So Ji Sub Holds Taipei Fan Meeting to Promote Terius Behind Me

It’s a drama upswing for So Ji Sub in his roller coaster television career, he’s someone who is really hit-or-miss with his drama picks especially. In recent years successes like The Master’s Sun and Phantom, and now the just finished Terius Behind Me, are contrasted with total fails including Oh My Venus and Road No. 1. I find when he connects with the role then his performance also shines more and it’s usually with the higher rated dramas. Terius got decent ratings and good reviews though I’m yet to catch up, it did sound like there wasn’t much romance but he played a cool character that also got to be goofy with the kid characters in the show. As he gets older it’s nice to see the warm side of So Ji Sub onscreen, so often he plays the arrogant and cool type where by all accounts in his personal life he’s quite friendly and engaging. This week he jetted to Taipei for a fan meeting and the promotion of Terius airing in Taiwan and he totally looks happy!


So Ji Sub Holds Taipei Fan Meeting to Promote Terius Behind Me — 10 Comments

  1. Yeah the spy stuff was really lame. But the female lead was really warm and convincing.

    However it gave me a new opinion of SJS. He totally rocks being with the kids. That and the characters playing the other parents were really refreshing.

    So can’t really blast the drama since there are so many worse dramas out there. I would recommend it if only to see SJS with the kids. And the school bus scenes. Omg the school bus scenes made me both hoot and swoon.

  2. Didnt watch the drama but was keeping up with the updates.See all those people who were hating on the female lead when the casting news was announced.Some of his fans were whining about how he should have been cast with an experienced femme fatale like shin min ah etc..I love my girl Shin Min Ah but see how this drama is one of MBC’s higher rated drama this year while Oh My Venus was one of KBS’s below average rated dramas.My point is some of these newbies deserve a chance.Especially the ones who have been working in supporting roles for so long.

    • I was asking people to not judge her before watching her act. Honestly she was much more better here, than many popular female actresses. Her role was difficult but she did a great job. To be honest SJS is not a great actor at the first place though I like him for his looks and he looks like a nice guy.

    • But Shin Min Ah was good in Oh My Venus, it was the scenario that was really bad.

      But I agree that seeing new faces is nice 🙂 She was good in Waikiki and this one too.

      • Yeah SJS and Shin Min Ah had great chemistry and also good performances but that scripwriter……wasted them. It’s not hard to tell when someone is good despite a crappy script.

  3. Love this drama. The whole cast did very well. This is more of a family -comedy drama than spy drama. The spy stuff is the comedy part 🙂

  4. I started out apprehensive at first but the female lead did surprisingly well so I stayed on because SJS is the Korean Zeus and the storyline was rather charming. I’m happy with the result though. But there was like zilch romance; I guess having 2 unruly kids nipping at your heels is not exactly setting the scene. The supporting cast (other parents) were hilarious!

  5. I like that he takes different types of roles, Master’s Sun made me see him in a new light because he was unexpectedly so good at comedy (the ‘get lost!’ hand gesture, lol). I’m glad Terius was a success too.

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