Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min Confirmed for Pre-produced Drama Gyeryong Goddess

Casting is confirmed for upcoming fantasy romance drama Gyeryong Goddess (Legend of the Chicken Dragon Fairy). The drama currently doesn’t have a network yet but is heading into 100% pre-production with leads Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min. She plays a heavenly goddess who loses her fairy wings when bathing on earth one day, falling in love and then marrying a woodcutter. Her woodcutter husband falls off a cliff to his death so she remains on earth to seek his reincarnation 600 some years later in the modern world. She’s running the Goddess Tea Shop looking like an old woman but those who can see through her magic can see the gorgeous goddess that she is. Her husband is now reincarnated as an OCD biology professor and their romance blossoms again. The drama is from the PD of Can We Love and produced by the company behind Women of Dignity.


Kang Sora and Yoon Hyun Min Confirmed for Pre-produced Drama Gyeryong Goddess — 17 Comments

  1. Yayyyyy rom com with KSR & YHM can’t go wrong with these 2! Had me at old woman & OCD Biology Professor. I’m not ashamed to admit my life cycle is Work, Family & Asian dramas 7 days a week. Thanks Koala for the update ❤️

  2. Yoon Hyun-min’s character is not the reincarnation of her husband according to the articles. He becomes entangled in the Fairy’s search for her husband.

  3. I like them both so I’m looking forward to this. I hope they are roles that are more dramatic than comedic, that’s where they both shine as actors.

  4. I like this current project for Kang Sora, it really fits to her as a Goddess of beauty!… Looking forward to see this drama. Thanks Koala for the update. Cheers!.

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