Estranged Wife of Hong Sang Soo Gives First News Interview and Blames Kim Min Hee for Putting Her Through Hell

The messy pending divorce case of Korean director Hong Sang Soo and his estranged wife took another step in the court of public opinion as his wife has given her first onscreen interview to MBC. When asked about how she is proceeding after Hong Sang Soo’s side attempted for the third time to serve the divorce petition on her, she replied that she had nothing to say on that. Hong Sang Soo’s wife believes that her husband will still come back to her, explaining that she is not considering divorce and believes her husband to be the kind of man that will return to her. She called out Kim Min Hee as putting her through hell, claiming that she had a loving relationship with her husband until he met Kim Min Hee, and now he looks at Kim Min Hee with loving eyes like a man in love for the first time. The wife says she will wait until her husband returns to her.

Kim Min Hee has reportedly lost all her clothing endorsement deals since the fall out of her affair with Hong Sang Soo. South Korea still remains a socially and morally conservative country, and even if Hong Sang Soo is for all intents and purposes legally separated from his wife and pursuing divorce he is still not divorced yet and the public gallivanting around with Kim Min Hee is certainly going to rub people the wrong way.


Estranged Wife of Hong Sang Soo Gives First News Interview and Blames Kim Min Hee for Putting Her Through Hell — 86 Comments

  1. this is so sad. but i do hope she doesnt give him the divorce just to throw shit in their faces. if it makes the lady more happy not giving him a divorce than giving him one, so be it lol

  2. Estranged wives always seem to blame the ‘other women’. But surely the husbands who had known and lived with them longer longer, slept with them, had babies with them should be held more accountable than the ‘other women’. Normally (I know this is a generalisation and is not always true), it is the men who pursue the ‘other women’.So the wives should call out and hit out at their disloyal husbands for their infidelity. It seems to be always women blaming women. It may comfort them to think that the other women had charmed their poor, innocent, naive husbands but I think the reverse is often more true. The ‘other women’ often give up a lot including dignity ( as probably in this particular case), to be with those old married men who cannot control their instincts.

    • In neutral eyes, the husband maybe the worse since he is the one who is disloyal to his family. But in the eyes of his family it is really hard not to blame the woman more since the husband is always their family whose precious for them but then changed since meeting with the woman.
      I remember when my father got into affair with a woman, I just really angry with that woman because she dared to seduced my father whose already married with kids. If she never comes, my mother would never cry and our family would never become this broken.

      • Dear minni,
        Sorry to hear that.
        Thanks for sharing the perspective from the family who had gone through this sort of ordeal.
        Well, I don’t agree with PohYoke that men should be blamed more than the 3rd party.

        Does it mean these women shouldn’t be judged just because these men fell in love with them and left their family for them? If Kim Min Hee had said no to him, she would not end up with such a messy situation.

        And now to publicly declare her love for the man who left his family for her, that’s really not classy at all.

    • Logically yes. The man is definitely more to blame.

      But emotionally i think what happens is that his betrayal gets tempered by good memories . You have lived with this man for years . You have years of affection if not love. You remember the good times. And think if not for the other woman he would be the same.

      The other woman is a complete stranger. So its easy to demonize her than rightfully blame the man who cheated on you.

      • A woman would always be blamed regardless the situation. Let’s say the wife is the one having the affair, the husband and society would most likely put the blame on the wife and not the other man.

    • This. I really dislike men who cheats on their other girlfriends/wives (and vice versa). My friends and I were bridesmaids for a best friend’s wedding and we got to know the groomsmen on the big day while doing the preparations together. One of the groomsmen got the number of one of my bridesmaids friends for communication purposes during the wedding and hit on her right after the wedding. My friend thought he’s cute and they exchanged flirty texts until the bride told us that he’s married with kids. My friend was shocked as he didn’t even give a single mention about that and went completely silent after she confronted him in their chat.

