First Drama Poster for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Showcase the Tender Love Between Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun

The first poster is out for star-studded period C-drama Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace (Chronicles of Ruyi) and it’s legit captivating. Leads Zhou Xun and Wallace Huo are just exquisite together, with Wallace selling the tender love and affection to the point one doesn’t even remember that he just pledged his troth to real life wife Ruby Lin a scant month ago. Way to go for acting, dude! The drama is notable as the somewhat sequel to hit C-drama Legend of Zhen Huan that rocketed lead Sun Li to super duper stardom, not that Zhou Xun needs it since she’s already an A-lister top star. But one hopes the drama will bring the same narrative excellence with such a talented cast, and with it continue to spread C-dramas to a broader audience.


First Drama Poster for Ruyi’s Royal Love in the Palace Showcase the Tender Love Between Wallace Huo and Zhou Xun — 7 Comments

  1. The poster is quite simple, but Wallace and Zhou Xun’s gaze towards each other…perfectly depicts their characters’ relationship.

  2. Will this drama be like the other dramas where the female protagonists starts low, and then caught the attention of the emperor, and then rises in ranks? If it is, I will definitely watch it. Hahahahhha

    • If the drama follows the novel’s beginning, the female lead is already married to Qianlong as his secondary wife (she was initially second in rank to the main wife) when he was still a prince. The story starts off in the mourning period of the previous emperor Yongzheng, and the tension between Qianlong’s wives and concubines over their impending rank conferment.

      The female lead will not start low, just somewhere in the middle. Rather than being about a woman’s rise in ranks, this story tells more about what being married to an emperor is like, how the emperor and his wives try to maintain their marriage, and the tribulations they have to go through etcetc.

      • Oh, wow. They’re already married right in the beginning? Well that’s interesting. I’ll definitely tune into it if it get English subtitle.

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