jTBC Legal Drama Miss Hammurabi Radiates Warmth with the Cast and Narrative

Whatever casting gripes I had with upcoming jTBC judicial drama Miss Hammurabi has been tempered by how much I love the promo materials. The official drama poster for the full cast above is full of camaraderie and warmth, like a hearty homemade meal as this band of disparate judges and clerks walk side by side down the street. I love the motion as opposed to statically posing everyone, and honestly Go Ara looks beyond radiant and alive in all her promos alongside former drama Answer Me 1994 daddy and now fellow judge Sung Dong Il. Even L is growing on me as a judge, I’ll just think of him as a Doogie Howser type of wunderkind who is a judge at much too young an age. The drama comes from PD Kwak Jung Hwan of Chuno and The K2 fame with the screenplay written by the writer of the novel itself.


jTBC Legal Drama Miss Hammurabi Radiates Warmth with the Cast and Narrative — 7 Comments

  1. Go Ara, L and Lee Elijah??
    I dont know… Have those 3 improved their acting already?
    Go Ara was still mediocre in Black (I love Black but the ending sucks), L and Lee Elijah… hmmm… The last time I checked, people said they both can’t emote..

    • i saw lee elijah in children of a lesser god. still lacking but watchable. she’s better than the 2nd male lead (shim hee seop).

  2. The promos were definitely funny and Go Ara and L managed to showcase their respective character’s personality. There wasn’t much of Lee Elijah but she seemed to play a strong role.

  3. It looks like they are going to play up the fact that he is a young judge in the decisions he makes because his decisions are too by the book. He doesn’t know anything about life, so he his decisions are always harsh.

  4. The best i was hoping for after hearing of this casting was the writer developing the script based on L and Go Ara’s strengths as actors.

    Since it’s the author of the book writing the script, I hope he or she wanted them because they felt they fit the roles based on their previous acting works. I’m glad the tone of the story is more light because IMO, they aren’t that great in dramatic scenes. Hopefully they step up either way. I’m
    looking forward to Sung Dong Is as usual even though he’s pretty typecast at this point.

  5. Judging by the 8 minute trailer, I’m gonna love the bromance between L’s character and Ryu Dukwhan’s character ♡.

    And yes, L’s character is a stickler for justice no matter who it is or their situation. Go Ara’ s character is the opposite. That’s their clashing point. And Sung Dong Il has to deal with them both.

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