Gong Yoo Shares at Hong Kong Fan Meeting Plan for Next Acting Project to be Movie

The happy and jam packed Hong Kong fan meeting for Hallyu actor Gong Yoo went off without a hitch this weekend, unless you count his singularly unattractive salmon colored casual suit and sockless white tennis shoes combination. The even better news is that Gong Yoo revealed in Hong Kong that he’s coming back with his next acting project soon, and it will be a movie. He was tired by the grueling drama schedule and I don’t blame him, what with Goblin having substantial special effects and his character was in the majority of screen time. He also praised the Hong Kong cops and triad movie classic Infernal Affairs and would love to a character as multilayered as Tony Leung’s. His good friend Gong Hyo Jin provided a splash of bright yellow sunshine at the fan meeting and judging by all the laughter it was a fun night for all.


Gong Yoo Shares at Hong Kong Fan Meeting Plan for Next Acting Project to be Movie — 10 Comments

  1. i remember watching their drama together back in the day. 🙂 i was weirded out when i found out goong yoo was older than her but she played his hs teacher 🙂 i should watch that drama again. i loved that dramas 🙂

  2. Korean stars always look super attractive in movies or dramas but rather underwhelmed outside of it. Having said that, I am not saying Gong Yoo is not handsome but somewhat the stylist always made him looked awful – what’s with the oversized pant, no belt and the crinkle suit in washed-out color. So, I am wondering why none of these stars ever care to engage the drama stylist who made them looked like superstar in drama in the first place?

    • yes, the oversized pants is such an eyesore. I can even put up with the colour but a big no with regards to the oversized pants lol.

  3. Yes, I noticed the wrinkles right away. Why THAT color? He looks good in shades of blue. He still looks good but has that rolled out of bed look in those photos. Can’t wait for his next project. Watched his last 2 movies, Train to Busan and Age of Shadows before and after Goblin TV drama. Hopefully by next year he’ll do another drama.

  4. I have no problem with the color or wrinkled ensemble of his suit, pants n sickness footwear. He looked fabulously debournair n casual. Very sexy!

    • lol. I’m one of those ppl who hate wearing socks so I dont mind seeing K-actors with no socks on. I do wear socks though but they’re the insole socks kind. Very comfortable and convenient. I can slip on to my shoe in an instant. I do wonder if they’re wearing those kinds too.

  5. I’m so jealous! I wish he could have a fan meet outside of Asia… preferably somewhere within a few hours of me *sobs*

    I’m not surprised his next role will be on a movie, the guy is a bona-fide movie star at this point, why would he want to deal with Kdramas again? I don’t see him doing a Kdrama for awhile unless it’s a script that really catches his eye. I’m so happy for all his recent success!

  6. So hopefully he does a drama next year then? With all of his popularity I wouldn’t be surprised if he takes a lot of time off and moves somewhere to practice English full-time. He could probably get a Hollywood offer if he hasn’t already.

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