W Korea Pairs Park Shin Hye and Spain for Picturesque Fashion Spread

Normally I’m not a stickler for posing inasmuch as if it looks good to me then it’s a thumbs up. For some reason I totally noticed that Park Shin Hye‘s latest high fashion picture for W Korea has her with the exact same facial expression in every single shot. She looks incredibly beautiful and her outfits are all to-die-for boho gorgeousness but girl needs to change up her one look some more. This pictorial was taken in conjunction with her long stay in Spain last month filming Memories of Alhambra with Hyun Bin and it’s still my number one most anticipated drama for the second half of 2018.


W Korea Pairs Park Shin Hye and Spain for Picturesque Fashion Spread — 21 Comments

  1. She is gorgeous in this photoshoot, my favorite from her. I love her fierceness vibes mixed with her new mature side.
    Koala, unfortunately i have to disagree. I’ve seen many people pick on SH “open mouth” pose and claim she just have one single expression because of it. This pose actually seems quite a trend since i’ve seen all korean actress doing the same and no one said a thing. As long as i can feel the different vibes in the shoots, i take it. Plus this is more up to the editor than her, even in the short video of w magazine you can see her doing different poses and expressions, but in the end this is the pictures the photographer chose, and that’s that. And to be honest i love the picks, they did a good job.

    • Park shin hye is unique in however she appears. This new mature look is really something! I just cant stop admiring and loving this girl.

  2. I agreed with LG. PSH totally rocks it in those photo shoots. The vibrant colors of the fashion n the exotic background r eye catching. Not a fan of PSH but she has definitely progressed from the next door girl look to spArkling star .

  3. Beautiful clothes.But yeah girl needs to do something about her facial expression.She is the same as Shin Se Kyung.Their pictorials almost always have the same expression no matter the setting.

    She is getting even more slimmer too.I hope she is in a good place mentally/ emotionally.

  4. Her facial express look different to me. She’s smiling in some, and looking serious in others, or is looking at the sky with her eyes closed.

    Anyway, I’m really looking forward to Memories of the Alhambra, it’s the only drama casting news that has gotten me excited to watch dramas again.

  5. I really like PSH but for some reason i group her in the same category as Shin Se Kyung. Accept that PSH is a much better actress. They are both missing a memorable break out role and yet they have both been popular for a long time. well I guess You’re beautiful is a memorable role for PSH but that was such a long time ago.

  6. Love her in these spreads. She has that IDGAF & fierce vibe and she rocks the clothes. Girl took some risque poses too. I wonder how she got on that high wall with a dangerous drop behind her.

  7. She looks great in these cloths but i guess it’s not her personal choice but sponsored. She always tends to dress dowdily (if there’s such a word) which is a waste cos she’s a pretty girl with great body proportions.

  8. Her outfits are mostly better than her usual outfits, yay!! With regards to the facial expression, the photographer/editor should have given her more direction – or they probably did, and she wore different expressions in different shots, but the editor still chose these shots. The artist usually have little say on what gets published, out of 100 shots that were taken of her.

  9. She is looking much more mature these days, more beautiful.
    Hope she doesn’t lose more weight and take care while filming.
    Guess she is more balanced now with work and her personal relationship.
    You go girl!

    • I believe Coach sponsor everything(?). She looks faboulous in all her poses . Hot , Sexy , Spanish lady. She is posing for the clothes and accessories , and she is doing it well, not overshadow anything . The best model and promoter.

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