Alice Ke and Roy Qiu are Delightful Yet Again in Previews for Marry Me Or Not

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself but dang it this drama looks soooooo good! Not only does the story line seem interesting in the previews for upcoming TW-drama Marry Me, or Not, there is also comprehensive eye candy as all four leads Alice Ke, Roy Qiu, Joanne Tseng, and Harry Chang are rocking amazing modern work place styles. The Chinese drama title is Must Marry Woman, i.e. a woman so amazing a man feels like he must marry her or else lose out, and true to the title the two female leads take front and center of the story. From their college era besties to scorned frenemy, Alice and Joanne are firing on all cylinders with their cat fights masking a lot of disappointment and likely misunderstood conflict. I’ve never seen Alice look this pretty in any drama role, feels like the drama gods are making it up to her for being the square-est leading lady ever in Office Girls, and doubling down by giving her Roy as her leading man yet again. I can’t wait for the sparks to fly come November 1st!

Drama previews for Marry Me or Not:


Alice Ke and Roy Qiu are Delightful Yet Again in Previews for Marry Me Or Not — 12 Comments

  1. Me too – Capt K! I am so ready to see this drama! I just rewatched most of Office Girls in order to “prepare” for this one. I went to see if there were new promos for it and just watched all of these before I stopped by to see if you had posted about it. The best one is the new FIR MV for the drama. I watched it a few times. I like FIR ok and it took a few listens to warm up to the song… but wow!!! I am glad to see a more modern and an arrogant, aggressive KJY – alice. She looks great. I can’t wait to see Alice and Joanne duke it out. Joanne really has grown up! Time flies!! I also don’t mind seeing Alice and Roy duke it out. I was thinking they should just have a wrestling match cause they have good chemistry.

    I hope it turns out really good. I like characters that are really energetic, have spunk and fight it out. So this one is for me. Can’t wait… I was actually going to search around and see if any of them promote it on any of the variety shows. I have not done that in a decade practically.

  2. I feel like I haven’t seen Roy since forever… And yet he still has the same hairstyle (at least he looks good with it). I don;t know why but I didn’t enjoy Office Girls at all, I’ll probably check this out though because I haven;t watched an office drama in soo long.

  3. hahaha… both girls are bi8ch in this drama.. looks fab since i hate ‘typical’ good girl vs ‘typical’ bad girl fight with each other for a MAN. nah, with 2 of them are bi8ch.. im super duper excited for this drama. please be good..!!!

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