Korean Ladies Magazine Picks Top 10 Favorite K-actors as of March 2016

A recent Korean ladies magazine poll at the end of March is an interesting peek into how the domestic female viewers feel about how the hot Korean actors the English-speaking drama world fangirls over. It’s not the same list, that’s for sure, if I were to take a poll there are certain names that would dominate even if he hasn’t done a drama in years. The ladies choice top three favorite Korean actors as of March 2016 are Signal‘s Lee Je Hoon in first place, Kang Dong Won in second thanks to his hit film, and third place goes to Song Joong Ki in all certainty due to the exposure of Descendants of the Sun. Expanding the list a bit more, Lee Je Hoon’s Signal costar Jo Jin Woong takes fourth while Yoo Ah In just spent six months in front of television audiences in Six Flying Dragons and takes fifth place. Check out the top ten below, and most are recently quite popular or buzzed about on television, with the only name missing as Park Hae Jin since he got so much attention for Cheese in the Trap yet it’s his costar Seo Kang Joon that found a place on this poll.

1. Lee Je Hoon
2. Kang Dong Won
3. Song Joong Ki
4. Jo Jin Woong
5. Yoo Ah In
6. Seo Kang Joon
7. Park Bo Gum
8. Kim Soo Hyun
9. Lee Jong Seok
10. Im Shi Wan


Korean Ladies Magazine Picks Top 10 Favorite K-actors as of March 2016 — 41 Comments

  1. Wow at KSH and LJS being on this list considering they’ve been MIA recently with both of them working on projects for this year. KSH has been on a bit of a hiatus since Producer and LJS has been gone even longer from dramaland for over a year now. Impressive.

    Surprised Ryu Jun Yeol isn’t on here…doesn’t he have a lot of reply hype at the moment.

  2. I really loved the drama Signal, it was so great that I totaly understand why Lee Je Hoon and Jo Jin Woong are in this top 10. I want a season 2 >_<

    Otherwise it's hard not to drool over Song Joong Ki in DoTS ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. All great actors except for #6. (Although I wouldn’t really attach the adjective ‘great’ yet to #7, but he’s got big potential!)

  4. I’m surprised seeing KSH and LJS on the list. Both of them didn’t do any projects recently especially LJS. Looks like korean people still love them. How strong they are!

  5. Wow look at Lee Jong Suk!!!!
    Haters always bring him down about airport scandal or his look, but he still loved by korean ppl.

  6. LJS once mentioned in V app he was fan of Jo Jin Woong. I did not know the actor’s name at the time but after Signal, I totally get his appeal, both charisma wise and acting wise. He is such a fine actor. (And I am glad I have the same taste with Jongsukkie.:)

  7. KSH almost always features in everything and anything positive whether he had a project or not. Very happy to see Lee Je Hoon at #1. Signal was epic and he so deserves that spot. KDW as well obv.

    And it feels fantastic to see Seo Kang Joon in the list too! Not a big fan of his and haven’t seen cheese either but the hate he got from some jobless behind-the-keyboard loafers is so fucking ridiculous. I’m glad to see he’s no giving and damn and increasing in ranks and popularity. YAY!

  8. KSH made a big hit with MoonSun and followed it up by another big hit with YFAS… no wonder he has the staying power.

    Sukkie, they love him as we do since he gives an admirable dedication to his craft. Airport issue and looks, them haters just want him down but they can’t.

  9. Should I really give Signal a shot? I’m debating since there’s nothing else really interesting to watch besides DotS. But Lee Je Hoon????? C’mon, I still have that lingering nightmare from Fashion King.

  10. WOW! Lee Je-hoon has been on my top-5 list of very promising actors ever since Fashion King and his indie films Bleak Night and Just Friends?. He has the whole package, talent plus looks. I’m so glad we are a whole new cult now. Good job, ladies!

    • I know right!!! I was thinking the same thing there are some newbies that really don’t deserve to be in the list because to be great you have to show you are great and those newbies still have a ways to go before that! somehow those got mentioned! but they missed LMH??? this poll is rigged!

      • Lmh didn’t do a drama recently since heirs. And only focused on overseas work. So it’s not a thing to be surprise at all when even lee seungi is not in the list.

  11. I came back to give my feedback about much praised Signal. I did try to watch but to my disappointment, I fast forwarded a lot. Unlike DotS, Signal doesn’t appear to be unique in terms of filming, storyline, directing, and cinematography. The plot may be intriguing to viewers since it’s full of mystery. But I don’t see it more appealing than 2015 C thriller Love Me If You Dare. I can think of dozens of similar Western thrillers I’ve watched with my psychologist father since very young. Besides, the drama is filled with verbose narration and the male lead’s overly dramatic facial expressions are not my cup of tea. Since Signal was often mentioned on DotS’s blogs, I guess some people may prefer Signal to DotS and feel that Signal should have been more popular than DotS. However, DotS is rare and unique among K drama production overall with filming quality that’s usually seen only in American or British mini series. In addition, the plot of DotS is not in common with Western style thanks to very unique Korean culture as the story backdrop. The storyline cleverly distinguishes DotS from Western screenplays. There are reasons why DotS are so much more popular than all other Asian dramas we’ve seen so far both domestically and internationally. If you don’t appreciate DotS, at least you have to take the rating fact and don’t feel bitter nor have resentment against it. Words like “overrated” just expose your idiocy in your understanding about filming.

    I don’t think I’ll continue to watch Signal. It’s just not down my alley. I’ve been a bit tired of thrillers. Finishing Love Me If You Dare has already stretched my tolerance of this genre. Unless filming and production quality is exceptional, I won’t waste my limited leisure time on another horror. Unfortunately, I don’t see anything special to Signal other than typical suspension of trepidation

    • I don’t think we need to compare these dramas. They are really different : a love story and crimes + fantasy. I love the both.

      • Not me to initiate comparison between these two. Basically I’m responding to Signal fans’ constant nagging to watch this drama. They mentioned signal SEVERAL (if not numerous) times on DotS blogs. So, I’m just getting back to those who swoon over Signal. LOL

      • Yes, so be it. Never be so gullible of other drama viewers’ recommendation and taste. It’s all personal. LOL

    • you’ve got to be kidding. DOTS is good but not great. its overrated and boring as fuck. the theme about military and doctor is nice but nothing about the plot is impressive or praiseworthy except for their beautiful cinematography. you probably only watch signal ep 1. try watch till at least half of drama to give whole judgment. you’re the one who don’t know how to appreciate good dramas. reading your comment just prove your idiocy in understanding about filming. i dont think you watch a lot of dramas to judge i’ve seen you a lot in article here but most of your comments shows how you’re so childish and irrational.

  12. As others said I’m surprised by KSH & LJS on the list especially LJS with a longer hiatus, however I remembered they are always on the lists! Hope the best for everyone.

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