    • Both Director and actress are to be blamed. However, the actresses could have said absolutely “NO” to the affair with a married man, but she chose to have an affair knowing that this guy is married. It is not demonizing the actress as wel, she didn’t care how the affair would have hurt so many people. I hope the wife can get past this and move on. The Director will cheat again, as all cheaters do.

      • Jkfan
        That’s true.
        Anyway she is gonna cheat on him in a few years time. Now that she is known to be ok to accept a married man, other younger and richer men might try for her.
        And then he will be too old and poor to look for a younger chick.

    • Please do talk about it. I don’t see anywhere estranged husbands bashing and trashing “the other man for making his life hell and changing his wife” but ohhhh the other woman is the devil. Not defending KMH, but women wonder why men dont take faithfulness that seriously? It’s beyond “instinct”. They know for a FACT 90% of the time they wont be blamed for it. Nobody forces a guy to “find himself in a hotel room” with a mystery woman. People also always assume the woman “seduced” the man, like in a hollywood production, there are countless of cases of the other woman being insecure and not even attractive. And a lot of married men use that to there advantage, as long as she is younger. A LOT of men seduce with money, prestige and/or looks. This dude is definitely not “innocent”. Come on, this BS is laughable at best. I do understand how hurt the woman feels, but if only most women thought about relationships as logically as men do.

  3. Kim Min hee told her that she should have managed her husband better
    That’s straight up evil
    This woman has taken care of his mother in her old age, and now he betrayed her
    But here’s the thing, a cheater will cheat again, sooner or later
    As much in love they might be now, I doubt that Minhee and the director will have a happy ending to their affair

  4. This old man is a stupid bastard! His wife is just keeping the wedding oath, even there is no more love, they have a child together for goodness sake. Don’t grant him any divorce if you disagree. You are the wife and you own the title. KMH, you deserve to lose every endorsement, stop showing off, keep the old man’s body & maybe his heart for now, and shut up!

    • Candycane

      Well said!

      I don’t understand why ppl are feeling sorry for HSS and KMH. And they kept blaming the wife for hanging on for a little while.

      It’s mind boggling how ppl are taking affairs lightly and a long marriage like a piece of paper. And older wives like old cars…. with advices like “oh the husband or driver does not want you anymore so just be happy to let the husband get a new car and move on to the junkyard….”

      • I don’t think that’s the sentiment of most. I think what they meant is that she should stop holding on to someone who has no respect to her anymore. It is painful. Divorce is painful. I don’t know how divorce works exactly and what kind of alimony she will receive once their properties etc. are settled, but I would agree with the others that if the only reason she’s holding on is the title, it is best to just move on. She deserves peace of mind.

      • She didn’t say she is hanging onto the title. We shouldn’t speculate on her reasons other than what she had shared with the media. She said she loves him. And she never say it’s out of spite. Even though it sounded silly to some ppl but that’s her choice.

        I noticed some ppl even accuse her of being bitter etc but I don’t see her being bitter. We should not judge her beyond the facts in the interview.

  5. I think it’s not fair to put the marriage blame to kim min hee as they been live in separate place in 10 years,
    he had cheat multiple times and ask divorce many times,
    I know people would think that I have no soul to sympathize with the adultery but I’ve seen how people try to push broken marriage and the put the blae on other people who came late when their marriage and the affair is 2 different things,
    her husband seems to always choose the divorce even without kim min hee

    the news about caring the late mother also questionable since it’s been said that the mother already passed away.
    I know cheater is bad but if they already on broken marriage then the marriage fall in both of the participant,
    marriage is about making everything work and if one want to stop trying then you don’t need to keep the oath just because you already have oath,

    the more the wife blamed kim min hee, the more I think she just doesn’t want to be a divorce woman than care about her husband or anything,

      • I’ve seen the broken marriage and put the blame to the outsider for the marriage is not how to solve things,

