K-ent News Pundits Predict Who Will Win the 2014 Network Year End Drama Award Daesang

The K-ent news pundits have started speculating about the three prime time Korean network Year End Drama awards and which actor or actress will nab the coveted Daesang (Grand Prize). SBS had the best year thanks to once-in-a-decade type of buzzy hit You From Another Star, which technically started airing in December 2013 but the drama was not included in the 2013 SBS year end awards. That makes leads Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun front runners, and competing against each other, for the SBS Daesang.

If it goes to either one it’ll be Jeon Ji Hyun, both for her sunbae stature and the fact that her acting was leaps and bounds better than Kim Soo Hyun. However….the K-ent pundits are also predicting a possible upset of Jo In Sung winning the Daesang for It’s Okay, It’s Love. That would happen if the two YFAS leads cancel each other out and the fact that Jo In Sung’s performance for IOIL won more critical raves not to mention his drama aired more recently so is fresher on the mind over YFAS which feels almost like a last year drama. Jo In Sung is also riding on more recent award buzz nabbing the Daesang at the 2014 APAN Star Awards.

I think the SBS Daesang will go to Jo In Sung for the fact that Jeon Ji Hyun likely won’t be interested in attending what is basically a glorified network employee appreciation dinner. After the Daesang, expect a smattering of awards to go out to the following drama cast: YFAS, IOIL, You’re All Surrounded, God’s Gift: 14 Days, and Three Days. If Pinocchio keeps rising in ratings between here and year end then add that to the list. Lee Jong Seok might have a weird combo of winning a male acting award for both Pinocchio and Dr. Stranger combined.

Over to MBC, the network was an also ran in all the prime time dramas, usually second place but occasionally a low-rated ratings leader but did better in weekend fare. The K-ent pundits are predicating the Daeang will come down to Shin Ha Kyun for Mr. Back or Song Yoon Ah for Mama. I totally agree with the two possible choices and think it’ll go to Song Yoon Ah for what has been described as an amazing beautiful performance.

Her drama ratings kept going up whereas Mr. Back started swell but has since then gone down in the second and third subsequent weeks. If Pinocchio surpasses Mr. Back in ratings then it’s a lock for Song Yoon Ah. Empress Ki was included in the 2013 MBC year end awards so it’s not getting more love this year. In addition to MB and Mama, expect awards for Come Jang Bori, Legend of the WitchFated to Love You, My Spring Days, and Pride and Prejudice. It’s all about the ratings, people.

The most depressing network year end awards ceremony will definitely take place at KBS studios. The network was in the ratings crapper for almost all it’s prime time dramas other than Joseon Gunman. Much as I loooooove Lee Jun Ki, he’s not getting the Daesang this year with JG alone. The pundits have narrowed down the two Daesang candidates as either Yoo Dong Geun for What’s with this Family or Jo Jae Hyun for Jung Do Jeon. Love Papa Cha in WWTF but the Daesang is going to Jo Jae Hyun. End of story. JG will win acting awards aplenty as will WWTF and JDJ, other KBS dramas to get some love will be Two MothersBig Man and Wonderful Days. Maybe some recognition for the low rated but critically well received Golden Cross and Discovery of Romance.


K-ent News Pundits Predict Who Will Win the 2014 Network Year End Drama Award Daesang — 43 Comments

  1. If jun ji hyun will not attend the daesang goes to jo in sung she has a habit of not attending the award show so jo in sung for sure and he is so good in iotl BUT knowing how award show works in korea i will not be surprise if kim soo hyun win the daesang.

  2. JJH deserves the daesung but you’re right, she most likely won’t attend and JIS will get it… KSH will survive if he doesn’t win this one.. Lol

  3. I wouldn’t sleep on Kim soo hyun who is dearly loved in the K-drama and film industry which goes to show all the awards he already won at this age plus the popularity his is an X-factor..

  4. Both Jeon Ji Hyun and Kim Soo Hyun win it together is better.
    They are Daesang worthy!you don’t get a drama like this again for another decade.

