Electric Sparks are Flying with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke in Epic Drama Preview MV for Marry Me or Not

By all that is drama holy, if Marry Me, or Not ends up being half as good as it looks in this particular preview then I will stop bemoaning 2015 being lackluster in dramas. Initially this started off as just the reunion vehicle for hit TW-drama Office Girls costars Roy Qiu and Alice Ke, two of my favorite Taiwan acting talent and certifiable a gold standard when it comes to costar chemistry. For once it’s not based on reel life something going on, but genuinely two actors who spark effortlessly with each other onscreen and have a platonic friendship offscreen. Never would have thought it in a million years prior to OG, still have a hard time believing it’s really there even now.

The drama has been dropping previews left and right but this latest one is EPIC. The production just released the official theme song MV for the drama, a song called “See a Move, Dodge a Move” in a nod to boxing and/or romantic shenanigans. Performed by Joanne Tseng and Real of the group F.i.R., the song is instantaneously awesome, but made even more so by the compilation of scenes from the drama that had my jaw on the floor followed by screeching “I Need This NOW!” Holy shiz is the action hopping and the sparks flying every which way. I’m not just rooting for Roy and Alice’s characters to get together, I also feel for Joanne to finally make it work with Harry Chang‘s second male lead. Argh, so much feels!

Marry Me or Not Opening Theme MV “See a Move, Dodge a Move” by Joanne Tseng and Real of F.I.R.:


Electric Sparks are Flying with Roy Qiu and Alice Ke in Epic Drama Preview MV for Marry Me or Not — 14 Comments

  1. Omo what an amazing MV. it makes me want to watch it more.
    I actually started to watch Office Girls and i like them together but i still can’t connect to drama.
    anyway, they look good together and although i don’t know the other actors they seem interesting too.

  2. Wow. This is the first Taiwanese drama I’m looking forward to watching in a long time! I hope there isn’t too much silly in it. And..her short hairs is stylish!

  3. oh wow, this looks amazing! I only just marathoned Office Girls last week cos I was missing them so much. That car scene was hilarious heh! Can’t wait XD

  4. As i said before, this mv is awesome!! I probably have replayed it a billion times. I did take a few listens to get into the song but it’s addictive now. I still remember Joanne from her high school years. 🙂

    I actually also like the other drama with baron and Megan. Their pairing really works for me this time too. So happy birthday to me on Sunday!! Two awesome dramas to watch.

    Alice and Roy go!!
    Btw the site always doesn’t like my internet service and doesn’t let me post well. I am happy to be able to post every once in awhile!

  5. Wow. I need to rewatch it again. Are they serious? There’s so much passion it’s unreal. It can’t be for the 1st episode only right?

    The MV is so hot!!!

  6. Looks like an exciting story-line to go along with the great acting talents. I hope the story-line keeps moving.

    When will it start?

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