Song Joong Ki to Receive Best Actor at the 2017 Korean PD Awards

Another award is in the bag for Song Joong Ki, just in time to celebrate the anniversary of his hit drama Descendants of the Sun which dominated the March airwaves last year in 2016. Song Joong Ki is the recipient of the 2017 Korean PD Award‘s Best Actor nod, an award that went to Ji Sung in 2016 for Kill Me Heal Me and in 2015 was won by Joo Won for Good Doctor. It’s interesting to see how the PDs view excellence in acting and I have no problems with any of the recent award winners, and in DotS it was Song Joong Ki’s performance that hooked me more than his costar Song Hye Kyo. I’m sure even Song Joong Ki will acknowledge that his DotS performance was nowhere his best work but combined with creating a winning and memorable character then it definitely deserves the kudos.

Both Ji Sung and Joo Won did well after their award wins, Joo Won went on to Yongpal while Ji Sung is rocking and rolling in Defendant.


Song Joong Ki to Receive Best Actor at the 2017 Korean PD Awards — 12 Comments

  1. Congrats SJK! For me, he really made Capt YSJ memorable and unique. I enjoyed DOTS mainly because of the cast. Hope he’ll do another project soon.

  2. I’m more interested in his next drama projects than any awards of CF endorsement he’s garnered in 2016-2017. It would be a pity if he just resided on and faltered at this hype. I’m sure he won’t. Hopefully he follows suit those senior actors of the cast for Deep Rooted Tree, whom he once admired very much, and moves up to be great actors like Jang Hyuk, Han Suk Kyu, and Cho Jin Woong. Those names were the reasons why he turned down the male lead offer for The Moon Embracing the Sun and instead took a supporting role (not even a 2nd lead) with very limited screen time in DRT. I’ll be your stan forever.

  3. I hope he will choose more interesting and challenging projects next. To go for two military-focused projects after coming back from military service kinda disappointed me. I know why he chose DotS though. He was smelling the hype which would come with it although I was pretty sure he didn’t need it to give his career a push to popularity.

    But now it’s time for the real deal. Come back with something interesting, SJK! 🙂 But congratulations as well since he is talented and probably did his best in DotS as always. But I agree with Koala and some people commenting here: DotS is definitely not his best role.

  4. Congratulation SJK, and indeed, all around Nice Guy he is. Hope many more great news come both from professional and personal life. Also yes, more new, diverse, and challenging project please ^^

  5. DOTS was good but now I want to see him doing something more diverse. Something like what Jang Hyuk did with BM or Ji Sung did with KMHM. I think he is up to the task as long as he chooses wisely.

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