        The broken marriage between my parents happen because they both acted ridiculous, one holding too much in dead leaves and let other people related to them be the mock of the society, the other go with his separate lives with another partner,
        holding onto something that’s been broken in years and hurting people involves because you get hurt is a revenge,
        someone need to know where to stop before making everything a muddy water,

        if I say that the reason my dad cheat is because how my mum is too controlling and the reason their marriage break up is because they never solve their problem, why would I blame other people for their marriage,
        yes the other woman is wrong but to be fair, everyone has their share to blame, including the wife

  6. I rarely post here on things of this nature but I think the wife is holding unto a rotten string here, its more than time to let him go/dispose of rotten string. From reading the previous posts I believe that there is a strong likelihood that he has been a habitual cheater in the years that they have been married who after being found out etc has always returned to the wife with the usual excuses of I love you, please forgive me, I will not do it again and she takes him back every time with the hopeless hope that he will keep so called promise. Since he knows that she will take him back he still does it as its routine for him he really does not love her as she wants maybe he even mentally dislikes/despise her; I hope she gets herself tested for STDs every time he does this.

    This time its different, he really wants to leave the wife, she is refusing thinking he will do the same thing. But because she is refusing he and said mistress has decided to make things very public and to me its very humiliating and embarrassing to see that she is holding on to someone who clearly does not to be associated with her. Its also very hurtful for the children/child as well for their family business to be shown in such a negative manner no matter the age. The wife is looking extremely desperate and pathetic to me, I do not think she loves him as she has claimed its something else (it could even be routine for her as well) – its a rotten string let him go and be someone else’s problem. To me all three parties are in the wrong here – the husband for continuously cheating, disrespecting and humiliating his family on both sides (wife & his) and showing a bad example of being a man to his children; the wife for enabling and allowing herself to be continuously disrespected in such a shameful manner by the husband and showing a poor example of womanhood to her children as they are seeing, hurting & learning from all this; the mistress for allowing herself to be disrespected, losing her dignity over a married man even if she loves him and letting things get this far which shows debilitating manner towards her career etc. all for married man. Even if resolved because of how it is publicly dramatized there will be no winners and the consequences is already becoming huge.

    Wife with the latest behavior that these two have shown the world to you and your children etc. it is clear that he will never go back to you and will continue to live with his mistress in front of world to see. Try to retain a tiny bit of dignity about it, lose the desperation/being pathetic/martyrdom and dispose/divorce yourself from him and his life all you have shown us is absence of pride, lack of self love and lack of self respect nothing else as it is not faith nor love.

    • Chasen8888

      You seem to have so much negative things to say about the wife…

      All she did was to say that she loves the husband and that KMH is the 3rd party. She is telling the truth. Why are you upset at the wife?

      • I am upset at all three parties, because it did not have to be this way and its a very sad situation. I understand honoring wedding vows, love, honor, respect each other etc. till death do us part stuff. However when those wedding vows has become very tainted its a different story. This may seem harsh but I look on it as a form of emotional abuse that has been going on for years to the point that its accepted part of the person. Think about she blames the mistress for coming between them not the husband who is just as culpable or may be more so. Going from the reading the articles so far one gets the fact that this marriage has gone bad for years, there is a strong likelihood that its not his first time for doing this and its not the first time she has taken him back etc. accepting of all sort of excuses until he starts again. How much do you want to bet that she has always blamed the mistress as per his information? Affairs are not a silo experience it takes two consenting adults who must take responsibility, he never took responsibility and in a way manipulated her to that thought process.

