Im Joo Hwan is a Perfectly Attired Cutie for Arena Magazine

One of the consistent highlights in Uncontrollably Fond was second male lead Im Joo Hwan, playing the daddy long legs character to Suzy and the stuck in the middle older brother to Kim Woo Bin. He even had great chemistry with crazy second female lead Im Joo Eun, as well as the veterans playing his power grabby parents. He basically had chemistry with a towel in this drama and that’s quite a feat when narratively it was inconsistent and the directing was equally all over the place. He was the steady stream flowing with emotional richness and everything happening around him out of his control. It was a return to form for Im Joo Hwan many years after his most memorable performance in Tamra the Island. Better late than never, cutie pie, and an additional kudos for dropping such a visually impeccable photo spread for Arena Magazine.


Im Joo Hwan is a Perfectly Attired Cutie for Arena Magazine — 14 Comments

  1. Talented and Hot. But I still can’t get over the horrendous wig they had him wear for Shine or Go Crazy. We complain about the wigs in some of the recent sageuks but that one…. *shudder*

  2. He was the only one character I liked in UF with his father who was so most interesting.

    He’s really a great actor, I hope he will a good drama.

  3. UNDERRATED. He doesn’t have the IT factor maybe that’s why people don’t go gaga over him but he’s GOOD. I hope he finds his breakout role or at least his own niche where he can shine.

  4. I disagree the directing is all over the place in UF. Far from it. It’s so solid throughout. For me one of the best think in UF. And I’m Jo Hwan is not only one of the highlight. Agree to disagree i guess.

  5. Ugly Alert was worth all those hours because of Im Joo Hwan. I hope he gets another chance to be a lead in a drama.

  6. Do you think YEH and IJH would have chemistry? She needs to be with someone she is attracted to. How’s that for a left field question. Just saw her the top of the page and got me to wondering. ?

  7. IJH is very underrated. He is a good actor and was excellent in UF, Ugly Alert and Oh My Ghostess but unfortunately he does not get the lead roles, always supporting ones. He is a good looker and as mentioned earlier he never ages and is still gorgeous as ever! Let’s hope he gets a chance to lead in future dramas! Fighting!!!

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