Good Doctor Screenwriter’s Next Drama a Police Procedural Called Hot-blooded Priest

The K-drama Good Doctor has stayed in the news cycles for the past year thanks to a successful US show adaptation and again now as Japan prepares to remake it into a J-dorama. The screenwriter really hit it big with the GD script and now has announced his next project a police procedural with a religious element called Hot-blooded Priest. It’s about a priest with impulse control issues who starts working with a neighborhood police precinct chief in solving crime from the murder of an elderly bride to neighborhood organizational graft and sexual harassment within religious institutions. It’s described as a drama that isn’t intense and rather funny and heartwarming, and honestly I’m confused because everything about the setup screams intense to me unless he’s doing a Mystery Queen type quirky. The writer actually has more recent dramas than GD, having also written Blood and Chief Kim, so his style is diverse and he’s definitely craving out his own niche.


Good Doctor Screenwriter’s Next Drama a Police Procedural Called Hot-blooded Priest — 10 Comments

  1. From Good Doctor to Blood and Chief Kim, this writer is unpredictable! I have a very soft spot for Chief Kim though and I hope this next one will be good though the Catholic in me hopes this will be well-written.

    • Nope thats another drama by the PD of Save Me but both have very similar titles and deals with supernatural themes.

  2. Chief Kim was goodddd! It was funny and heartwarming so I’m looking forward to his next work if it runs in similar vein

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