        It is clear that the man does not love her or his family with such public actions, nor does the mistress cares whether the wife or family gets hurt either, their objective is to get a divorce so he can move on. Yet she loves him and is willing to take him back and is blaming the other person like he is blameless by not granting a divorce etc. That’s not love that’s an emotional abuse, to be accepting of such treatment of someone who is married to you and never respected the true meaning of marriage in the first place. What will she gain if she takes him back after all this, for her to go through this public humiliation/hell. All I am saying is that yes you can love a person but you ought to love yourself more, you ought to show the world that you are a person who is of worth and respect. He nor the mistress are showing that at all to anyone most especially her, there is no love, there is no vow, there is no respect, there is no honor, there is no loyalty, there is no marriage. Is she happy right now? Should he return (highly unlikely) does it mean that they will be happy? It doesn’t because he was not a happy person in the first place.

        It is her life and I respect that but she should not tell the world that its okay to be treated this way, go through hell because of them and is hoping that he will come back to her – to what end, to show that she is a trooper and loyal and has fortitude to accept such abusive treatment from the other? From what I understand he has left that marriage years ago, he is never coming back. Loving yourself and loving a person also means that sometimes in order to be a person and regain yourself you have to let go of one that is poisonous to you. It is clear that the whole situation is toxic, why stay in one? It can lead to death and more pain. Let them be each other’s poison. Oh by the way I have seen this before so I have an idea as to what I am talking about that’s why I blame all three persons. In the end the wife regained herself by letting go of the toxic relationship, it took a while but she found happiness again. If she sees him on the road, she will say hi but that’s it, she has not forgotten but she has moved on and is creating her own place. That’s all I want for the wife for her not to subject herself to such poor treatment and emotional abuse, no matter how bad the marriage was she does not deserve this. I want her to find her own place and her own happiness without the toxicity surrounding her. If she wants to wait that’s fine but from what I have been reading its best to let them go and move on. Try to regain herself without the man.

    • LOL, same here. I don’t believe this man has been loyal to her this whole time. He basically said the movies he made were a looking glass to himself and his experience. The main characters of his latest movies were mostly a tired, grumpy, respected arthouse film director who didn’t do well commercially, were unhappily married and actively seduced or had affair with single women whether they’re aspiring actress, or admiring staffs, or students, etc. This cheater is no saint.

      KMH is wrong, too. Nothing could justified what she did. But, seriously. From single hottie Jo In Sung, to him? Damn, gurl need a brain scan. I believe love is a matter of choice, not destiny or heart thingy. So yeah.

      I said let the wife do what she wants. She might be sitting in her house with victorious smile and finding solace by successfully ruining KMH’s career, who knows.

      • Passerby

        Very well said
        Let the wife be happy
        She looks like a marriage martyr and perfect role model now so let her sit at home and enjoy her life without the ugly and grumpy old husband.

  7. I don’t understand why the wife wants to hold on to the husband.

    I’m not sure if it’s true but i read elsewhere that they have been living separately for 10 years and that the husband has been trying to get divorced all this time.

    The wife is trying to “punish” them but actually it just harms herself more by hanging on so bitterly.

    Instead, if she agrees to the divorce, she would be able to move on and may lead a much happier life.

    • Why can’t she hang on?
      He married her and used her so it’s up to her to hang onto the marriage.

      If he didn’t love her then he should have divorced her in her 20s/30s instead of leaving her now…..

      He is happy getting a young chick and now she can’t even get money from the divorce coz he spent all the money on KMH.

      • What does she get out of hanging onto the marriage? This is a neutral question; I’m not taking sides.

      • Why can’t she hang on?
        After all she is getting nothing whether she hangs on or not.
        However if she hangs on, then HSS and KMH get more desperate coz they can’t marry.
        If she lets go, then he will kick her out of thd house

        The longer she hangs on, then maybe he might squeeze out better terms for her so that she can get a little bit of allowance….
        Anyway that’s just my guess… divorce lawyers would know better….

      • clearly she wasn’t holding on to anything if they have been separated for 10 years . seems like she wanted to be a wife in name only and dont want to be labeled “single mother, divorcee”

  8. wonder how much he’s getting paid to drag this out while media do what they can to cover up the presidential mess

    • wonder how much they’re getting paid to drag this out while media do what they can to cover up the presidential mess

    • It’s not like people only focus on one news item. And I doubt this is a real buzz outside the entertainment world.

