Jung Eun Ji Outshines Spring in Cover Art for Upcoming Solo EP Album

Jung Eun Ji is that rare breed of entertainer that I like in any medium I’ve seen her. She’s refreshingly real in girl group A Pink, energetic and relatable as an actress in dramas, and visually distinctive in ad campaigns as a model. It’s a bit of a curiosity that her career hasn’t rocketed to new heights after her mainstream breakout in Answer Me 1997, she’s still popular but there’s the feeling that she’s not banked on that great opportunity with better followup projects. This month she’s taking the first steps as a solo singer to release her first EP, and with this individual project hopefully she carves out space for herself musically outside of her girl group. She release four gorgeous pictures from the cover art, going for a fresh spring appeal that’s very Japanese in feel but actually looks unique on Jung Eun Ji because that’s not been her style. Loving how pretty she continues to blossom as a young woman.


Jung Eun Ji Outshines Spring in Cover Art for Upcoming Solo EP Album — 24 Comments

    • I hope she stops doing work on her face, she has a unique charm that will get lost with too much PS.

      The nose is fine and could be partly the result of photoshop but I hope she leaves her eyes and jawline alone and doesn’t go overboard on injectables.

      And I wish kpop wasn’t so stupid as to make kids who look perfectly fine get unnecessary work and end up ruining their looks instead of improving them.

    • I can’t comment on plastic surgery but she did lose tons of weight after reply1997, so that might have to do something with her appearance?

      • It’s possible. But she looks different from her sassy go go pictures too.

        And it might also be angle, but she just looks like a different person to me.

        Uee looks quite different with her lost weight, but her face didn’t seem to fundamentally change. Jung eun ji looks like hers did :(.

      • Uee had some drastic facial remodelling done last year, just before Hogu’s Love – a jaw shave, chin implant and nose job at the very least. It’s really obvious if you compare her look from 2013-14 to 2015 and after.

        As for Eunji…. I agree with the commnter above, she looks fine but should stop tweaking her face, and especially needs to leave her eyes alone. Those are her charm, with the eye smile. I’ll wait for the video and some non-promo (ie not tweaked) pics to see if she’s really had work or it’s just a change in makeup style. And she has a different hairstyle from her Sassy Go Go days too, no bangs makes her look really different.

  1. I’m not an A Pink fan. But Eun Ji’s voice is good enough for me to regard her as a singer, unlike most of Kpop idols who are more dancers than singers. Her vocals are really good. Even in trot lover that wasn’t well executed, I was impressed by how she could delivered traditional korean folk songs in such a convincing way. Musically, she’s talented. I think she’s also a good actress. Just it was a pity that Trot Lover’s male lead’s character was a jerk most of the time, not a good selling point to draw audience in.

      • seconding (lol) that! I liked her and Shin Sung Rok together a lot more than her and Ji Hyun Woo.

        but she generally has good chemistry with costars, I’ve noticed.

  2. She’s a talented actress and a great singer, it’s a shame Korean entertainment values looks over talent even when she’s already proved herself.

    Hope her album succeeds and that her next drama is successful too. Sassy Go Go had poor ratings but it was unexpected one of the best dramas of 2015.

  3. I still can’t believe that the solo debut is finally happening! As I’m someone who got pulled into Kpop because of her, it feels like I have been waiting for her debut forever!!
    The rolling teasers are out and the entire album sounds amazing 🙂
    I hope everything goes well for her!

  4. It’s a shame we’re talking more about her PS than her obvious and major talent both as an actress and a singer. I hope she does well with her solo.

    And I really hope she does another drama soon. Like many others, I would love it if she was reunited with her Sassy Go Go costar Ji Soo, with both as main leads.

    • yea sometimes i feel like certain are doing it on purpose when it’s not even confirmed whether she did anything. 1 thing for sure she had gone through diet and maturity. It’s like some just try to find sth ‘bad’ about her and since she both excels in singing and acting, they can only nitpick about her look.

