Lee Min Jung and Park Shi Yeon Step Out in Ornate Patterns for Antonia Marras Fashion Event in Seoul

Fall has clearly descended a step early in the fashion halls of Seoul, and judging from the stylings I would advocate sending it back from whence it came. K-actresses Park Shi Yeon and Lee Min Jung were spotted out of their natural habitat of being married moms during their downtime, with both donning the latest threads from Italian designer Antonio Marras for the store opening event in Seoul. I’ve never heard of Antonio Marras and seeing his design preferences chock full of ornate patterns and and heavy fabrics it’s clear his taste is vastly different than my usual wear. It’s a testament to both Park Shi Yeon and Lee Min Jung that both manage to wear the outfit and pull it off to varying degree, Park Shi Yeon getting the narrow win for keeping the top heavy balanced with her long leagues and peep toe pumps.


Lee Min Jung and Park Shi Yeon Step Out in Ornate Patterns for Antonia Marras Fashion Event in Seoul — 9 Comments

  1. Hasn’t PSY filed for divorce last May? Hence her portrayal of a “good wofe” in currently airing kdrama “Jealousy incarnate” may stem from her real-life experience?

    Neither dresses are flattering their body shape indeed.

  2. Errr… I think both outfits are terrible and neither of them can pull it off. And I don’t mean it as an offense towards the ladies but more to the designer.

    And those heels (both)! *shudders*

  3. I think nobody can pull it off. Off of topic : death of Sonia Rykiel last week . and the new fragance Chanel n5 L’eau with LR Depp.

  4. Speaking of Park Si Yeon, she’s doing well in Fantastic! I’m liking the show so far and I can’t wait for her to get out of that household.

  5. Park Shi Yeon’s acting is getting better and better. Too bad her face become strange. Why did she do plastic surgery in that beautiful face? But honestly, her desperate acting is very good in Fantastic.

  6. Antonio Marras’ ethnic style may seem strange to people who don’t know him. He is sardinian, and he takes inspiration from the traditional costumes, art, jewellery, vibe from his island to create his outfits. Especially when it comes to the fabric’s pattern which usually posses beautiful and rich embrodery flowers.

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