  9. When the passion of their affair wears off…then this immoral cycle will complete itself…you reap what you saw…karma is a sure thing.

  10. chasen8888: very well said. They all wrong & the wife is so lack of self respect. I think her attitude is if I can’t have him then you won’t either. If I were her i would empty him & move on with my life.

  11. Sorry to be shallow. KMH went from Jo In Sung to this ???

    It’s not like they are young adults. They have already gone through so much in life and relationships and both are willing to put their career and families on the line. I’m appalled that his wife still wants him back. Whatever for? I certainly won’t take him back if I were in her shoes.

  12. We dont know how their relationship before KMH came to the picture.
    But I dont think it wise to holding on broken marriage like this, for whatever reason.
    Her husband is cheater, even if he comeback to her, someday he’ll cheat again.
    Even if she want her husband and KMH suffer by dragging the divorce, the real one who suffer the most is her (and her kids).

    • Exactly.

      It baffled me when people supporting her to continue with the marriage just to spite the husband and make him suffer. The one who will suffer the most by doing so.. is her own self. Not the hubby and not the other woman. She won’t be able to move on and look at the brighter things in life when she is holding deep grudge. Of course, we are not her to understand what she feels.. but I know for sure that hating someone and seeking revenge would not bring her peace and certainly not good for her mental health.

  13. @chasen8888- very good analysis of the situation. However, maybe the wife wants to hold onto her tiny bit of dignity of being called “Mrs Hong” in the very conservative S Korean society. He is a world-famous director and she is Mrs. Hong. He might have been cheating multiple times over the past 10 years, but all the other women are labelled “the mistresses”, he can switch from one mistress to the next. The wife is the only “Legal Wife” in S Korea, and she will bring this title to her grave.

    • I really don’t see how she can still keep her dignity for being Mrs. Hong. The whole Korea know that her hubby doesn’t want her and flaunting his love and relationship with the other woman. By not letting go, it somewhat makes her looks even pitiful and to some, even spiteful.

      I think for her.. the best thing to do is letting it go. Move on. That’s the only way she can find peace and happiness. That would be the best revenge for the husband.

      • Thank you. The husband clearly does not want her. If he did not have Kim Min Her, he would still not want her, he would find someone else. Where is her self-respect, her pride?
        She is coming across as a bitter, scorned woman. I am from another country, men leaving their wives happens all the time and vice-versa. You pick yourself up, dust yourself off and continue on. She is not the first woman in Korea whose husband has left her. The pity party is winding down and the guests are leaving. Who knows, someday Director Hong and Kim Min See may have to pay a price but who knows, it is also possible the wife is now paying a price for her past deeds. Who really knows the truth, only the 3 of them.

    • Who wants the take to the grave the title of a wife who is being completely continuously disrespected and humiliated by her husband/mistress. Plus its a country in which the wife must retain her maiden name for several reasons namely the culture, his surname is not attached. The title “Mrs Hong” is not a surname of pride its a surname of complete disrespect it has no good value as a matter of fact the value of said title has ruined with this scandal. Its best to get rid of it and try to find some own self worth showing pride in one’s own self.

    • true, in the Korean culture, women retain their maiden name. But there is still a certain status for a married woman versus a spinster. She is probably waiting to see how long this KMH mistress will last and I am sure she is not the first mistress. If the wife has hung on for 10 years, why not hanging on for longer? This is like gambling, the more you lose, the more you want to put back in to wait & see. It takes a certain character to do this, if the wife can declare her loyalty publicly, she is probably the same character as KMH… HSS is such a lucky man… 🙂

  14. I hope in South Korea there is a law that the husband has to pay the wife her living expenses for the rest of her life once she divorces because he can’t expect her to make a living at this stage in her life.

