SBS Holds Muted 2023 Year End Drama Awards with Kim Tae Ri and Lee Je Hoon Sharing the Daesang Award

SBS held the first drama awards of 2023 among the three big networks and it was a muted affair due to the days earlier passing of top actor Lee Seon Kyun. All the stars wore black except for one white and grey but there were definitely no one in anything colorful or eye catching. Kim Tae Ri and Lee Je Hoon shared the Daesang Award, her for Revenant and him for Taxi Driver 2. Kim Yoo Jung received the Best Couple Award for her and Song Kang who did end up missing the ceremony, and both took home acting awards as well. Netizens complained about the winners left and right but I don’t have any energy to weigh in on what is essentially a company awards dinner for its acting employees. SBS did pay tribute to the late Lee Seon Kyun with an In Memorium picture.

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Lee Jung Jae and Kim Go Eun Win Best Acting at the 1st Blue Dragon Series Awards with D.P. Taking Best Drama

A new K-awards show debuted this week, with the Blue Dragon Awards branching out from their movie exclusive perch to launch the 1st annual Blue Dragon Series Awards feting the best of television. This year the big winners were primarily … Continue reading

Kim So Yeon Wins the 2021 SBS Drama Awards Daesang for Penthouse with Plenty of Other Stars Getting Lauded for Well Received Dramas

SBS handed out a heck ton of awards at the year end celebration today and the 2021 SBS Drama Awards was definitely more jam packed with dramas and stars than the prior night over at MBC. The Daesang went to … Continue reading

Kim So Yeon, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Je Hoon, and Honey Lee are the Daesang Nominees for the 2021 SBS Year End Drama Awards

Well this is going to be a tight two lady race for the winner and it’s trending nearly evenly split among the K-netizens commentary. SBS released the four nominees for this year’s SBS Drama Award Daesang and it’s Kim So … Continue reading

SBS Drama Taxi Driver Drives Over Speed Bump as One Screenwriter Leaves the Series After Episode 10 and Says its Due to Disagreement with the Direction of the Story the PD is Insisting On

Well this is certainly an interesting ride to sit in the backseat on. SBS Fri-Sat drama Taxi Driver has been a solid medium-ish hit for the network, with ratings starting out at 8.7%, 10.7% and the most recent episode 12 … Continue reading

K-media Swoons Over Song Joong Ki, Lee Je Hoon, and Lee Seung Gi Turning to the Dark Side in Recent Dramas, Calls for Screenwriters to Give Each a “Lifetime Romance Drama”

One of these characters is not like the two others but what the hey, I do agree with the plea at the end. K-media this week shined a spotlight on three leading men of K-dramas Song Joong Ki, Lee Je … Continue reading