Lee Bo Young to Host 2017 SBS Drama Awards with Shin Dong Yup and Likely to Hand Daesang to Hubby Ji Sung

It’s likely going to be from wifey to husband in award handing come year end at SBS studios. Lee Bo Young is confirmed to host the network’s 2017 Drama Awards along with veteran MC Shin Dong Yup, a year where MBC may not even hold its year end drama awards and drama ratings were even lower than usual across the board for the big three stations. The prime time dramas at SBS this year had just one ratings bright spot with Mon-Tues drama Defendant hence the Daesang is clearly going to Ji Sung, not that he doesn’t deserve it and will be the second drama Daesang after winning in 2015 at MBC for Kill Me, Heal Me. The only possibility is for the Daesang to go to Lee Young Ae for Saimdang: Light’s Diary since it was her first comeback drama in over a decade but the ratings and reception for that drama was meh so if she wins it will be an acknowledgment rather than an accolade.


Lee Bo Young to Host 2017 SBS Drama Awards with Shin Dong Yup and Likely to Hand Daesang to Hubby Ji Sung — 3 Comments

  1. Like all countries free to air outside if reality tv is really a thing of the past…when is s.korea going to get with the times.These award shows are irrelevant and simply for resume only.

  2. Year end awards have been pretty irrelevant for a long time. They lack prestige, even daesangs don’t have the same value. Year end award shows need to revamp their image and cut down their categories. Daesang, Best Actor and Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Actress, Best Drama, Best Directing, Best Script, Best Original Soundtrack and Best Production, where costume, makeup, lighting, special effects could be categorized. Best Newcomer Award could be added too.
    Weekday and weekend dramas may have their separate awards but no mid-legth or mini dramas should be awarded separately. Best drama is best drama regardless of it’s length. And ffs stop awarding everyone and their mothers, and keep it short. Hallyu and popularity awards are pointless and should not be given at ward ceremonies anymore. It’s clearly a money making ploy that robs the money from fans and all the idols and popular actors get these awards anyway and dumb fans get happy and think that their idols actually want these meaningless popularity awards lol.

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