  5. Shin Ha Kyun in Mr. Back over Jang Hyuk in Fated to Love You? I think not. I know this article and your thoughts are based on ratings, but Fated to Love you was very loved and fared well against its competitors. Song Yoon Ah was fab in Mama and if she doesn’t win, I’d loved to see a Lee Yoori win for Jang Bori.

    I won’t be surprised if Kim Soo Hyun wins because he wins everything. There’s going to be a lot of Top Excellence love spread amongst SBS because there’s Cha Seung Won, Lee Bo Young, Lee Jong Suk, Lee Seung Gi, Gong Hyo Jin, Park Shin Hye, just to name a few. As long as Jin Se Yeon doesn’t win any acting awards, I’m good.

    • Er, no, this article is not based on my thoughts. The frontrunners for each network Daesang is from the K-news critics and drama writers. I merely made my prediction between the two (or three in SBS) discussed. The Daesang is not a Best Actor/Best Actress award. It’s basically MVP for the network brass and who wins is usually in discussion and negotiation weeks before. The pictures come from the newspapers. Jang Hyun is not in discussion for the MBC Daesang, it’s between Shin Ha Kyun and Song Yoon Ah. Jang Hyuk will probably take away a Top Excellence.

      • Awards based on ratings is one crappy way to reward an actor. Can you imagine if the American tv did the same thing here. Two and half man and Charlie sheen would have won many awards at the height of their popularity. For that I am thankful that this Korean system stays in Korea and hopefully dies there.

      • I think it merits pointing out again that Korean network drama awards are a thank you to the actors who delivered successes. It is not a quality award, it’s a year end employee thank you banquet with varying levels of commendations given. If CBS gave Charlie Sheen the Daesang if the network had year end television show awards then so be it, that would be the point of the whole award to begin with.

    • FTLY came out strong against competitors but personally I thought Shin Ha-kyun is the better actor. In any way, there’s no competition for the MBC Daesang. I think it’s 100% Song Yoonah.

    • @coolrepublica LOL Doesn’t American shows get axed if the ratings were low? If the show got axed, would the actors/actresses win any award?

  6. Jeon Ji Hyun will win if she decides to go, but who knows if she will. She doesn’t seem too interested in picking up awards and she’s kind of lost a bit of buzz she had because of that. It’s kind of funny how KSH’s performance has now overshadowed Jeon Ji Hyun when during the drama and judging by their actual performances it was the opposite. I could see Jo In Sung if she doesn’t go, but not KSH.

    KBS will do weekend dramas for most their awards since they had nothing else. Not sure about MBC.

  7. If it was down to me, I’d probably pick Jo In Sung over KSH/queen JJH. I’m not even a fan of Jo In Sung, but his performance in IOIL was damn good (Gong Hyo Jin was brilliant too, but then again she always is) and KSH’s performance was nothing to write home about imo. Plus, I think KSH has enough awards for that drama already. Let’s just give it a rest now.

    I didn’t really care for any MBC drama this year apart from Miss Korea. Shame it was so overlooked. I hope at least someone in the cast nabs an award. I doubt it will get any awards love tho :/

  8. Hopefully Song Yoon Ah wins for Mama because she was brilliant portraying her character. The drama was wonderful to watch so i want to see the drama take in a lot of awards.

  9. I Hope JIS wins or JJH, KSH does not deserve it JJH’s acting was far superior to KSH she owned the series. Ideally I would love for Gong Hyo Jin and Jo In Sung to win it they were both brilliant in It’s Ok It’s Love, favourite drama this year.

  10. With “some” of hates over JJH and KSH’s ad in China, I would not surprised that JJH will only get Top Excellence, and JIS will get the Daesang.
    And I predict she will come to the show – she needs the publicity. She should come, looking gorgeous and get the positive buzz.

    As for the other stations, I agree with all the predictions.

