Cha Tae Hyun Marries Original Sassy Girl Victoria Song in My Sassy Girl 2

I’m normally live and let live with entertainment products – producers have a right to make whatever and it’s up to audiences to watch or ignore. But with this latest offering it just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, the taste of crass selling out and the ruination of a classic original. Korean-Chinese co-produced movie My Sassy Girl 2 is coming out this weekend, a direct sequel to the movie hit My Sassy Girl that launched Jeon Ji Hyun and Cha Tae Hyun‘s acting careers.

The sequel brings back Cha Tae Hyun’s character but all heartbroken because his sassy girl decided to become a nun and he’s reunited with his childhood sweetheart who turns out to be the original sassy girl in his life, this time played by Victoria Song. I’m not angry at the leads for starring in this narrative ruining sequel, I just wished it never existed and if everyone from the cast needed to be kidnapped from the set then I wished that had happened. Alas that didn’t and this weekend My Sassy Girl 2 premieres to wash away the happy feels from the original. Sigh.

Trailer for My Sassy Girl 2:


Cha Tae Hyun Marries Original Sassy Girl Victoria Song in My Sassy Girl 2 — 25 Comments

  1. Noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I hate it!!! I dont want to acknowledge it!!!! Its non existent in my world!! Stop ruining the first korean movie i fell in love with…. why?! Why?! Why?! Curse you whoever thinks this is a good idea!!

  2. Victoria resembles Oh Yeon Seo a lot here. But anyway, not the point lol. I don’t really care for sequels that make no sense. I just ignore it and pretend it doesn’t exist. And that’s done by not wasting 2 hours watching it. Simple – at least for me. Sometimes I don’t get what the hullaboo is about. You don’t feel like it makes sense, then it prob doesn’t and you should skip it. If you watch it, the cry over it, then that makes no one a loser but yourself. Meh.

  3. This looks so bad. It reminds me of lets eat 2 – if you cannot get the same cast again then don’t ruin the first one by making a sequel which destroys the first, just make a new series! If you have to do it again but with a different cast, then change the characters for a similiar story -__-

  4. One thing I don’t like about Chinese drama is the dubbing,I miss the deep pleasant voices of a Korean one. The only show I liked was The Fierce Wife because of the story. Voices in Cdramas are just too off putting!

    • The Fierce Wife is a Taiwanese drama, and Taiwanese dramas are not dubbed. Some of the original actor voices in T-dramas are really nice, recent examples for me being Marcus Chang in Back to 1989 and Lego Li in Love @ Seventeen.

  5. I am totally fine by it, been awhile since I watched the first one. So I am looking forward to this one, because I have seen both Cha Tae Hyuns and Victorias earlier drama/movie works, so I have faith in them as well as in the whole movie. I mean look at that kickass trailer! I miss Hongnan from Come back ahjussi, just love women who can stand up for themselves and be independent. peace and love.

  6. Also there is a korean trailer for the same movie, which Victoria is not dubbed, she speaks korean in it as well! I know the Chinese version is dubbed, but it’s not weird considering a lot of cdramas are done in similar way. Yeah, you bet, I am going to watch this movie in Korean and not in Chinese! 😉

  7. Now I’m sure it’s a trend either in C ent or K ent to remake or to have sequels of hit dramas/movies. It’s confirmed from My Love from the Stars PD that season 2 is coming. And now DotS novel as well as movie are confirmed along with potential C version of DotS, and K DotS season 2 on the discussion table. Wow, can’t ent production industry think of anything new? But if these spin-offs can be as innovative and equally badass as legendary Star War sequels, then I don’t mind showbiz keeping same milkcows as long-lived as possible.

  8. After all they went through in My sassy Girl with that poignant ending she goes and becomes a nun…… REALLY?!?! Definitely not watching this. Can not watch something that will ruin my fav Korean movie.

  9. This Chae Tae Hyun ruins everything he is in. First he stole Gong Hyo Jin from Kim Soo Hyun in Producers (when I liked KSH character so freaking much!) and now he is cheating on Jun Ji Hyun. Tsskk. I definitly won’t watch it.

  10. I just wish I didn’t read about or even stumbled upon this news. Now, the damage has been done to my poor, poor heart. (T____T)

  11. Them breaking up and her becoming a nun annoys me less than Victoria being the “original” sassy girl. So stupid. Was Jeon Ji Hyun just a replacement for her then. I refuse to acknowledge this sequel.

  12. The posters actually look hilarious. But, I can already smell tragic in the air. Yikes. Anything with a sequel is always disastrous.

    • please shut the nonsense. do youeven know he’s internationally popular actor. he’s one of the greatest actor. still looks so cutee!

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