Song Hye Kyo Ravishing in Paris for Elle Korea and Starts Filming Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki

Filming has quietly begun on upcoming KBS drama Descendants of the Sun, with the two leads Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki¬†spotted filming in Seoul this week. The drama will be almost entirely set overseas, but the filming location will be a bit in Seoul (standing in for overseas) with mostly a location shoot that hasn’t yet been revealed to the public. The start of filming means the cast will be tied up until October as the entire production will be pre-filmed due to the high cost as well as to have a completed drama to submit to China’s SARFT for approval so that it can live air in China at the same time as it airs in Korea.

Song Hye Kyo was not my first choice for the leading lady but I’m slowly coming around to imagining her with Song Joong Ki. It certainly helps increase my excitement after seeing her latest photo spread for Elle Korea that dropped last week. She was shot in Paris modeling various fall couture outfits, a truly elegant and sophisticated pictorial that captures her doll-like beauty while correctly showcasing the city and the gorgeous threads. I can stare at some of the shots for days, it’s so evocative with so many details from her pose to expression to framing that tickles my artistic fancy.


Song Hye Kyo Ravishing in Paris for Elle Korea and Starts Filming Descendants of the Sun with Song Joong Ki — 19 Comments

  1. I was so surprised by them casting Song Hye Gyo not just because the character is supposed to be younger than Song Joong Ki but also cause of her tax evasion scandal.

  2. If Song Hye Gyo wasn’t Koala’s first choice for the lead actress,
    who was it then?

    As for me, I’ll take Moon Chae Won in a heartbeat.

  3. This reminds me a lot of that photoshoot Han Hyo Joo did a(long) while back. I remember you did a post about it, unni:)

  4. i like her jaw and lip so much. I always thought she is the prettiest and classic beauty in s.korea. Its hard to fine her flaw(skin,eyes,nose,curve) except she is a bit short. Her smaller petite frame may because her strength for acting alongside song joong ki who is always known as boyish. I think they would look beautifully together.

  5. Beautiful indeed
    Classy,full lips , round eyes. High cheek bones, beautiful jaw..perfect for me. Petite but sexy. Rich

  6. Anyone who complains that she is too old to star opposite SJK needs to look at this. She may be older in years, but she is one of the most beautiful women in the world I think AND she can act. So naysayers shut up already.

  7. Gorgeous and talented. I wish them all the success with this drama. Hopefully we’ll be able to enjoy a decent drama in the fall. It’s been so few of them this year.

  8. I simply do not understand why/how Koreans do not seem to appreciate SHK’s stunning beauty in preference to lesser’s such as Kim Tae Hee (no offense to KTH, she is beautiful in her own right but she doesn’t stand a chance to SHK IMHO)

  9. Laughing on who’s still talking about tax issue! Those viewers(other celebrities’ fans) not smart, showing ….hateful…jealous, because Korean actress Song Hye Kyo who has a PERFECT PACKAGE:
    -natural beautiful
    -good acting
    -good in comedy skill
    Perfect matching, screen couple in Descendant Of The Sun, Song Jong Ki&Song Hye Kyo!

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