Shin Mina is a Suggestive Venus in New Sultry Pictorial for Arena Homme

Va-va-va-voom doesn’t even come close to describing this recent Arena Homme pictorial featuring Shin Mina. It’s sultry and sexy with intentional visual second look inducement by having Shin Mina look nude via skin colored leotards. I’m not a fan of such overtly sexy staging but I think Arena is an edgy enough magazine that it pulls it off. It’s stuff I expect to see in lad mags and if Shin Mina has it then by all means showcase all her womanly assets to its suggestive glory.

This spread does create an entertaining contrast to Shin Mina’s current overweight visual image in KBS drama Oh My Venus, playing a character that naturally got a bit fat but nothing too excessive to lose which is the journey that brings her closer to chaebol gym hottie So Ji Sub. The drama production can totally borrow these pictures for the “after” shots once she drops the pounds and returns to being Daegu Venus.


Shin Mina is a Suggestive Venus in New Sultry Pictorial for Arena Homme — 7 Comments

  1. She’s absolutely freaking gorgeous, and has always been a great model – girl knows she looks good!

    And she’s so lovable in Oh My Venus, she and So Ji Sub are the only thing keeping me watching that fluff romcom. She’s adorable as the chubby lawyer.

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