Ratings Stay Relatively Steady for Legend of the Blue Sea at 15.7% for Episode 3

The reception for Legend of the Blue Sea doesn’t yet have the legs to show that it can be the vaulter hits like Descendants of the Sun and You From Another Star. So far I would be thrilled beyond thrilled that it break 20% but I’m relieved it’s staying steady as episode 3 came in at 15.7& AGB nationwide for episode 3, a negligible increase from episode 2. I desperately want to love this drama more but it’s keeping me at arms length, guarding the Joseon era deep romance while the modern story is lightweight and slapstick so far.

The upside is the insanely beautiful visuals, but pretty doesn’t satisfy the gut need to care about the characters and whatever love torn obstacles are in the way, which is hard to when I don’t know what happened in the past and the present doesn’t make much sense so far. With that said, I do think Jeon Ji Hyun was allowed to fully shine in this episode when her mermaid was not forced to overact on the fish out of water scenes, not to mention the final scene aquarium reunion was too lovely by far to quibble with when my brain shut down and I just sighed out loud.


Ratings Stay Relatively Steady for Legend of the Blue Sea at 15.7% for Episode 3 — 27 Comments

  1. 30% in ratings is a phenomenon that occurs only once 2-3 years. It would be more than enough if this can reach 20%. Even YFAS didn’t reached 30% if I remember correctly.

    • It occurs much more rarely than that. I actually don’t think it’s possible anymore because of the rise in online streaming. It would be interesting to see though.

    • Yeah, people should really stop comparing everything to DoTS as a measure of success. You don’t have to reach that high to be a hit drama.

    • I agree with what the others mentioned about ratings. I think Legend has lots of potential in the OTP development, it’s kind of a slow burn thingy and I think the chemistry between the two beautiful leads is very strong. I don’t wanna compare with YFAS Kim Soo Hyun but I just love looking at LMH and JJ pairing. They look like twins…

  2. This episode is a slight improvement over the last two. I find myself sighing for the two leads and emotionally engaged toward the end, but what comes before is still kind of boring. The writer pastes together vignettes and bits here and there without going into depth over any. I also find JJH’s acting more likeable here than all that cringe-inducing overacting in the first two episodes.As for LMH, deep emotion seems to be beyond him.

  3. No shows will hit 40% or 30% in this age but it´s only 3rd episode with high start on 15-16% this is really promosing and will automatically go up in the later episodes as they usually do

  4. This episode was so freaking good you can see that the drama is becoming legendary how the plot is moving and is becoming a true love story of the ages. Nice chemistry. Heirs who was bigger then DOTS never either hit 30%. LOTBS story line is strong compared to heirs, DOTS and MLFTS

  5. I still feel the plot neither here nor there.
    Is it the writer trying to test our patience to hold on as long as we could for the Joseon backstory to unfold? I know it’s a clever strategy to rope the viewers but it could work should the modern day story strong enough to substantiate the momentum build up by the Joseon storyline.
    And the plot hole? I mean, what’s the point of kissing him to erase his memory only to try finding him again in Seoul? And he has not drown that she has to resort to resuscitate him by means of the amnesiac kiss. And the last mermaid on earth yet there are still some other mermaids?
    Idk if it’s just me but there is something not quite there with LMH’s sageuk speech. I like him enough in here and I am holding on to LOTBS because of him, not JJH. I am sorry but I grew tired of her acting. She is pleasant to watch when she acted a lot calmer as the Joseon mermaid.

    • Problem is may be the writer is trying to write a hit drama ..that would allure people, not a drama that is good just because it is. Once a writer has a hit drama then later they have to struggle to live up to the expectations…maybe this writer is having a hard time on keeping the rating high rather than giving us a heartwarming drama based on a stronger story. Sometimes the dialogues even feel like she’s trying too hard. Like in last week, that time when the mermaid is picking up words from the TV show…LMH’s character says..’are you netizen or what…’ the dialogue seemed so incongruous in the first place and felt like they are trying to seek attention of the viewers.

  6. I dont thing it will surpass DOTS rating though it is still premature to say but the thing is DOTS has different feel . You will alway wait for the next episode and watch even without subtitle yet. I really like LMH but he has no chemistry with JJH for now. JJH is flawless but she looks old for LMH.

  7. Romantic doctor has better ratings ! So why compare the ratings with DOFTS ! Hope the story is going to develop soon because until now it’s only about beauty ( scenery, JJH flawless but old for a mermaid , handsome LMH ) That’ s all.! WFLee Bok Jo is better ! Just MO.

    • Agree with you.
      There’s some kind of emotional detachment. I mean, up to episode 3, I still feel no emotional connection at all to care for either one of them. As someone mentioned in previous post, despite the subpar quality of Moon Lovers, at least there was the emotional attachment with the character.
      IMO the holding down fort is the Joseon backstory. The repetitious formula of a combo between JJH and writer PJE totally crushed the fresh elements that viewers are looking for and without the starpower of the two main leads, this drama would have performed no better than Moon Lovers.

  8. Hmm i think in korea, people prefer to watch drama with very good chemistry between the lead. DOTS couple chemistry is undeniable strongly good even for second lead, MLFTS chemistry between jjh n ksh also very strong, lmh n pmy chemistry in city hunter too. Script n cinematography are bonus. But chemistry between the lead actor is the core factor for high rating. Here lmh n jjh lack in chemistry department. Hopefully the relationship will develop more later..

  9. The romantic parts are sweet, but everything else in between is extremely boring. I can’t decide of I want to sit through an hour of nonsense to get five minutes of feel-y moments.

  10. JJH looks older in this drama & her expression is pretty much the same as YFAS but still looks pretty though. Hope they can have higher rating

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