Gong Hyo Jin Rocks All Diverse Looks for Upcoming SBS Drama Incarnation of Jealousy

The K-media has been covering upcoming SBS drama Incarnation of Jealousy on from the promotional front but today turn it’s attention to leading lady Gong Hyo Jin‘s distinctive fashion style. In the compilation picture above showing her sporting six wholly different looks from the drama, it’s clear her character isn’t just going to be quirky or professional or poor or rich, which is how dramas love to shoehorn characters into a personality by using clothing archetypes. Here she’s casual when heading to work, quirky during her free time, dressed for on air classiness, and can turn beautifully feminine for when the mood hits. I love that her hair is long for his drama so the stylist can do so much more with it, and Gong Hyo Jin especially is capable of projecting so many diverse experimental looks. Can’t wait to see her full outfit tableau in the drama.

Gong Hyo Jin is also in the news for shooting a new clothing CF, looking like she owns the catwalk even in a shirt with a red bra silhouette. That’s some dressing confidence I envy.


Gong Hyo Jin Rocks All Diverse Looks for Upcoming SBS Drama Incarnation of Jealousy — 34 Comments

  1. She’s so lovely, she certainly lives up to her nickname Gonvely. She’s THE romcom queen, although Seo Hyun Jin is getting there. I’m so glad she will be back on my screen. Hopefully the writing is good. She always makes good choices in her drama selections. They may not top ratings but it’s never low.

    • I think the current fashion trend in S.Korean right now is wearing a tank over a t-shirt. I’ve seen so many actresses and K-pop idols, even comedians sporting this look. Although irrelevant to this article, you’ll also notice that many females celebrities in S.Korean right now opting for the see-through bang hairstyle. Following the trend seems to be a commonality over there.

  2. Hello Ms Koala

    Will you write a drama review on remembering wang li chuan? I just finished the series and after crying my heart inside out, I am so head over heels for Godfrey. The show skyrocketed his popularity, which I am thankful for and can’t wait to see more of him in good projects on screen.

  3. Kong fashionista! I also love that she’s always confident in what she wears. She always sets a new trend in fashion. And that body though, really..perfect T.T

  4. Wow wow wow! GHJ-eonni looks fashionable as always…
    I bet the accessories will also include rings you know to cover her tattoos.
    I’m wondering why tattoos always get blurred in TV..

  5. GHJ have a title as fashionista, sometimes she reminds me of another girl Yoo Eun Hye, both of them famous as rom com queen, popular and loved by public. But whats going on with YEH?? Why Korean still not forgive her? YEH suffer too much after ‘not so big’ scandal. I want to see YEH come back again to dramaland once a year just like GHJ. YEH please come back to dramaland, even though the script like makjang morning drama, I will watch for you. For GHJ my honey, I love you forever. Both of my queen, wish you luck and bright future 🙂

  6. Damn! Her fashion always on the top, I envy KHJ. I like her dress, make up, her hair, her legs and everything, she is almost perfect, lucky her -_^


    • I don’t think PD Jin Hyuk & Hong sister will come back with master sun 2. GHJ and SJS really busy with their project these days..

  8. I like her in a purple dress 🙂 you’re such a big sunshine Taeyang eonnie.. can I have all of your outfit?? Gosh..I can’t wait to go to Korea ASAP, I can’t wait for your drama come back.. drama please be good..

  9. I want to see her pairing with Ha Jung Woo again but in dramaland.. I want them work with Signal writer or Punch writer, it could be amazing.

    • Ha Jung Woo is really busy in movie.. may be he never come back anymore to dramaland, yeah i feel you, i miss him in small screen 🙁

  10. Today I saw your BTS for drama poster, i have a great feeling this drama is very well done, just look at the cast and how they interact each other like.. woah.. it seems fun!Of course you are trully fashionistha and korean darling. Fighting gong hyo jin, my ultimate crush

  11. Her acting and her sense of fashion is no joke! 🙂 I have a big hope that every korean actors have a great fashion choice who makes his/her character more alive. Waiting for drama #DONTDARETODREAMOFFICIALTITTLE

  12. Like I said in the previous Incarnation of Jealousy article, Gong Hyo Jin’s fashion in this new drama is rockin’! I love her edgy looks here and how it’s not like her usual boho look for a change.

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