    • ABC.
      Very wise. Hopefully she gets financial support.
      Sounds like he is dumping her and his daughter without financial assistance.
      He wanna focus all his money on KMH, his future wife. Probably he wanna make more babies with KMH. I guess that’s their future aim.

      • This man clearly wants a clean cut from his first wife so that he is free with his lover. He has no concern how she will maintain her current living standards and his wife is left in the lurch. His lover since she wants him so much at the moment can help him with this burden and earn some money for the first wife’s expenses. She is a famous actress so she can afford to pay for it. I know if she was in the U.K. solicitors will definitely help the first wife and give her a fair deal. They can pay for her solicitor fees also.

      • ABC
        You are right. Very wise observation.
        If she agrees to divorce him, this guy will not pay her a cent.
        So she has to drag the whole thing until he pays her something worthwhile for her living since she has been depending on him.
        KMH is smart. She don’t pay him anything to help him. In fact KMH is expecting HSS to give her allowances for losing all the endorsement deals. Nobody in South Korea or even the world wanna hire a woman who steals someone’s husband and especially after declaring her intentions publicly.

    • Yes. This is my concern as well. How do they settle the properties and finances in divorce? Are there alimonies? Financial support? Maybe the lack of clear financial future is the reason why the wife is holding on to this marriage. Also adultery. What constitute as adultery in South Korea?

  15. Y’all need to stop telling his wife what she should or shouldn’t do in her marriage. It’s HER marriage. She reserves the right to decide what she will do, if she will end it or whatever and what she will put up with or not. None of us were there when they said their wedding vows. And neither were we in the marriage when she was going through her trials. So because of a few newspaper articles we’ve become the authority to tell a married woman how to live her life or end her marriage?! For shame! Really.

    • It takes two people for a marriage. The wife can’t forced the marriage to continue if the husband does not want to continue it. That is why people asked her to let it go. It’s not like, people asking her to end her marriage out of no where.

      • She is not forcing the marriage to continue.
        It’s them forcing her to end the marriage.

      • if they have been separated for 10 years prior to this,
        then yes, she is forcing the marriage to continue even

    • @People,
      I saw my Mom go through something similar. She ruined her life by holding on to her rage at my Dad. They divorced, but my Mom never was able to get beyond her anger. She spread it around too. At the end of her life, she really was a shell of a person.
      I wish I had been able to help her, but I was too young at that time. This happened back in the sixties when there was very little support for divorced women.

      • Stillwater….
        HSS’s wife is not blaming her husband.
        She did not say she is angry at him.
        Whether she truly wants him back or not, we dunno. She has the right to say that she hopes he will return to her.

    • People really!
      Oh you are so right.
      None of us has the right.
      Only she has the right.
      It’s up to her to decide and it’s up to her to tell the media whatever she wants.
      I don’t understand why people want her to end the marriage if she doesn’t wanna end it.

      • yeah Exactly!! do people think the wife will listen to any of these comments really? She has already made up her mind for goodness sake. Good for her, She has a backbone!!

      • What if the wife did want a divorce because her husband is cheating, but he wouldn’t want it (because he likes to have affairs)?

    • @People
      I wouldn’t say that the people commented on here are literally telling how the wife should do. I think they just saying their opinions or what they would do if they were in her place. I agreed when you said we don’t have the right to tell what the wife should do or shouldn’t do but in general I think we do have the right to give our opinions because after all, the one making the decision will still be the wife not us regardless of what we said.

  16. @Rei- Yes, she does have that right to hope. IMO, I see no good for the wife holding on to something long after it’s gone. She’s waiting for something that probably won’t happen in this life.

    • Stillwater
      I sure hope she is stable and objective.
      I wouldn’t wanna see her depressed over losing her husband
      Stay strong Mrs Hong!!!

  17. If the wife still hope that one day her husband will return to her then let it be. It’s her choice. Whatever we say will not change her mind. I just hope that she is happy with whatever path she choose and will not regret her choice.

