TW-actress Jian Man Shu Dons Two Exquisite Bridal Gowns for Upcoming November 2018 Wedding

I’ve said many times that I love beautiful frocks simply for the elegance and expressiveness of how outfits can take the breath away. That’s my reaction when I saw TW-actress Jian Man Shu‘s selection for her wedding dresses in the recently released stills. She’s been legally married since July 2017 to her hair dresser non-celebrity husband and the two welcomed their first child a daughter earlier this early in February 2018. Nothing wrong with switching up the time lines in this modern day and age and the couple plan to have a wedding ceremony to ceremonially tie the knot this November. The two took pictures to create a photo book from their first meeting to their end of life journey together, with lots of hair, makeup, and outfit changes. Jian Man Shu posed in her two wedding gowns for the ceremony, a plunging tulle frock with ivy vine trim and a two-toned ivory strapless tulle wedding dress with red cascading petals. I love her looks so so much, and also want to wish this talented actress and her hubby a happy lifetime together!


TW-actress Jian Man Shu Dons Two Exquisite Bridal Gowns for Upcoming November 2018 Wedding — 20 Comments

  1. Bridal gown where you can see all boobs just nipples are left to be exposed? How do people wear those types of dresses in front of their parents, in-laws relatives and friends? I will never understand these western modern wedding dresses and bachelors parties which involves using sex worker services and booze. What’s the point of marriage then? Where is the ’’sanctity of marriage’’ then? Gross. As regular red carpet gowns they’re okay I guess.

  2. wow, this bride has messy hair and her husband is a hair-dresser? I don’t like her dresses, look trashy… I prefer the British Royals’ wedding gowns with Princess Eugenie being the most recent one. I think wedding gowns should look respectful, elegant and princess-like 🙂

    • Well maybe you can keep your comment to yourself. Like you can even afford any of those dresses. Stop being so negative about her picture, it’s not like her husband did her hair. Gosh sound like a trump supporter to me

    • This playground is open to all comments. What is your problem here? Like reading a fashion magazine, I don’t like her hair and I don’t like her dress. I don’t know her so there is nothing personal. Gosh! I am not American and I don’t care about Trump. Stop being so negative about me. I don’t need your attention. And I will keep on commenting whenever I want.

  3. While the dress aren’t to my taste, I support all women to choose to wear whatever it is that they wish to without judgement. A woman should not be judge based on what she wears for a day. What a woman wears is not a reflection of her morals or values, it can simply be fashion. Some women dress for themselves and not for others. It is a form of expression. Also, society has dictate far too long what a woman can wear and what she can’t. I can see her wearing this deep V as an empowerment act – she is comfortable in her own skin and is dressing for a photo shoot with her husband.

    • Lol. Let the man wear Borat style G-strings on his wedding day because ”break the gender norm” and men can wear whatever the f they wanna wear too. Why not take it a notch farther and do the #freethenipple on altar in front of family, friends and priest (or the magister). Women need to feel empowered at all times of day and can wear whatever they want to wear at any place they want so they have the right to show their bosom even on their wedding day for the whole place to see!! This kind of mentality will soon ruin our society. The obsession with material possession, degradation, self-centeredness, instant gratification… hedonism in the name of free choice and comfort. Truth seems to be a heresy these days. I don’t give a shit if some random woman chooses to show half her tits and ass (or a man want’s to wear g-strings) on their wedding day and I’m not even saying others to follow my personal moral codes. I’m actually a feminist, but I sure as hell will judge tasteless dresses.

      • Based on your comments of trying to present your opinion as THE ‘truth’, and saying that women wearing such dress will ruin society etc materialism etc….your comment above speaks for itself and it is laughable that you are trying to say your are a feminist.

      • Why don’t you go marry with just a lace bra on? By all means, go do that. I have nothing against your choice. You’re free to do whatever you want. I don’t see how me being a feminist contradicts with my opinion that people wearing inappropriate and revealing dresses during formal events in the name of freedom of choice is tasteless.

  4. Some of these comment make it like wedding hold so much value. Like it’s a ripoff scam to drain money, it’s not like your vows matter. So many people break them and just go cheat, y’all make it like wedding is suppose to be a traditional style were the bride has a box for a dress. Only so few had good wedding and marriage.

    Move on you old hags, wedding dress and be stylish too and be as revealing as they want. If you want baggy rags for a dress, then go ahead, no one is stopping you from attracting moths and silver bug

    • @Daebak – you don’t need to change your username. Don’t you think we know who you are? You sure sound like a Spam. Keep on spamming if this makes you feel less of an old hag…

  5. Pretty bold dresses, but she does have the body for it. Hate the hair and makeup though. She looks like she is sick and in one picture her hair looks grey. I think people can wear anything they want on their wedding day. You’re paying so much for a damn party, so anyone not forking over the cash should mind their own business.

    • of coz people can wear anything on their wedding day. no one is stopping them… just that when the pictures are posted on public media, anyone can make a comment. BTW, don’t you think the red dress looks like an used feminine napkin (especially the last picture)…. hahahaha…

      • Actually, no. I think the red dress is pretty. Even the white one is pretty. You can have an opinion, but you don’t have to be mean.

      • What do you mean by mean? Mean to a dress? Does this make any sense? Even if you don’t agree with my opinion, you don’t have any reason calling me mean to a dress ? Are you the designer? You can like the dress, but I don’t.

  6. Seems like koalasplayground is slowly invaded by netizenbuzz commenters, feels so toxic. I think the dresses look lovely, the only thing that ruined the look is the hair.

    • I feel the same too. Like y’all can go back to netizenbuzz and keep your negativity towards any non-Korean celebrities there.

      I personally like the dresses too.

  7. Wow, I haven’t seen Jian Man Shu in a while. She fell off the radar, I think the last time I saw in the Taiwan drama Fondant Garden. Didn’t know she is getting married! But thanks for this post! 😀

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