Mr. Back and Pinocchio Share the Wealth as Ratings Rise for Both Dramas

There’s finally some good news on the domestic K-drama ratings front that spreads the love around. Last week MBC premiered Mr. Back (Mr. Baek) to the best ratings start of any prime time K-drama of 2014 despite it being in the mid-teens in ratings. It’s like winning the Olympic gold in the 100 meter sprint but having a time slower than all previous Olympic gold medal winners in the same category. SBS finally ushered off the huge disappointment that was My Lovely Girl and premiered the highly anticipated Pinocchio this week.

Episode 1 of Pinocchio was nothing to write home about in terms of ratings with a 7.8% AGB while Mr. Back dropped from last week but still led the night with 11.6%. Episode 2 of Pinocchio would point the way up or down and in good news for both MBC and SBS, Thursday night’s ratings for both Mr. Back and Pinocchio rose nearly 2 points for both dramas. I just love it when good ratings for one drama doesn’t come at the expense of another but rather that the respective quality brings more eyes to the table. Blade Man (Iron Man) ended today on KBS with the final episode getting 3.2% which is about what it’s been getting for the last few weeks.

Episode 4 of Mr.Back got an AGB 13.3% which is a 1.7 point increase while episode 2 of Pinocchio got an 9.8% and a 2 point increase from the previous episode. Both are also increasing in tandem on TNmS ratings with Mr. Back increasing 1.3 points to 12.1% while Pinocchio doubled that and increased 2.8 points to 10.6%. Next week comes the new KBS sageuk The King’s Face (maybe a remake of the movie The Face Reader, or maybe not) to take over for Blade Man and after that those three dramas will be set for the next two months or so.

I’ve written nothing about The King’s Face which is a sure sign that I have zero interest in this drama. Both the subject matter and the leads (Seo In Guk and Jo Yoon Hee) bore me to death. Wake me up next February 2015 to check back in with KBS in that time slot when Unkind Women arrive. As for the next week’s ratings battle, with MB and Pinocchio both doing decent with an upward trajectory on ratings, not to mention sageuks no longer a sure thing with the domestic audience since Secret Door is a disastrous flop over on SBS Mon-Tues, it’ll be interesting to see how The King’s Face fares coming in a few steps behind the competition.


Mr. Back and Pinocchio Share the Wealth as Ratings Rise for Both Dramas — 12 Comments

  1. Interesting. I can see the King’s Face and Jo Yoon Hee boring you, but Seo In Guk?

    He was awesome in Answer Me 1997, and I’ve heard good things about him for both Master’s Sun and High School King of Saavy.

    Is there anything specific about him which bores you or could he become another Woo Bin or Lee Jong Suk?

    • Seo In Gook was just an average actor in Answer Me 1997. His character and the plot just made him seem more interesting.

      But he has improved so much from his first outing. He was awesome in High School King of Savvy and was the one carrying the show when it started to sink in terms of plot.

      I don’t think Ms. Koala has seen how much better he is yet since he doesn’t get paired with a co-star or plot that interests her so much to watch him.

      I don’t think its an allergy of anything sort

  2. “Both the subject matter and the leads (Seo In Guk and Jo Yoon Hee) bore me to death”
    -LOL I understand about Jo Yoon Hee but Seo In Guk is boring?! I think it’s rather his dramas so far that haven’t appealed to you because he is an excellent actor. And I believe after you’ve watched him a project of your liking, you’ll come to love him as you did LJS.

  3. Glad to see good ratings for both dramas! I am totally loving Mr. Back right now.

    I love Seo In Guk, so I will be tuning in to see The Kings Face!

  4. Mr.Back is such a nice change to the string of failures we have seen this year. loving both main actors and the story is entertaining.

  5. Well, Mr. Back is still well below it’s premier ratings which isn’t exactly what you want to happen. Though still better than most dramas this year. Pinocchio seems more promising of the two, but I wonder if it’ll continue to grow or stay in the low/mid teens like most dramas this year. I wouldn’t be surprised if the ratings didn’t get that high because it’s probably popular on online streams given who is in it.

    The King’s Face doesn’t interest me in the slightest. Seo In Guk just doesn’t look like he belongs in a sageuk, but maybe he’ll prove me wrong lol

  6. It will be a fierce ratings battle next week..
    Mr.back was funny..
    Pinocchio was fun..
    The king face? We’ll see… 😛
    Can’t wait!

  7. i love Mr back n really agreed it’s been quite a while we get to enjoy such com -rom fantasy drama . . Tuned in to other kdrama but lost interest Juz after 1st part . Got watched pinocchio but still Mr Back on my top list . .like LJS but boring to see PSH as her acting always similar character in almost most of her drama.. I really hope to see her in a different role in future drama. .

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