Tang Yan Hit by China’s Knock-off Culture and Wears Counterfeit Couture Gown at Film Festival

It sucks for an entertainer to make the news for a fashion faux pas, which is amplified if the event is a large scale one like the Shanghai Film Festival, and made triple worse if the fashion fail isn’t even because the outfit was ugly. C-actress Tang Yan, who is having the career high of her life in the last two years with one hit C-drama after another, just suffered a terrible no good fashion night that hopefully will be quickly forgotten. Until the next big story comes around, her fashion slip up at the Shanghai Film Festival is front page fodder.

Tang Yan looked lovely in a flowing blue gown walking the red carpet at the film festival, telling the asking media that her dress was an Elie Saab 2015 summer creation. Too bad she was wrong and quickly found out when a rep from the brand called her agency to inform that Tang Yan was NOT wearing an Elie Saab creation, and whatever she was wearing didn’t even look identical to the real Elie Saab dress it ripped off. Turns out Tang Yan was dressed by a Chinese fashion consulting company and told she was wearing an Elie Saab (dress above on the right) when in fact she was wearing a counterfeit knockoff. Oops.

On the upside, at least Tang Yan looked gorgeous in her knock-off dress, which doesn’t even look cheap and probably cost a lot to make as well. Sadly that doesn’t absolve it of being a copycat but definitely does make Tang Yan the unwitting victim in China’s rampant counterfeiting expertise.


Tang Yan Hit by China’s Knock-off Culture and Wears Counterfeit Couture Gown at Film Festival — 17 Comments

  1. I think outside of China (or maybe not), it’s more embarrassing for China and it’s counterfeit culture than her honestly.

  2. On its own, the counterfeit looks fine but side by side comparison with thd real dress, the counterfeit is not even a good copy. The real dress is so much lovelier in the detailing.

    • my thought! haha, they’re fast and furious for sure! so, the media posted this pics as soon as they got it then elie saab rep found it out. emm.. long story hehe

  3. My instinct were correct. I thought that the mesh were very cheap looking and there were just too much of everything. The dress was just eating her up ( & she is tiny). There too much layering for the skirt and too much embellishment on the bodice that her waist line is bulging unflattering.

    That being said, Tang Yang is so gorgeous with that unbeatable smiles of hers, I didn’t even care if the dress was cheap looking (for a designer’s standard). Elie Sabb should be lucky to be associated with her, because they got great press for this. Heck, I even know who they are now. Definitely a great learning experiences for all the people being in this circle.

    • I don’t think Elie Saab need it. Aren’t they already very well known? their dresses are dressed by Hollywood stars.
      But I feel sorry for her the difference between the two dresses is big and you can tell that one of them is very cheap!

      • Yeah Ellie Saab is very well known. They are just trying to protect their reputation and brand.

    • Poor girl, compared to the real dress the fake one doesn’t really compare. Elie Saab wouldn’t want the world to associate the knock-off with the real dress or to tarnish their brand, style, and collection. Maybe the fashion consulting team that dressed her should be questioned about why they lied about the dress.

  4. actually I like her lipstick. It really goes well with the colour of dress. Does anyone know the brand and colour she wear?

  5. Psst… I hate to say it but the real dress has less fussy details and looks better. But Tang Yan herself looks great.

  6. I just came down to say that Elie Saab always ALWAYS make the prettiest and flowiest dresses! Every time I like a piece from the red carpet, 95% of the time, it turns out to be a dress by them. (And re: a comment above: really, they hardly need the press, I mean, JUST LOOK AT THEIR DRESSES!)

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