Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo Take on the Law in New Poster and Stills for jTBC Drama Legal High

While current jTBC Fri-Sat night drama Sky Castle is rightfully dominating the air waves, it’ll soon wrap up in the first weekend of February and new arrival Legal High will air just after lunar new year. If Sky Castle hits a little too close to home on the competitive nature of South Korean parents and their progeny with respect to schooling, Legal High plays fast and loose with the law to garner laughs and the satisfaction at watching innocent folks beat the system. Starring Jin Goo, Seo Eun Soo, Chae Jung Ahn, and Yoon Park, this is a fantastic lead cast already showcasing great visual flair for their characters. I’m super looking forward to this, especially without the big budget and high profile pressure of last December’s batch of K-dramas.


Jin Goo and Seo Eun Soo Take on the Law in New Poster and Stills for jTBC Drama Legal High — 6 Comments

  1. ‘Fantastic lead cast?’Yep hi five to that EXCEPT for Seo Eun Soo. How the heck did she score lead is beyond my minute comprehension. Not fair she’s not female lead yet maybe in a few years time but not now. And yeah still not watching.

    • Why does it matter if she is a rookie? Lead characters do not need to be filled in by experienced actors all the time. It sad to read comments like this full of prejudices. What a sad world we are living in.

      • Yes definitely Misty Eyes I am prejudiced against newbie actors taking the stage/screen without doing the time. Again just my opinion but it’s sad when experienced more prolific actors are sidelined time and time again. It’s very frustrating indeed especially when Chae Jung Ahn a veteran is down as 2nd lead. Not fair at all.

      • There lead characters that requires a raw performance.

        Chae Jung Ahn? She probably have chosen to be on support role and considering the length of her stay in the industry yet all these years still on support roles. There are actors who are better off being on support roles.

  2. To me, SES does not look charismatic enough to act as lead. Because this drama does not have a high budget, casting probably does not have too many choices but to give her a chance. K-dramaland needs more new and young female leads anyways, so this won’t hurt. Established actresses are too focused on getting CF’s or too picky to lay an eye on this goofy storyline. Adaptation from J-dorama usually does not fair too well in ratings both locally and internationally (except for Hana Yori Dango).

    • I guess goofy storyline sums it up and if that is the case then SES as lead will do nicely. Reminds me of mutton dressed up as lamb. Has she done comedy before if so she should nail this. Yes I’m for new actors in K dramaland but looking at the fit it does look like a massive miss because the J version is supposedly excellent so unsure if the remake judging from the feedback will meet the benchmark.

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