Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, and Hwang Jung Min Bring Star Power to Movie Press Conference for Battleship Island

Other than wanting to send two out of the three male leads home to change, everything looked peachy and swell at the movie press conference for upcoming period war time film Battleship Island. Based on the real life events of Koreans conscripted, enslaved, and imprisoned on Hashima Island in Japan in order to work in the coal mines, the movie turns it into a roaring tale of courage and national pride as the Koreans band together to fight back and escape their horrifying situation. The movie stacks the leading men deck with three big name male stars veteran Hwang Jung Min along with So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki. The ladies are Lee Jung Hyun and adorable little Kim Soo An, with everyone looking equally gritty and determined in the movie stills and previews, and cleaned up nicely at the press conference. I wish So Ji Sub and Song Joong Ki’s pants were longer and in general they didn’t look so unnecessarily frumpy but seeing them together makes up for it.


Song Joong Ki, So Ji Sub, and Hwang Jung Min Bring Star Power to Movie Press Conference for Battleship Island — 21 Comments

  1. Why oh why does anyone wear those short trousers in a formal suit? They look awful-especially on fine long legged men like SJS (and SJK). Also what’s with that half buttoned up jacket SJS is wearing?He looks constipated!*cries*
    I prefer my oppa unbuttoned please 🙂

    • What? That comment is bullshit. It goes along with the constipation remark. I love ❤️ the way he looked and he looked very comfortable!

  2. I wonder if Song Joong Ki will look like in his early 20s in 10 years as well. Other than that those pants need to be longer.

    On the other hand nice to see him back. Even though I’m still unhappy he chose two military themed projects after his military service.

  3. Seems impossible to find a good tailor in Korea. The same pants problem appear in almost every press conference and movie premiere. Both SJS and SJK look hideous. With all that money earned, none could afford a decent stylist.

    • It is possible the style. I bought top designer clothes for my daughter, D&g, armani, j crew and they are called ankle pants. I think they look wonderful! Different countries, different styles. Money has nothing to do with the life style a person enjoys. I find jeans ? on men sexy

  4. High water pants for the win.

    It’s exciting to actually see this movie after all the buildup. I heard they were turning the set they built for it into a type of amusement park/universal studios type thing? Or they were at least thinking about it.

  5. Have you guys seen what SJS usually wears when left to his own devices? I literally said “whew” when I saw the outfit. Maybe he thought about the topic of the movie? Also, he’s wearing socks. Another thumbs up. I have low expectations.

    • These clothes are really ‘plane’ from SJS’s standard. He is the boss of the gang of Korean fashion terrorists.

      • Yeah I love SJS to bits and think him the best looking man in Korea, however his fashion choices are atrocious. So I too gave a “wheeew” when I saw the pics. He look just fine 🙂

        SJK is adorable, his face is so cute.

  6. I wasn’t gonna say anything about Korean celebrities’ dress code (if there’s any LOL) for press conference or premiere bcuz my favorite fave was in the pic. Then I scrolled down and read Koala’s comment about their pants. LMAO….Even individuals have personal taste about the aesthetic, I think there’re still standards that are universal. Ho ha ho ha ho hahahahaha???? ????

  7. Why not let So Ji Sub, be So Ji Sub. Let him dress the way he wants to dress and the way he feels most comfortable! There is nothing at all wrong with the way he dresses. I bet no one could tell u people how to dress. If your mean spirit were your brains, you people would all be rocket scientist. Up up and away and take your mean mouths with you. At least he would not have to listen to your mouths. He is great, does well, is independent, and is trying to be himself!

  8. Always be yourself handsome and do not ever let anyone make you feel bad about yourself. I have children his age. It makes a mom feel bad, especially, when you have a good child!

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