First Action-packed Teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night

The first teaser is out for upcoming fantasy vampire sageuk Scholar Who Walks the Night, and the verdict remains unclear as it straddles the line between potential hot mess and potential awesome drama crack. Thirty seconds isn’t enough for a first impression either way, but is enough to keep me firmly in the anticipation track. The drama started filming quite early which has now come in handy after Lee Jun Ki and then Lee Yoo Bi were sidelined with injuries for a week.

There is still enough footage in the bank to drop this first narrative dense teaser, showing us lots of Lee Jun Ki brooding and action sequences. The vibe is fully a combination of Lee Jun Ki’s most recent two sageuks, the action intensity of Joseon Gunman with the dark supernatural veneer of Arang and the Magistrate. Lee Yoo Bi looks like a kid when cross-dressing like a male bookseller but in her past dramas she manages to convey a strong mature intensity so I’m not worried.

First teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night:


First Action-packed Teaser for Scholar Who Walks the Night — 30 Comments

  1. Ehhh , the only thing that was interesting was soo hyuk , I loved the effects there, and jun ki when he was in the hole in the ground with the bodies lol , in all honestly I think this is going to end up like the nignt watchmen but looks hope they don’t over due it

  2. I am going to watch this drama. I am sure its going to be a hot mess….and I’m probably going to love it anyways!

    • han groo might have been good but i’m okay with lee yubi. thank goodness jin se yeon or Go sung hee is not the female lead. JSY is horrible but go sung-hee is the WORST actress ever.

  3. Jun Ki is always awesome, especially in sageuks. I’m ok with the cast except Kim So Eun cos she’s a bland actress. I hope the drama doesn’t disappoint; plot, writing, direction. And I hope Yunho can at least keep up with Jun Ki.

    • nahhh. so eun is okay. better than lots of other actress and yu bi really suits cross-dressing. if so eun take that role i bet this drama will flop. she’s just too pretty and yu bi is way cuter.

      and what do you mean by yunho? leave that man alone he is going to enlist soon.

      • Yunho was a terrible actor based on his past performances. To put him next to Jun Ki will only emphasize his inadequacies. What has enlisting to do with my comment about his acting?

      • Oops!! My bad. That second male lead is Changmin not Yunho. Anyway, Changmin’s acting also leaves much to be desired.

    • @juliesean
      Yunho and changmin both have history of bad acting, but last summer Night Watchman’s Journal came out Yunho actually improved and his overall acting was decent. He is the main leading actor for new rom-com drama “I Order You” coming out this July 6th.
      Let’s see if Changmin improves in SWWTN. This is his first sageuk drama. Maybe he will surprise us. This is all coming from a non-fan who does not follow K-pop music.

      • I only watched one of Yunho’s dramas – Night Watchman’s Journal. In my honest opinion, he’s better than the male lead. I also like Kim So Eun in Liar Game. No one can look so innocent and naive as KSE in that role.

  4. If this drama doesn’t save the industry from the ratings drought, I don’t know what will. I don’t want to get my hopes up, but I couldn’t hold in my adrenaline while watching that teaser. Oh my flipping goodness, I’m so hyped.

      • JG was good but not the best saeguk. too bad it was dragged from the middle and the extension didn’t add. of course lJK was awesome as usual but NSM was disappointment..

  5. Wow this is really intense, no doubt LJK is really best in Sageuk, And LYB really look alike Moon Geun Young in Painter Of Wind, perhaps because large eyes! In any case can not wait for the big day !

  6. Jun ki oppa in saguek is the best.. I can watch all your drama but i cannot watch any drama related to ghost.. Too scared.. Skip this one

  7. Oh god ….I see potential hot mess..there has been NO successful vampire drama and I hope this is the last one ..

  8. The teaser looks interesting, but rather scary. I read that a lot of the filming is done at night, so lots of creepiness in store for us viewers?

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