    • There’s no way she’s leaving her house to pick up a lesser award. I don’t think she needs the publicity either. Nobody really cares about that water ad anymore.

      • I don’t think JJH would get dressed even if she’s picking up the SBS Daesang. Took the Baeksang to get her to an awards show this year. The general K-public still loves her despite the online K-netizens snippiness over the Chinese water CF.

    • haha I agree with mel. She’s either coming to get the Daesang or not coming at all. She’s huge! She doesn’t need publicity. Her ads are still everywhere in Seoul and she’s been a CF queen for what…14 years?

    • Publicity? I doubt jun ji hyun need a publicity even wayback before she managed to stay lowkey and avoid any award show despite her a list status in the movie industry she is different from others that need an exposure to stay relevant jun ji hyun is not like that.publicity is not her thing.

    • Lesser actors like Kim Soo Hyun,Lee Min Ho,Park Shin Hye,Go Ara,Lee Seung Gi etc come to these awards shows because they need constant promotion, they need to be seen, they need the publicity. No matter how popular they are they still don`t have the iconic status in Korea.

      People like Jun Ji Hyun,Kim Hye Soo,Won Bin,Ha Jung Woo,Ha Ji Won,Choi Min Suk,Ryu Seung Ryong,Song Kang Ho,Lee Jung Jae,Jeon Do Jeon etc. can sit at home all year and people will still go watch their project the moment they come out.

      • @flore

        Loool.. you must be kidding right, all these actors/actress you named as veterans except Ginna jun, have never reached or will reach the level off Lee min Ho, Kim soo hyun and park shin hye.

        come out or don’t come out it all comes down to box office? who watches your projects and who dosen’t? it dosen’t matter what your good or not? the answer is can you make people love and support?

        and for these people who actully think or believe that MYLFTS was successful because of Ginna Jun are lying to themselves. It all comes down to Kim Soo hyun, and what amazes me on this board is people who deserve credit don’t get it. maybe do to being jalousi.

        Lee min ho is an national Icon, followed by Kim soo hyun and Park shin hye who are also ridilously popular and Icons.

      • @Joey100 Instead of saying this on computer go to Korea and say this to their faces. You will either get slapped in the face or get laughed at.

      • @flore

        These actors are so yesterday and you know what they didn’t even had the popularity back in the days.. but some people tune in to watch but nobody really cares..

        Popularity means everything in the showbiz.. I have even seen great actors who have been doing sub-supporting actors or sub sub sub- supporting actors for 20+ odd years.

        LMH and KSH are making the money, awards and popularity thats the sad fact.. They have even bulit hallyu a reputation outside of korea

      • Actually, I laughed when I saw Jeon Do Jeon. Really? It’s like a mix-up between her name and the drama. Haha… I get what you mean though, but (arguably) the best actress in South Korea doesn’t deserve to have her name spelt wrong.

      • ROFL at the infantile comments, Won Bin, Ha JungWoo, Ha JiWon, Choi MinSik etc. have never reached the level of LMH, KSY & PSH? The latter may be popular now with the teenybopper fangirls/fanboys, but the actors/actresses named by flore are the real STARS.

        The 3 youngsters will be delirous with joy, if they ever get cast in a project with these greats, or get cast by Ha JungWoo in one of his projects. Come to think of it, wasn’t Lee JungJae the lead in the box office hit “The Thieves” where KSH was acting in a suppporting role? And PSH acting in a supporting role as Ryu SR’s daughter in “Miracle in Cell No. 7”? And talking about box office, did you somehow miss the latest box office hit in 2014 by your “so yesterday” actors Choi MS and Ryu SR?

        And LMAO on the comment that LMH and KSH built Hallyu a reputation outside of Korea? Do you even know what Hallyu means?

      • Yes i had to agree with kitai on JDJ lol! Those you mentioned, flore were in the dramas when hallyu wave first came.

        Instead of clingin toward the old ones why not embrace the new and upcoming ones in the recent years.

