First Visually Arresting and Sad DramaTeaser with Park Min Young as Seven Days Queen

I’m getting depressing vibes from the first teaser for upcoming KBS sageuk Seven Days Queen (or Queen for Seven Days), but then again just the premise of a woman being queen for 7 days before removal from her position seems dire without a possible happy ending in sight. The titular queen refers to Joseon era Queen Dangyeon, married to King Jungjong but removed from her role after being in the position for 7 days due to her father leading an unsuccessful coup against her husband. Oopsie.

The drama telling has Queen Dangyeon played by Park Min Young forced into the married with King Jungjong played by Lee Dong Gun while she’s really been in love all this time with the King’s younger brother the Prince played by Yeon Woo Jin. A royal love triangle as messed up as they come perfect for K-drama telling, and in this first teaser I get all the pent up sad longing and Lee Dong Gun’s angry kingly glower ends shivers up my spine.

First teaser for Seven Days Queen:


First Visually Arresting and Sad DramaTeaser with Park Min Young as Seven Days Queen — 14 Comments

  1. Pmy is very pretty in hanbok!!!! Looking 4wrd for her to romance ywj….i put fully trust to pd lee jung sub… he must truly like pmy after three times collaboration

  2. I like how PMY constantly challenges herself by playing slightly “different”roles. She’s getting too old for her usual cheerful and plucky candy roles, so I’m glad to see her stretching herself again with what seems to be a melonrole.

    • Yes I think ms. Koala are mistaken. She is married to King Jungjong. Yeon Woojin is King Jungjong. While Lee Donggun will played the bloodthirsty King, Yeonsang-gun.

  3. Looks soooooooooo good! And I cannot be happy enough to have Yeon Woo Jin back in sageuk where he shines the brightest! Can’t wait!

  4. park min young is always a delight in sageuk drama, excellent teaser and i am a sucker for melo so waiting impatiently for it.

  5. Aku fikir film ini sanggaatt, sangat luar biasa dibanding dengan drama pesaing nya film ini terasa lebih nyata.. aku sangat,sangat suka dengan filmnya.. aku tak perduli dengan rating karena film ini sangat nyata bagi ku 2 hari abi menangis setiap kali memutar ulang episode terakhirnya??????

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