Production Company Behind River Where the Moon Rises Sues Ji Soo’s Agency KeyEast for $2.7M of Additional Costs to Re-film Drama With New Male Lead

In the annals of least surprising developments in K-ent, the lawsuit that was bound to happen is here. The production company behind River Where the Moon Rises has sued former male lead Ji Soo‘s agency KeyEast Entertainment. It’s a straight forward claim for damages, costs, expenses due to Ji Soo‘s bullying scandal which led to the production company needing to re-cast and re-film 90% of the drama. The drama aired up to episode 6 and filming was completed up to episode 18 when the Ji Soo scandal broke and replacement male lead Na In Woo stepped in immediately to re-film both not yet aired episodes as well as the first six episodes so this drama could be sold for online streaming after completion. KeyEast responded to the lawsuit claiming it had been in talks with the production company on a financial settlement and talks were still continuing so it doesn’t know why the lawsuit was suddenly filed. Prolly cuz KeyEast was just dawdling and playing some hardball, what else. The lawsuit is demanding financial damages of nearly $2.7M USD so yup with how much needed to be re-filmed and the high production cost of a large scale sageuk.

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K-drama Productions Add Contract Addendums and New Terms that Stipulate Penalties for Bad Publicity with Specific Call Out for Bullying Allegations

I wish this was for the best interests of victims and changing societal behavior but it’s clearly motivated by financial interest. Regardless, at least it’s making agencies more deliberate and considerate when it comes to signing young new talent. K-drama … Continue reading

Ji Soo to Enlist in the Army Public Service in October 2021, Denies the Sexual Assault Portion of Allegations, and River Where the Moon Rises to Replace Him with Na In Woo Starting Episode 9

The rapid downfall of actor Ji Soo has come to a conclusion and there are some wrap up news to report. Ji Soo will be enlisting in the army later this year in October 2021, but he’s serving public service … Continue reading

Ji Soo Admits Bullying and Sexual Assault Allegations From School Era 1-day After Scandal Breaks, Future of K-drama River Where the Moon Rises Uncertain

With so many bullying from school and idol group allegations lobbed against younger K-stars in the recent month, which I chalk up to when there is finally a crack then the dam breaks. All it takes is one brave person … Continue reading

Royal Machinations Bring Ga Jin Back to Princess Life in Episode 6 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.6%, 9.2%

There isn’t much to unpack with episode 6 of River Where the Moon Rises, in fact there just isn’t much “there” at all. Sageuks are about stakes, ever higher stakes and a real sense of inevitable heartbreak and sacrifice. I … Continue reading

K-actor Ji Soo Accused by Multiple Former Classmates of Bullying and Sexual Assault in Middle School, KeyEast to Investigate as Allegations Quite Serious

The truth will set you free, and honestly with K-dramas always harping about the underdogs seeking the truth against the rich and powerful it’s hard not to root for a full investigation and either vindication or full indictment. It’s hard … Continue reading

Ga Jin Ends Her Assassin Life and Seeks Her Past Memories in Episode 3 of River Where the Moon Rises with Ratings of 6.4% and 9.2%

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Second Episode of River Where the Moon Rises Has Ratings of 5.8%, 9.7% as Action Moves Between Palace Assassination and Hidden Village OTP Meet Cute Time

After the cutest of cute first meeting moments between leads Kim So Hyun‘s assassin Ga Jin (memory lost Princess Pyeonggang) and Ji Soo‘s Ondal at the end of the first episode of River Where the Moon Rises, I was sold … Continue reading

KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises Premieres to Ratings of 6.5% and 9.4% as it Starts the Journey of Warrior Princess Kim So Hyun and Loyal Fool Ji Soo

A nice start to the lunar year of the ox so far with no big bad news around the world and for the first K-drama to premiere in this metal ox year KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises is … Continue reading

Ji Soo Embodies the Perfect Lunky Devoted Male Lead to Princess Warrior Kim So Hyun in New Teaser for KBS Sageuk River Where the Moon Rises

It’s male lead Ji Soo‘s turn in the spotlight for the promos of upcoming KBS sageuk River Where the Moon Rises and oh boy I’m ready to do an about turn on his casting. His first sageuk outing was rough … Continue reading