      • @Febe

        I guess you mean the admiral: current roarings? That movie did good because of the plot and history involved.. it also created alot of buzz between the korean and japanese fans on youtube which kinda helped the movie reach maximum hype.

        BTW KSH was making a name for himself back then, and the same goes to PSH. btw don’t forget that LMH alone is more famous then all these old veterans combined.

        I respect the veterans, but you have to respect S.Korea’s golden age actors/actresses who really put korea on the map for real.

        Credit goes to LMH, KSH, and PSH. but to realize there popularity they surpassed the legend himself PSY on social media fans wise which pretty much means the top level of popularity on domestic and international level.

        I don’t think that they would be amazed because of there popularity but maybe do to there veteran rank and hard work of many years.

        Korea is for real on the MAP now thanks to these youth actors as you labelled them.

      • “Clinging to the old ones”? A great actor doesn’t suddenly lose his or her talent (then crawl into a cave to shrivel up and die) when they turn thirty or forty. In fact, experience only makes them better at their craft, and this longevity should be celebrated. Today’s young actors would be super lucky to have the careers of Ahn Sung-ki or Song Kang-ho or Choi Min-sik or Jeon Do-yeon, who are STILL relevant in Korean cinema, still headlining movies, getting critical acclaim and churning out box office hits.

        This casual ageism is a bit appalling.

        But then, saying (with authority! like it’s actually fact!) Lee Min-ho/Kim Soo-hyun/Park Shin-hye > Ha Jung-woo etc. is even more laughably ridiculous. Korean drama fandom (particularly the Hallyu-based fandom bubble) doesn’t comprise the entirety of Korean entertainment, you know.

  11. I don’t think Pinocchio will be included this year.the drama has already aired four eps(but the buzz it created was no joke) and it’s stated for 20eps.i think Pinocchio will receive Awards next year just like stars.i can see KSH grabing more than 5 Awards just like has LMH won 5 for Heirs last year.

    • No, Pinocchio is definitely absolutely included in this year’s awards. It ends the second week of January which means it airs 16 out of 20 episodes in 2014. Year end awards is usually Dec 30 or 31st.

  12. I hope Pinocchio wins something cos that drama has something different that gets u anticipating each ep.top excellent should go to LJS cos guy is just so good.PSH should awarded top excellent too,cos her portrayer of CIH is so on point.i wanted Go Ara to win something,but her character in YAAS was not good.all she did was stand there and show us her pretty eyes.

  13. Because I haven’t been watching lots of KDramas this year and because I am just a selfish girl, as long as My Spring Days wins some awards, I am good. Obviously, Sooyoung is going to get the Rookie Award because DUH, she earned a lot of praises for her performance and that the drama had ratings around 8-11% (which is good and not so mediocre nowadays) making the drama number 1 in its timeslot (okaay, I do know that if the competition wasn’t so bad, it could been last place but KDramaland is all about luck, right ? Guess MSD was lucky to go against BM and MLG lol) and also, MBC Drama Awards seems to give two Rookie Awards for each genre so DOUBLE DUH, one must be for Sooyoung … RIGHT ? (I am going to kill them so bad if they forget her. Plus, the drama ended in October/November, it’s still pretty fresh !)
    Out of subject but I sure want her to host the award show too. The girl is as good as a MC as an actress so I am anticipating !
    However, I have some doubts for Kam Woo Sung. I really hope that he is going to win something because he was amazing but yeaap’. Also, I have no hope for the second leads xD.

