Song Hye Kyo Posts First Glowing SNS Picture Update Since Wedding Announcement

Lovey dovey couples are often on the same wavelength, or maybe they just start to resemble each other more and more. Hot on the heels of Song Joong Ki‘s first public appearance since the wedding announcement, Song Hye Kyo shared her first SNS update with a mirror selfie in the most flattering casual way. She just looks flawless in a white tee jean shorts and rather dowdy straw hat. Love certainly does both of them good, adding such a sheen of content luster, makes all the single dogs moan in despair and hope for one’s own happy partner in life. K-ent has moved past the upcoming October wedding and is already speculating about how cute their kids will be, with a computer merged baby picture that shows two equally cute potential feature mixes of the Song-Song progeny.


Song Hye Kyo Posts First Glowing SNS Picture Update Since Wedding Announcement — 23 Comments

  1. Ah, so beautiful… Congratulations to her, and I wish her a happy marriage. They say she is considering a movie after the wedding. I hope it’s true. I can’t wait.

    • I know ,upon hearing her wedding announcement , I’m even more happier than the time I’m married Lolz
      She deserves it

  2. soo simple a dress yet she looks beautiful and elegant in it.she looks happy and contented.happy for her and song joon ki and wish them a blessed life together.

    here also wishing beautiful ladies like son ye jin,han ji min,gong jin,yoon eun hyun,ha ji won etc.have their soul mates too.

  3. Yawns…it’s getting boring..are we going to read every little thing about them for the next 3 months? Honestly for non-fans news about them is getting annoying..

  4. sorry meant *yoon eun hye.

    yeah she is considering a movie with go hyun jung about korean comfort women during japanese occupation era.i hope both accept the film. it will be a huge challenge for her.fingers crossed.

  5. She looks radiant!Amazing how they do seem to look alike now when before I couldnt even imagine it. Happy for SHK that she finally have someone who stands by her side..The criticism and death threats she received due to the popularity of the drama of her ex before still hurts me..I’m happy that she finally saw someone who doesnt care about his current career and wants to be married to her…Give me one SJK

    • Um, what? He cares about his career or he wouldn’t have worked hard to keep this development in his personal life from affecting Battleship Island in any way negatively. He’s walking a tight rope, and it’s obvious he cares deeply about both, trying to find the right balance. Don’t turn this into ‘he’s given it up all for love.’ What he’s trying to do is much more difficult than that.

      • I think what Jieun mean the fact that SJK will married at early 30s where he’s now at his peak career. It’s usual for K-entertainer to have late marriage above 35 bcos it’s common understanding that they’ll have less jobs fans ect when they got married. Yes, SJK still concern with his career and he’s a hardworking person indeed just like CL stated, but as far we know, it’s hard for an actor or Idol maintaining Knetz fans when he got married. I hope SJK will be the exception for that phase!

  6. wow she is so glowing. I watched some their video which upload 1 years ago once I knew they will getting married. But really, I’ve never seen Song Hye Kyo look so flustered all the time everytime they appear in an event together. I actually so blush watching her expression. Are they dating back then? That should be a hint!

  7. Congrats to both ! Truly wish for both to have fulfilling love forever. Also be happy and accepting each other in all ways.
    Embrace each other’s weaknesses and supporting each other’s strengths
    Be faithful and foreover loving to each other
    I truly wish to see a forever loving and understanding couple!

  8. What a year 2017 for top K-celebrities – we had Kim Tae Hee and Rain marriage and now Song Hye Kyo and Song Joon Ki.

    Who are next??

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