Hu Ge Strolls Around the Australian Outback All Manly Then Turns into Boyish Mush for Baby Kangaroo Feeding

What can I say other that “wow” and “awwwww” upon seeing the latest fashion pictorial starring the supremely popular C-actor Hu Ge. His popularity surging to new heights this past year thanks to three critically well-received dramas in Nirvana in Fire, The Disguiser, and Good Times ushered in a new generation of fans for him, whereas I’ve been with him since over a decade ago when he was headlining Chinese Paladin, The Little Fairy, and Legend of the Condor Heroes. He’s aging like the finest of wine and is still just 33 years old, reminding me that he was one of the youngest male leads in C-dramas when he first started out. For this latest breathtaking Modern Lady shoot, it’s the combination of three fantastic things in the Australian Outback, baby kangaroos, and Hu Ge, all snapped by the photographer with fashionable aplomb. Nicely done.


Hu Ge Strolls Around the Australian Outback All Manly Then Turns into Boyish Mush for Baby Kangaroo Feeding — 10 Comments

  1. He was extremely handsome in his early 20s but the car accident changed his complexion a bit.

    Love him so much in NiF. I don’t like the storylines of his other dramas although he still slew each time. This man has mesmerizing charms in historical dramas. I don’t mind if he comes back again with another historical drama even screenplay is not refreshing.

  2. Hu Ge <3<3<3… Me too! I've been with him since his Chinese Paladin day, love him then and still love him now…. very handsome these photoshoot… wish him the best and success….

  3. Hu Ge really elevates his status as an actor through NIF and The Disguiser. NIF is one of my favorite dramas of all time, such an awesome drama. He’s been in the industry for more than a decade but still only 33 years old. I will for sure watch it when his new drama Lie Chang came out.

  4. Right when pre-ordering started for this issue, I immediately bought one. (There are three different covers though, and I got the cover that is the first picture here.)
    Hu Ge has been the love of my life for at least eight years now, and I’m so happy that I got to see him in person about two weeks ago! With all of his ad deals now, you can see him everywhere around China, which makes me a happy 胡椒. He is a great actor and deserves all of his success.

  5. I have only watched one Chinese Drama and that was Nirvana in Fire (so totally awesome). I have been in love with Hu Ge ever since. He’s not traditionally super hot, but he is handsome and incredibly sexy. But most of all he is a great actor and has tremendous charisma which makes him HOT. Love this post!

  6. I am one of the ‘new generation’ fans. Glad that I gave in to watch NIF as I seldom watch Chinese dramas. Knew about him since a long time ago but truly like him only after NIF.

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