    For the MBC Daesang, I discussed it with some people in MSD’s thread and I think Jang Bori is Here may win as a team because if I remember, it has been a looooongtime since one of their week-end dramas surpassed 30% ratings so it’s worth the award.
    For the KBS Daesang, I also think that Jo Jae Hyun or Dong Geun may win something. Seeing how the cast was adored in Happy Together, KBS seems to really hold them high in their “hearts” XD. Plus, the drama has been praised as the one which makes historical dramas alive again after a slump so yeaap’, big change for them. I would have said Joseon Gunman too but I guess they are going to get Top Excellence Awards.
    And finally for SBS Daesang, there are going to be a lot of loves seeing how they ruled Wed/Thur for months. But yeap’, Man From Another Star is going to slay. Not only it was a domestical success but international one too so it’s going to get Best Writer/Drama for sure and the Daesang may go for the two leads ? It would make sense for me. As you say, except if the two don’t go, Jo In Sung for IOIL is the only good answer left.

    Overall, that year, I am weirdly anticipating all the award ceremonies. I know most of times, it’s pure bullshit but it’s definitely entertaining and as a Sooyoungster, I gotta be there for my girl (LOL) so yeap’, it’s time to make some bets, hahahaha 😛

    • You’re a Sooyoungster? lol. From your writing, I can guess how proud you are for Sooyoung in My Spring Days. When ockoala wrote My Spring Days on the list of MBC Deasang, Sooyoung’s name came up in my head. I think SY will definitely win the Newcomer award, and this opinion came along with hundreds agreement from knetizens too. They were so sure about it. Kam Woosung MIGHT won Top/Excellence Acting Awards but so far, it’s hard to tell. However, what I’m looking forward about My Spring Days is the PD and writer awards. I think this is one of the best directing and writing drama I ever seen in years in Kdramaland. I wish Lee Jaedong and Park Jisook to win tbh. I’m hoping for the best.

      • Yeah I am extremely proud of her. As a fan, I knew that she would be good because she didnt disappoint in her previous dramas but y’know, I still had some doubts because all her co-stars were really respected and talented actors AND melodramas arent easy at all but she nailed it. She managed to surpass my expectations and of course, Knetz too. They are always super harsh on her so reading the amount of praises they poured to her for her performance is really heartwarming 🙂

        We will see in December I guess ! Gosh I hope MBC Drama Award wont be airing in the same timeslot than SBS Entertainment Awards like last year because I want to livestream both lol. My computer is going to die …

        Kam Woo Sung is love ! I want a Best Couple Award too but there are a lot of competitions and sadly, they only seem to give one !!

  14. I find the choice nominees for SBS and MBC are alright so far. But KBS seems desperate with the awards. I know these network year end dramas supposedly given to rating wise dramas to show appreciation towards the actors/actresses/staff who worked bts and recognition on their rating success. I still can’t believe that last year Prime Minister & I managed to won awards when the drama is still ongoing, just started when the award was held and constantly on the last place on its time slot. It seems to me, whichever KBS drama that is aired on the time award is held, will be extremely lucky to get ‘acting recognition’ when the truth is, KBS was trying to promote their ongoing drama and thus, bring to the unfair judgement on who eligible enough to win the awards. I’m not hating on Prime Minister and I. It’s an alright drama to me, but KBS year end drama awards is just a meh.

  15. My prediction
    SBS: Jo In Sung
    MBC: Song Yoon Ah
    KBS: Jo Jae Hyun

    I’d love to see JJH gets Daesang, if she decides to come and pick the awards of course.

  16. Sincerely hoping JIS wins the daesang. Pls, JJH & KSH already won like 4251414 awards already, Sbs better guve IOIL more love.
    Actually screw SBS daesang, my Gongvely better take home Top Excellence this year, no less. Cant get over how she was cheated out of her award for Masters Sun last year

    100% Jo Jae Hyun wins KBS daesang while Song Yoona wins MBC Daesang
    I just hope my Bori Bori Oh Yeon Seo takes home a Top Excellence while evil Yeon Min Jung (Lee Yuri) gets at least an excellence award <3

    • No love for Jae Hwa oppa? But if based on how I hated Yeon Min Jung more than I loved Bori, Lee Yuri definitely deserves a best acting award!

  17. Come on there is no other who deserved the daesang other than jun ji hyun period and she should be awarded for coming back to drama after 14 years the daesang should go to her attending or not attending.

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