  18. An affair in whatever colour is an emotional rollercoaster of hell and the wife can decide whatever the hell she wants to do for all intents and purposes she is being left out to hang, even if the marriage was finished according to some he is the SOB who went off and left her to dry and hang by public shaming and clearly KMH is complicit.

    • Thegonggirl
      Agreed. Makes no difference whether she drags it for a few months or years. The husband already left her.
      The husband and KMH are so evil. The way they blatantly hold hands in the public to scorn the wife is really terrible.

      Even if the wife consented they are still gonna shout to the world that:
      have an affair and make it public
      leave wife and kid without money is exemplary
      Stop paying tuition fees to force wife to divorce
      Dump old wife and get new slutty wife
      Parade new girl on tv so that the wife can see how loving adulterous couple can be

      What would the wife lose or gain by hanging on to the marriage?
      Nothing. So it’s better for her to stay on in the marriage so that the two jokers can irk more ppl and then they can kiss their careers good bye

  19. the wife need to hold out till KMH trun 40s. the old SOB is too weak to give KMH a kid. so by then KMH would have waste her chance of having family of her own.

    • He is desperate to give her babies now…. now
      That’s why he is forcing the wife to leave him
      He is a heartless guy who doesn’t even wanna pay his daughter’s tuition fees just to force the family to let him go.

  20. Tongue in cheek remark: Just remember girls, men always age gracefully and become more distinguished looking with time, while women just get older looking. Her husband needs to be called out for this negative, in her face behavior. I don’t care what any man says, we women have always had to wear more than one hat in the marriage relationship. Think having babies is easy, let them try. Who does the majority of work raising children anyway? How many women have to work outside the home? No wonder we get tired. Maybe his wife didn’t have to work but it sounds like she is pretty sure her straying hubby will return. Wonder why she is so sure, has he done something like this before? As for his new love, she could have waited for the divorce, out of respect for his children, if she didn’t care about his wife. I hate messy things like this, especially where children are concerned.

  21. Kim Min Hee is a dangerous psychotic parasite…like flesh eating disease. Too bad so many men are attracted to this kind of woman.

  22. everyone know why she want the old man. she know he not last long so once he gone she get his money. the wife need him to give her all his money if not she should never let him go let KMH have the name mistress all her life.

    • Fony
      Yes yes. Let the wife drag on a while.
      Eventually the court will grant the divorce but not as soon as what they want…. hopefully the court can drag on for 3-5 years…

      So we can see how long KMH will wait for him.
      If she left him, her career would be revived.

      As for him, he would be stuck with his art house production that is not commercially lucrative. And no good actress will act for him coz he is a lecherous old man. Maybe he wanted to be like that Hollywood guy who married his adopted daughter….

      And if KMH gets a hotter and rich guy, later the guy might leave her coz everyone will remind him of how KMH stole someone else’s husband.

  23. I NEVER WILL for the life of me understand women trashing the other woman but finding all kinds of excuses for their cheating spouses. I just will NEVER get this lack of logic. I have never seen a guy bashing his extranged wife’s new lover, claim everything was fine until “the other guy” showed and that new lover has made his life hell. This bullshit, I have come to the realization that it will never go away. It is one thing to want your husband back and forgive his infidelity, it is another to throw the woman – who yes was wrong but is NOT the one who MARRIED YOU, hello ?? – under the bus. This is the number one reason most guy don’t think cheating is THAT big of a deal. They know they can get away with it with a few tears and a dinner at a three star restaurant.

  24. No one here, wants anyone to make a decision for them and would be upset if they did. On that note, the husband has committed adultery by sleeping with that woman. The wife has the right to do whatever she wants to do whenever she feels like it. How the wife feels, thinks, and acts is no one’s business but her own. I bet she could care less what other people think of her and what she decides to do with HER life.

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