      Second on her reunion with her SGG co-stars. Esp with Jisoo, they had that palpable chemistry, really got me at their melo scenes.

      • Wow. Project much?

        I like Jung eun ji as an actress and a singer, but I just commented on the first thing I saw from the photos which is that she looks like a different person and it’s likely due to ps, which makes me sad because I thought she looked lovely when she was in am97.

        Now, hopefully it’s just photoshop issues and heavy dieting which caused the changes, but I’m not optimistic considering she looks so different to me.

      • kpop idols generally don’t look the same in promo pics vs in motion, especially in a drama from 4 years earlier where she was 20 pounds heavier than she is now.

        I’m really not seeing a huge drastic difference from her Sassy Go Go pics other than the hairstyle, there’s really no need to harp on about her looks when she’s one of the very few idols who actually has talent both as a singer and an actress (the only other one I can name is IU)

      • Not harping. I said my piece, but then someone went passive-aggressive on me, so I felt the need to tell where I’m actually coming from.

      • @Requiem: why so touchy? I’m just talking in general, I’ve seen such people at many places not only here. You don’t need to justify, it’s just my opinion about this, not even mean to go ‘passive-aggressive’ on you personally tbh.

      • If you didn’t mean to be passive-aggressive with my comment, then we can drop this thread as it doesn’t really contribute much to the dialogue.

        You’ll forgive me if I thought it was targeted toward me, since I was the one who brought up the potential PS and you target “some” who “nitpicks” her looks.

        In the future, it would make more sense if you were talking about others on other sites to post that comment on THOSE sites, though.

      • When i saw your comment i just thought ‘here we go again’ and that’s it. like just another one, hence me not replying to your initial comment. lol if i decided to speak up to those people every time i see one, it’d take forever and only waste my time. I like to leave comment whenever i feel like, and to give my opinion; not to start an argument if possible. You can stand on your opinion and stop feeling targeted pointlessly.

      • So, what you’re saying us you kind of were being passive-aggressive.

        Good to know.

      • ? to who, you? i was replying to someone else and you started feeling targeted on your own. so ridiculous.

      • Yup. I agree with you. You are being so ridiculous.

        You were being passive aggressive to me. you said when you saw my statement, you thought i was another “jealous one”. And then instead of confronting my comment head on, you made an oblique reference to it deriding “some” people who brought ps up as jealous, because you “didn’t want to start a fight,” yet still wanted to make your point that you thought I was another “jealous one.”

        That’s textbook passive-aggressive behavior.

  5. Liked her in Trot Lovers so looked up what else she had been in. I thought she was great in Reply 1997 especially considering how old she was and being a newbie. That drama has become one of my all time favorites – I can watch it over and over. I really liked Sassy and her performance in it. I think she is extremely talented, as an actress and singer.

    • She was great as the young Shiwon but I was equally impressed by the subtle shift in her body language when she was playing 25-31 year old Shiwon, in those parts she had the body language and demeanour of a young-at-heart adult and not a teenager any more.

      It was a small change but I was astonished that she was capable of it considering she herself was only 18-19 back then.

  6. Wow, when I saw the pic of this article I was genuinely surprised. I didn’t expect this site provide news about music and I really appreciated it.
    I’m a huge fan of Eunji, she’s the one that really brought me to kpop after Reply 97 and since then I started using twitter and reading any kpop news just for getting a glimpse of her updates. She’s younger than me but it seems like I can learn many things from her, like a real role model.

    And if I may, about her look which some people might see have changed since certain era, for me it’s fine. It’s fine if fans have different way of seeing, it’s natural anyway. It’s just opinion anyway. As her fans, I’m fine with it as long as it’s still in the opinion cyrcle. I respect your perspective considering we all are different. Nevertheless, it would be nicer if we’re not focusing on things that -some might think- she’s lacking as I believe this girl has so much more than just appearance.

    Ah, have you guys check her rolling teaser? It’s just a peak, but all songs sound good! And her voice is just soothing!!
    I wish this album will bring success!!

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