Ji Soo to Hold First Solo Fan Meeting After Meteoric Rise Since Drama Debut in 2015

This is too adorable and awkward not to share, and also to congratulate a young man for quite an achievement. Actor Ji Soo, currently starring as the second male lead in hit cable drama Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, is holding his first solo fan meeting on April 1st in Seoul. Plenty of K-actors and actresses hold fan meetings but Ji Soo was a complete unknown two years ago in 2015 when he burst onto the drama scene in Angry Mom and stole a nice chunk of that drama.

He’s then done many dramas within this two year span, picking smart supporting roles and even a lead in the mini drama Page Turner, always making a memorable impact wherever he shows up. I’m thrilled he has enough fan base to hold a fan meeting but cringing when I saw the event poster with the slogan “Invite You to Warm His House”. His smile can melt polar ice caps but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to invite his noona and ahjumma fans to “warm his house” because they may never leave lol. I know I would have to be shoveled out.


Ji Soo to Hold First Solo Fan Meeting After Meteoric Rise Since Drama Debut in 2015 — 15 Comments

  1. This noona (okay, ahjumma) would love to warm his house. He’s just my favorite thing ever since I watched Angry Mom.

  2. I really loved him in Angry Mom and Sassy Go Go, his character was interesting. But in Page Turner, I prefered the second male lead, in Scarlet he was not really good, in Doctor his role was not significant… And I’m not convinced by him in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. So I think he’s not ready for a lead role.

  3. He is not ready to become a male lead yet but this boy definitely has a potential. I admire him for securing supporting roles to polish his craft before jumping in to grab the lead actor status like Nam Joo Hyuk or Seo Kang Joon. If he is to follow this path, he could turn out to be a fantastic actor just like his SWDBS co-star, Park Hyung Sik. I love him best in Page Turner. His “5m 50cm” is really epic.

  4. I don’t like him in SWDBS… probably a combination of the annoying character and being opposite the very attractive PHS… hope he will get better roles next time…

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