Taiwan Defense Department Funding Idol Drama Remake of Descendants of the Sun

It’s a step too late on the trendy wagon for Taiwan to remake hit K-drama Descendants of the Sun, what with Goblin coming along as successor to the buzz. But this remake aims to actually combine entertainment with military recruitment which hits both stones that DotS promoted. The Taiwan Defense Department is funding the Taiwan drama remake of DotS, and has just cast as the male lead the incredibly good looking and talented Meng Ting, a ballet dancer by training turned face of the Taiwanese army and now actor. I think Meng Ting won’t be compared to Song Joong Ki as his whole aura is different and there’s been a substantial gap to the airing of the original.


Taiwan Defense Department Funding Idol Drama Remake of Descendants of the Sun — 13 Comments

  1. this is a dismissal to dots critics that says it is juvenile and hollow.dots instill patrotism in viewers hearts.a sense of duty towards ones country,always to look at the bigger picture and not only on oneself.its highlights and appreciate those that lay down their lives for us and it was original in this regard.i think dots is an important drama and taiwan government concur with me and they are showing it by making one for taiwanese citizens.

  2. Cheesy as it was, I was pretty addicted to the romance aspect for the first half of DOTS. It kind of fell apart mid-way and the Argus story was always weak. I actually thought it could end at 12 episodes. I guess what I’m getting at is there is room for improvement in the T-Drama, but I find that they are generally (modern ones anyway) even cheesier and way too long so interested to see how it works out.

  3. Quite honestly, I dropped DotS at ep 8 and I have no intentions of picking it up again. I didn’t drop it because of the acting or the romance -the acting was great in fact (especially Song Hye Kyo and Song Joong Ki). The plot just didn’t engage me in, and at times it became exhausting, even ridiculous. There’s no denying, however, that KES just knows how to hit the right notes that make people watch her dramas. This time it was romance combined with patriotism and life saving aspects. The directing was great too, so pre-production really did pay off in this case. Not too sure about this Taiwan Defense Department funded Taiwanese DotS. Extremely few remakes are actually good. They’re probably relying on the ongoing DotS hype or craze or whatever…

  4. This kinda worries me because it’s dangerously close to propaganda. Quite frankly, it is propaganda. I respect a country’s right to run their country as they see fit (short of major human rights violations). But I think you have to be careful when you start allowing the government to control content to this degree. Admittedly, as an American and until recently, it was hard for me to imagine something like this happening here. But as I see trump’s use of Fox News, I think we’re not too far behind either.

    • Yeah you worry too much. Taiwan has been democratized for decades, the only democratic entity in the developing world without going through bloodshed. Nobody in Taiwan now gives a dang shit to so-called propaganda. LOL…Get some reality check!

      • No one said it wasn’t a democracy. The example she used was the US for crying out loud. How about you address the substance of the comment which I think is a valid discussion

  5. I live in Taiwan. My Taiwanese husband says, that the young Taiwanese nowadays dont want to do military training. It used to be compulsory for two years but now no more. So this drama appeals to the youngs, girl and boy, and it is a a good draw or advertisement for the hot blood young man for some Alpha feelings.

  6. I enjoyed some Taiwanese dramas that are rich in their local culture, such as Back to 1989, and also some Japanese manga remakes. But I don’t think this Dots remake will work in terms of rating. Actually Back to 1989 beat DotS in ratings when both dramas were aired on Taiwanese local TV channels at the same time. What appeals to Koreans doesn’t necessarily have the same selling points to Taiwanese viewers. And speaking of Back to 1989, it’s the first T drama I was able to enjoy since Aaron Yan’s Just You. The chemistry between the OTP is so adorable and charming. Also the male lead Marcus Chang is amazing. Now I started to watch other T dramas such as Behind Your Smile (again Marcus Chang is charismatic in this new drama) and The Perfect Match. T dramas are so different from K dramas but it’s refreshing to stay away from repetitive K drama cliches for a while.

    • I’ve watched and been watching some of TW dramas you mentioned. I do love Behind Your Smile. Ah, Marcus is my current fave TW actor, i like Aaron Yan and Lego Lee as well, but for some reasons, Marcus wins over them in my heart, lol.

      I enjoy watching The Perfect Match. Btw, have you watched Refresh Man? Starring by Aaron Yan. I found that drama pretty nice even in some episodes it got draggy but still watchable.

      I pretty much didnt enjoy any of Lego Lee’s dramas except In A Good Way.

      • Oh yeah. I easily got an overnight crush on a new found acting talent. So Marcus stole my heart in Behind Your Smile. LOL.. I found him along with Chris Wu (the male lead of the Perfect Match) pretty good at using their eyes to speak the mind of their character in very natural ways. I like Aaron in Just You. But found him a bit excessive in other dramas. Besides, I don’t really like the lead actress of Refresh Man. Just my personal taste. Same as you, now my favorite T actor goes to Marcus Chang. I can’t get enough of him. His smile is life. LMAO.

  7. Reminds me of Rookies’ Diaries, I loved that show, it had so much heart. Excited to see what they’re gonna come up with but I hope it’s not actually a blow-by-blow adaptation of DOTS. From the sounds of it, it does seem like it’ll fall closer to the Rookies’ Diaries, what with all the things about recruitment and all.

  8. u will be surprise, tw use to and still make the best army flicks. Their style is leans honestly towards the documentary drama genre as oppose to what you see now which is idol dramas.

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