Go Ara, L and Sung Dong Il Start Filming jTBC Courtroom Drama Miss Hammurabi

The idea of young judges is not an impossibility in the South Korean legal system since a graduate of law can take the exam to become a judge straight out of school. With that said, it’s still going to make me snicker a bit when I see Go Ara and L both playing judges in the upcoming jTBC drama Miss Hammurabi adapted from a 2015 novel of the same name. For those who loved Go Ara in Answer Me 1994 she’s reuniting with her drama daddy Sung Dong Il here who will be playing a veteran judge. Both young leads do look compatible together and quite serious at the table read of the script, and with PD Kwak Jung Hwan of The K2, Fugitive: Plan B, and Chuno behind the camera the visuals will certainly be interesting especially in the typically staid environment of judicial setting dramas.


Go Ara, L and Sung Dong Il Start Filming jTBC Courtroom Drama Miss Hammurabi — 18 Comments

  1. Yes the leads visuals are great! As long as Go Ara doesn’t shed a tear then I’m all good with this drama. I’ve seen enough of her crying in Hwarang and Black I just can’t watch her bawling her eyes out again. Okay I’ll be honest I’m not watching it because I’ll be too involved with Lawless Lawyer on tvN. And geez what age do they attend law school to qualify as a lawyer? 10 years old? Umm I better go do some work.

    • I’m going to check it out because L is my weakness but if Go Ara even looks like she’s tearing up I’M DONE too. I am so tired of her crying in dramas, I just can’t stand it.

    • I’m so sorry to write this but I can’t help myself. I’ve always thought the title was Miss Harambe as in the gorilla not Miss Hammurabi. Okay I’m going to shut myself up and self impose a ban on commenting on Koala’s post for a day. See you all tomorrow❤️

    • Nah Go Ara’s visuals are the type where they look gorgeous in stills but once she is onscreen…no aura.She has gorgeous eyes but when she does that 0.0 expression..it looks awkward.

      As for L..am afraid the few times I saw him(“My lovely girl, “Master’s Sun”, “Time I never loved you”) I signed him off as an actor.I heard he did ok in Ruler.But I still feel he has a long way to go for him to be in leading idol actor like Park Hyun Sik(am not a fan but he is the one I can think off) for example.

      As for ratings, this will follow “Welcome to Waikiki”.That drama is funny and has good actors but it is averaging at 1%.I dont see a combo of Go Ara + L pulling in the ratings.They are lucky not to be in the same time slot as “Greasy Melo” and “Miracle We Met”.They would be buried completely.

      • L did ok in Ruler, but I was not tuning in to watch him there… YSH, KSH, and even YSH all out performed him… Not sure why he was picked as the male lead? Probably another low-budget, hoping fans will watch type of production. The cast looks horrible except for the veteran actor SDI.

  2. I won’t be watching this one for sure… enough legal dramas already… and the cast is weak! Go Ara is 28 years old, not young.

    • Lol. Legal theme is a fixture in K-dramas. Same like medical theme. I agree that there are too many legal dramas out there, so now is a matter of who’s the casts to get me sold. For now, I am anticipating Suits and Lawless Lawyer. This one is a pass to me. Go Ara and L are both horrible. At least they save other good actors from having to compliment their cringy actings by starring opposite each other. It’s like a kettle and a pot going on a date together.

      • exactly my thoughts! Also I see Lee Elijah in the supporting cast, she is horrible too… yikes… definitely a pass 🙂

    • LOL. Somebody must have angered the drama gods 🙂 But think of it this way, at least the suzy-nam joo hyuk drama is not happening so we are apred from that torture!

    • LOL. Somebody must have angered the drama gods 🙂 But think of it this way, at least the suzy-nam joo hyuk drama is not happening so we are spared from that torture!

      • LMAO good point! I was rebuking that potential casting and sending fervent prayers up to whoever was listening for it not to happen. Such mercy!

  3. I like Go Ah Rah when she’s not opening her eyes as big as she can for ever reaction. I wish she would stop trying to be cute, she’d have some Kin Sun-ah sassiness in her if she allowed herself to.

    • You have got to give loads of respect to Sung Dong Il.He really is passionate about acting.I think he will be hard carrying this drama big time.

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