Song Yoona Relaxed for Marie Claire and Lighting the Screen on Fire in The K2

I have such an unhealthy drama viewer crush on Song Yoon Ah right now, and it’s been years since the Hotelier days. She wasn’t even my female lead crush in On Air, for whatever reason I liked Kim Ha Neul better there even if I liked Song Yoon Ah and Park Yong Ha‘s coupling more. I’m sure Song Yoon Ah was great in her award winning performance in tearjerker Mama and she garnered great reviews in dense political drama Assembly, but since I skipped both those dramas it’s now in The K2 where I’m fully reminded of the greatness that she is capable of. She’s out-acting everyone by leaps and bounds and commands the screen with her steely intensity such that she gets my sympathy even if she’s not a blameless character in the web of power play strung around all the characters. If Choi Ji Woo is going back to being cute and bubbly, Song Yoon Ah is aging gracefully onscreen as a force to be reckoned with. Her spring 2016 pictorial in Marie Claire showcases her spare effortless grace. 


Song Yoona Relaxed for Marie Claire and Lighting the Screen on Fire in The K2 — 16 Comments

  1. She is really amazing in The K2. She reminds me of Yeom Jung Ah in Mirror of the Witch. Both of them are so deliciously evil. It is like you really want to kill them and yet, you can’t help but to look forward to their scenes. Plus, at times, you actually feel bad for them and it is so complicated because you really do hate them and yet, their actions can be understandable also.
    Gah, mindblown lol.

  2. Everybody are great in The K2 but SYA has the most entertaining character to play and shes using every bits of it. I can’t wait for her confrontation with Anna now that she is not sedated and bound to wheelchair lol. I wounder how will she react to Anna escaping form the house again.

  3. My old love since Hotelier. I only have 2 biases when it comes to K-actresses and one of them is SYA. So happy that many drama fans are now acknowledging her acting. Saw too much of rubbish post when it comes to SYA before Mama (when she was casted in dramas).

  4. She’s gorgeous! I sometimes catch myself thinking, what if?, whenever i watch k2 scenes bet her and jcw kkk. She’s intense!

  5. I love her acting ???? .. Because of her i more into villain story (step mother ) than sad cinderella-daughter story …. I think she have more chemistry with ji chang wook than other.
    Love her since hotelier day

  6. I really like her as an actress and she has a great sense of style. The chemistry that she has with the main actor on the K2 is really amazing and I ship them as a couple on the show! I hope to see her in future upcoming Korean dramas!

  7. She was good in Assembly and fantastic in k2, having played a most difficult role perfectly. I find myself constantly empathising with her character.

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