SBS Mon-Tues Dramas in 2017 to Start with Defendant, Then Whisper, Followed By My Sassy Girl

Next year in 2017 will be interesting to see if SBS can continue it’s currently medical drama winning streak on Mon-Tue without that genre’s drama on the schedule. The line up is out for the first half of next year following the end of Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim. First is Defendant with Ji Sung, Yuri, and Eom Ki Joon about a prosecutor with amnesia trying to prove his innocence in a murder accusation. The comes Whisper from the screenwriter of Punch, and is yet another corruption and greed probing drama this time with Lee Bo Young in the driver’s seat as a scrappy police detective section chief. I find it adorable that Lee Bo Young’s return drama after having a baby is following her hubby Ji Sung’s drama on the same network. And lastly the network has scooped up the pre-produced sageuk remake of My Sassy Girl with Joo Won and Oh Yeon Seo to follow Whisper on Mon-Tues in late spring. Not a single medical drama in sight just yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if SBS finds one for the second half of 2017.


SBS Mon-Tues Dramas in 2017 to Start with Defendant, Then Whisper, Followed By My Sassy Girl — 17 Comments

  1. Same genre back to back with “Defendant” and “Whisper”. If Defendant is a rating hit, then Whisper will enjoy the benefit from the back to back airing otherwise, the outcome not so positive. But I don’t have a good feeling about Defendant, because let’s face it, idol like Yuri has no acting chop to carry such a heavy role much like Suzy and IU. And “Sassy Girl” on SBS…. well SBS is well known for its “sageuk curse”….so good luck.

    • I don’t know about the ‘saeguk curse’, what’s that all about?

      I love Six Flying Dragons and while it can’t be called a hit, it was a very good saeguk in my opinion and fared reasonably well. That said, My Sassy Girl’ doesn’t give good vibes at all. A new writer(I think so!), a middling PD and so much fiasco even before it started.

      Well, who knows? Many dramas have been giving results which are contrary to expectations. Just look at Moon Lovers which pulled the biggest shock in the first week. Then we have dramas like Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim which beat LOTBS in terms of ratings albeit different day slots.

      • Six Flying Dragons and Deep Rooted Tree are one of the few SBS sageuks that did well. Jackpot, Moon Lovers, The Great Seer, Faith performed poorly.
        Most of SBS sageuks failed miserably which led many to brand this pattern as ‘SBS sageuk curse’. Sageuk dramas normally thrive if aired on KBS and MBC especially.
        I have totally no interest in My Sassy Girl remake and Jo Won so I never bothered to check on the drama. But if pattern to be relied on, Jo Won normally not performing well when come to remake ie. 7th Grade Civil Servant and Nae Il’s Cantabile. I could be wrong, though.

      • I’m not sure if anything can be deduced from Joo Won’s lack of success with remakes. 95% of remakes just don’t do well, doesn’t matter who stars in it. A recent example which runs contrary to this is 1% of Anything but then it was written by the same writer who updated his story and trimmed off the unnecessary. That was one of my faves for 2016.

      • 1% I think succeeded for the exact reason you mention @D. It had the same writer who knew how to get rid of the excess story and focus on the two leads. Having said that the story isn’t anything that hasn’t been seen before (literally), the #1 reason for its success is the amazing chemistry of the two leads. I think it might be the best of 2016 in this little romance drama. I don’t know if it was planned or luck…knowing k-dramas, probably luck.

    • I could not understand why Ji Sung agreed to do “Defendant” when the female lead has questionable acting skill.
      After the misery of seeing my fave leading men (Lee Jun Ki, Kim Woo Bin) suffered because of their “can’t act” leading ladies, I would be sad to see Ji Sung having to endure the same kind of suffering.

  2. Hey I hope not! Ji Sung’s acting is superb and it will be a waste of the leading lady is not up to him. Chemistry between must be good in order to draw out a good drama. Oh please, Yuri pls buck up!

  3. Oh my… I watched Yuri in Go Ho’s Starry Night and her acting is so awful there. She definitely has no talent for acting. But then again, I’m not interested in this drama anyway, so whatever.

  4. I am not interested in the drama either but I feel bad for Ji Sung. Early of the year he had Hyeri as his leading lady in the disaster “Entertainer” and now, he is being given Yuri? I mean, is there no real actress that can actually take that part and act alongside Ji Sung? The drama premise seems promising but Yuri is as awful as Suzy and IU. I don’t have the stomach to see another good actor taking the fall because of the lackluster lead actress. Someone should just tell them to stop acting and focus on singing or doing CF.

    • Even IU is better than Suzy and Yuri, at least she gave one good performance in her life (Producer).

      There’s no hope for the other two.

      • IU is slightly better than Suzy and Yuri. But she should just stick to supporting role like Cindy in “The Producer” and not taking on leading role because she is not up to that level yet. When I watched Go Ara in “Hwarang”, I feel sad watching how a real actress could make a lot of difference with their believable performance and acting chop.

  5. I think whisper has a good scriptwriter and lee bo young is female lead,of course the story will focus on her
    for jisung,i dont think yuri is bad,and im sure story will focus on jisung(in mr lawyer jo,ksr is female lead but she is like supporting role)
    My sassy girl,people have their opinion,but for me romance in sageuk is no.i like sfd /sageuk where the story focus on history ,not romance

  6. -_- When SBS and 2017 get mentioned together, I can only think of the end of Running Man. Still pretty upset because of the ‘apology’ they made the members film.

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