Park Shin Hye Attends 2018 Pink Run Cancer Charity Event in Seoul

Beaming and radiant are the two adjectives I would use to perfectly describe K-actress Park Shin Hye at this past weekend’s charity event. She was the celeb in attendance at the Amore Pacific sponsored 2018 Pink Run to benefit cancer research, as denoted by the well-known pink ribbon insignia. Park Shin Hye reps the brand and she was looking lovely as the face of a fun event for good cause, sporting a white ruffled shirtwaist tucked into pink wide-legged trousers. Her mega-watt smile looks infectious and what better way to lend star power all the way than to show up and be fully committed in positive energy.


Park Shin Hye Attends 2018 Pink Run Cancer Charity Event in Seoul — 14 Comments

  1. The smile is radiant but she has lost a lot of weight since last she appeared in public witnessed by her haggard face n the sinew in her neck. Believe her schedule must be hectic with the shooting n fronting all sorts of activities in her name.

  2. Happy for her! BF and new drama MOA along with being cast in the movie thriller ‘Call’ glad life is treating her well. Looking absolutely gorgeous as always.

  3. Always championing a good cause. That’s ma gurl. Love her attire here – so elegant and suited to the cooling weathers of SK.

    • I’m…. are there still people who want season two for that shit drama Heirs and still ship that non-chemistry having couple Lee Min Hoo and Park Shin Hye? It’s been 5 yrs, they are NEVER going to make Heirs season 2, never. Seriously, y’all still exist?

  4. Looking stunning in those photos and her smile always brighten up my day. I’m so looking forward for her new upcoming drama and movie. I’m also grateful see my queen collaborated with different lead man everytime she have a new drama cause I think it’s best for her especially for her acting career. Shin hye God bless you always ❤

  5. I like really PSH..very generous 2 every people, she would like 2 help..No wonder mmany people loves n like her..only few celebrity has a kind n a pure heart..keep it up Shing…i for one loves d way U are.GOD BLESS U always..hope U can now open up about ur lovelife..❤?❤?❤?❤?❤??❤?❤?❤?❤?❤

    • Why must she open about her private life? I swear to god that most of her fans are only interested in shipping her and talking about her private matters rather than wanting their bias to be an acclaimed actress

  6. I love her when I watch stairway to heaven, more than the adult version. She’s turning so pretty now, I found her really pretty before too,

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