulk of the drama, Hanae does things based on something Yu said, and again fixes things with Yuto based on something Yu said. Surely this is a pattern she must realise sooner or later? Even if Yu's advice is unsolicited, he's at least making her work things through rather than giving up at the first possible obstacle. I don't get how Hanae is not seeing this at all.

    Also, I don't like how it is always Hanae to fix things – yes, she may have overreacted in the scrunchie incident, but why doesn't Yuto make the first move in trying to patch things up with her or find out what's wrong? All he does is mope and sigh after receiving her text, then look at her with blank (sad?) eyes in the office. Jeez.

  7. Hey! The header I sent is exactly the same as your lead photo. Great minds! Poor baby does have feelings. Thanks for the recap! I watched it raw and enjoyed what I did understand.

    What we don’t know about Yuto could fill a large white board. He is at school pursuing an education so he can do international business. When he heard H’s businesslike voice wishing him luck, it struck him. He has been watching her closely at work, which means he can see she is selfless, shy, uncertain, single, pretty but dresses badly. He only recently broke up with a different girl, so we can assume he only recently decided to pursue H. When they were alone together out at night, he took a shot at sleeping with her and she agreed. That night sealed his desire to date her.

    Maybe the other girl was the overbearing type H is trying not to be and he appreciates the difference.

    I lol’ed at the dog wearing the scrunchie really loud, too. If H were slightly more comfortable with him, she could have teased asking if he had a little sister, or if he cleans so rarely he misses spots. She didn’t have to jump to the conclusion that he had a girl at his apartment recently, but I guess that is her limited experience and unsureness at work.

    I want to watch this subbed to get more of the nuances from Yu. So far, he has the power because he knows more than H about why she is acting the way she does. There will be a moment when she doesn’t follow the predictable path because she isn’t typical. That moment he will fall in love with her more and she will be too far out of his reach. I hope this is wrong, and somehow she turns towards Yu, but I gave up guessing after LC, which I also abhorred, btw. From where I sit, Yuto is only a temporary thrill, a first love; I don’t see him as a sustainable and renewable resource.

  8. I love how you started and ended this post with Yu’s pictures, Koala. ..hhahah… but I don’t mind at all.. not at all.. And I love how you sealed the three recaps so far with Tamaki’s lethal hotness. Keep the pattern going! 🙂

    I felt that the viewers were given so very little information about Yuto. Very little access to his skull and heart, so that’s why I’m having a hard time believing that he’s truly into Hanae. Unlike him, we’re given more access to Yu, from the way he interacted with Hanae or with her co-workers. besides that.. whenever he and Hanae appeared on the screen, I could feel the heat coming through the 14 inch screen. .. hahha… though that might be because I put mosquito coil behind the laptop.hhahha…. So, unless the writer gives more know-how about this young fellow, I might helplessly lean more to Yu & Hanae.

    Can’t wait for next week. Seems like Yu gonna give Hanae a ride!! Yuhuuu! Hopefully that’s enough to ease his pain. Poor boy… come come huunny bunny sweety monkeee donkee..

  9. Yu is a mysterious man. I don’t know his intentions to date Hanae out of curiosity or love. Yuto is like a boy next door with a huge crush but in his case he won the girl over and Hanae while she is avoiding Yu for his over-eagerness as an outsider, which is sorta like us who are watching in anticipation of how Hanae grows as a person. I want to know more about Yuto that made him fall for Hanae. Ayase is doing great in this type of character and I find her very relatable. She is definitely not plain, and looks good with glasses and even better without it. She’s rocking those bangs, hope they switch up her hairstyle and wardrobe to showcase her confidence later on. Thanks for the recap! KWKY is definitely one drama that I will finish to the end.

    So question is HOT BAD-MAN or CUTE BOY NEXT DOOR?

  10. I don’t think the writers have addressed fully why both guys are attracted to Hanae. Yu is successful and sophisticated but he is interested in plain and timid Hanae, why? Yuto is young and popular, why is he like a woman 9 yrs older? Hanae doesn’t know herself why both these guys are interested in her and we will find out once she develops into a more confident woman.

  11. I swear, give me 5 more years and I would be Hanae. I can relate to her character completely and that is probably why I love this drama so much.

