Reply Series PD Preps Next Drama Wise Prison Life with Jung Kyung Ho, Park Hae Soo, and Krystal

PD Shin Won Ho of the tvN Reply series has hit three grand slams in a row so there is very few besides him, and screenwriter Kim Eun Sook in the writing side, who deserves the benefit of the doubt when it comes to casting and drama story concept. His next drama filming later this year is not Reply 4 (or Reply 1984 or something like that) but is instead a topic that doesn’t seem all that enticing to watch as a K-drama. It’s called Wise Prison Life and centers around the life of male prisoners and guards, so maybe the K-drama male version of Orange is the New Black. The drama will be headlined by male leads Jung Kyung Ho and Park Hae Soo, announced last week, and this weekend comes news that idol-actress Krystal has been picked as the female lead. The production is cautious to note that this is a male driven drama so there aren’t many female characters but Krystal will be playing an important female supporting role.

I’m not sure why Krystal’s casting in a PD Shin Won Ho drama comes as a surprise to anyone considering he’s cast three leading ladies in the Reply series who were either untried or had bad acting reputations. From early days Jung Eun Ji to Go Ara and finally Hyeri, Krystal’s almost following the exact same pattern and will hopefully also improve under PD Shin the same way.


Reply Series PD Preps Next Drama Wise Prison Life with Jung Kyung Ho, Park Hae Soo, and Krystal — 11 Comments

  1. LOL. Kim Eun Sook again. See, nowadays I could not read any posting on this blog without reading the name “Kim Eun Sook”. It’s getting boring that this overrated writer is being worshiped like God but hell, this is her blog.

    • You can’t deny that this overrated shit writer’s dramas are popular and successful as hell so the common nominator would be ’’consecutive hits under their names’’. I agree, however, that it’s too much to compare Reply series PD to this shitty writer. Shin Won Ho is actually good at producing quality content while KES has interesting ideas but her delivery is really poor and it looks like she has stopped trying because she knows she can get the hottest actors on board and they’ll do the actual job.

  2. Krystal? Lol. Well, this PD has turned idol actors into something good in Reply series so maybe he knows what he is doing.

  3. Sometimes I wonder, if a PD has to choose between idol actor and real actor, who will he/she choose..
    I dont hate idol actor/model actor etc. But when someone get roles just because they are idols/model with pretty face … ugh

  4. I’d rather him pick an untried idol/model actress than Krystal. Anyways, this story does not interest me so I have nothing to lose. Just wondering why and how Krystal can land projects after projects with her b____y face and really s____y acting… lol…

  5. I heard that Winner boyband leader, seung yoon got casted in this drama too, but still not confirmed by YG ent.

    But this PD has good eyes in idols turn actors. From the 3 female lead in reply series, i have to admit that Eunji from A-Pink is the best one. At least her acting got better in her latest dramas. While the rest… Sigh.

    Krystal was good in the heirs.. She reminds me of NJH. But NJH gets better in Water God but not that charismatic, especially to be a ‘God’. Not gonna compare him to the Goblin or Reaper lols…

    Btw anyone thinks that Krystal kinda tried hard in Water God drama? I prefer SSK.

    • Krystal has only been in a little of Water God thus far so we haven’t really had much of a chance to see her be anything other than the witchy second female lead. SSK gets a lot of grief, but she has been totally solid imo in Water God.

  6. I don’t know how kdramas work but maybe, just maybe money for the production is coming from these ‘popular idols’ and if they need practice to become a proper actor/actress why not give them the role? Of course, they are super lucky with their pretty faces but who said life was fair???

  7. I got really excited when I read the PD and Jung Kyung Ho then lost all that excitement when I read Krystal. However, this PD has done a good job, so I’ll trust in him and Jung Kyung Ho to deliver.

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