  12. Thanks for the recap!! Can’t wait to watch my poor baby Hiroshi in the episode 3. So is such an endearing sunshine guy. If it’s not for his sunshine observant character, I would think he had a bit of interest in Hanae. I believe Hanae is unapproachable in romance department. I don’t think any guys in the office could ask her out for a date… which is why Yu requires Hitomi’s help for an opportunity to spend some precious time with Hanae. I also believe that Yuto is also interested in Hanae cos guys who has no interest in a woman, would not have spend so much time with her on her birthday.. and their one night stand must be good for him to decide to date Hanae. It’s all good timing for Yuto starting that night..

  13. saaankyu saankyu Koala-san for another very enjoyable read =))
    i only understand a few Japanese words, so when i heard “tsukiatte” and “henji” i think i went really 0_0 ..kkkk.. dear Mr. Yu, what are you doing ?kkkkk that one “sort of sulking gaze” got me thinking tho, what is his real intentions ne, i dont think Hanae may be slow a bit but she didnt need a light bulb help from Yu. Looking forward to eps 4 and your next recap Koala-san… Hanae rides with Yu, and confrotation with his parents.. but most importantly stays the night at Yuto’s place (im all for Yuto-Hanae fluff kkk)…kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa<3<33

  14. rebound syndrome? Hanae is probably the exact opposite of Yuto’s ex-girlfriend whom he just broke up with. Hanae is kind and gentle, similar to Yuto’s character whom Yuto feels comfortable with. Maybe that’s why they can connect. Why does Yu like Hanae? Ego problem? Wants to win over the 21 year old?

  15. Yuto is probably like Mamoru, slow but endearing in his adorable ways. Hence, for now, Yuto is the right one for Hanae.

    Yu on the other hand is a wolf. He looks like he could eat her up anytime! *i offer myself as a tribute* Hanae wouldn’t be able to handle Yu, I mean, she totally freaked out on the pink scrunchie, Yu would be too much of a shock to her system. But I cannot deny the sizzling chemistry between them. Tamaki is just too handsome in the white shirt. *again, i offer myself as a tribute*

    I love how this drama is centralised on Hanae. I usually do not like timid female leads, but somehow i bought Ayase’s portrayal of Hanae’s naivety and in a way I find it relatable. Can’t wait for the next episode!!

  16. I am not for a woman act so submissive to a guy 9 year younger. It does not look right. May be a culture difference. Why they always start their relation base on a one night stand. If the story start with the young guy asked her out. Then I believe his sincerity. The story does not feel real to me and The story-line is similar to the last Cinderella and Hotaru No Hikari. I watch this one because of Hiroshi. I think he is a good actor and I enjoy the Nodame Cantabile very much.

  17. Hello Koala, thanks a lot for recapping this little gem of a dorama!
    Ayase is perfect and I appreciate the fact that whatever comes to her mind is expressed with her facial expressions and her attitude!It’s pretty funny and it makes me watch every episode with a smile on my face!
    Not sure which one of the male leads I’m rooting for:I think they both genuinely like her…am I too gullible?
    The thing is:Yuto looks more similar to her, they look very cute together,and I think it could be a good “experience” for Hanae,as her friend told her. But, as written in some comments, we have very few info about him, or what goes on in his mind.
    Yu is just….WOW. I mean the chemistry between them is … coming out of the screen, and I love, I mean I LOOOVEE how he reads her, and how he says the right thing on time for Hanae to resolve her decisions:like, he talks and the little light bulb in her head goes off!I know he’s more sophisticated and experienced than her (and I think that scares her sooo much),but maybe he’s more similar to her than it looks! Let’s not be too superficial 😛 And at the end, he revealed more about himself in few lines, than Yuto.
    So…no way, I change my mind!I’m starting to root for Yu….maybe…:)

    But of course right now Hanae’s eyes are just for Yuto, so let’s see how it goes, I’m very curious!

  18. True true, their relationship is really ordinary, which makes it more relatable; how many relationships are are actually filled with twists and turns every other day? I like how Hanae’s inexperienced but not socially awkwards, and how she tries so hard to make things work. Hopefully we’ll see further progress soon where she starts to use casual speak with Tanokura, because it feels so distant when Tanokura (and he is the younger one! ) uses casual speak but she remains so formal. I would have liked if Tanokura explained the hairtie more clearly though. Was it from an ex-girlfriend, or a current (second) girlfriend he was cheating with?

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