Netflix Zombie Sageuk Drama Kingdom Premieres to Great Reviews and Readies for Season 2 Filming

Netflix premiered the 6-episode K-drama Kingdom this past weekend and I devoured it much like the zombie hordes in the story. It was riveting and fast-paced, and the short 6-episodes flew by ending with a helluva cliffhanger. Thankfully the second season has been green lit with screenwriter Kim Eun Hee also of Signal fame having finished her scripts already in time for filming to commence next month in February. The story of a resurrected King turned first zombie and spreading the infection, coupled with a power hungry young queen and her mastermind minister father, the darkness, despair, and lurking dangers hook me in more than the leads or characters.

Joo Ji Hoon as the crown prince is a plot driver, and continues with picking great roles since Along With the Gods, with sinister Ryu Seung Ryong as his nemesis. The ladies Bae Doo Na and Kim Hye Jun are reportedly getting criticism from K-ent for their acting but I thought they were both just fine. This is a great drama for those sageuk lovers who want to get a taste of the recent years zombie craze and maybe a change in drama cuisines from last month’s popular fares like slow romantic Encounter, sci-fi hero’s journey Memories of Alhambra, and academic and societal driven Sky Castle.


Netflix Zombie Sageuk Drama Kingdom Premieres to Great Reviews and Readies for Season 2 Filming — 23 Comments

  1. This drama is not logic, so many plot plot hole. The solution zombie problem has already presented by both the crown prince and smart soldier guy, who started spread infection, by feeding the infected corpse to the clinic patient. Either behead or burned the zombie.

  2. Kingdom was just so,so good. Excellent drama after it picked up the ace in the second episode. I expected to be scared. I didn’t expect to find some scenes lol funny. Can’t wait for the next season.

  3. It’s very good and the quality is like a movie. I’ll be looking forward to the next season. The only irk I have is that the time taken to turn into zombies is inconsistent, some people turned immediately while some others take more time.

    • That’s true. Or maybe because the first body that was consumed died as a human and not as a zombie. That’s why it took time.

      • Nah, there was that scene with the mother and her children. The mother had enough time to hide her son before turning into a zombie.

      • It’s more like how infected you are, the more the bites and the infection spreads the faster you turn. Like the physician too, it took him a while to turn.

  4. The greatest asset of this show is the actors. It’s a well cast show. Had no problems with the ladies at all. Joo Ji Hoon is doing a magnificent job as the crown prince and titular character. It’s so nice to see him grow as an actor over the years. He’s really good in this one.

    • Knetz already watching rampant and train to busan that’s why they getting boring with this drama cause nothing new there. Even the queen and bae dona was miscasting. Just because she has career in her doesn’t mean she suitable for this historical drama. Her voice to modern for this historical drama. Not interested in second season cause this drama was worst like rampant movie.

  5. Knetz comments about this drama. 1).I’m not a good at acting…who casted you?Did get you cast like this?
    2).I thought it was fun after watching first episode. Starting in second episode zombie keep repeating similar acting… I’ve been looking forward since last year. The story is simple and boring. By the way who casted joo ji hoon? It’s awkward acting and quiet distraction. After all I give up after ep. 3.
    3).It’s fun? I’m sleeping after 1st episode. I should watch review and see the fun again.
    4).No jam. The story is slow,the smoke tone weird, and I spent money and time like that. Kim Eun hee became obselete. Netflix looked at the original.

  6. Just started watching The Kingdom and it’s very good. The only drama that had my whole family watch it with me beside Memories of the Alhambra. I wish they explained more about how the King got infected. I watched Rampant Hyun Bins version, it’s very good. I love it. The Kingdom is a bit slow but it’s alright.

  7. Bae Doona got criticized for her acting??? Wha??? Seriously kneitzens if you know so well how to act, why don’t u go and act? What’s the point of actors if you think you know everything about acting?

    • That’s like saying doctors should reprimand themselves when they make mistakes. Of course the audience will criticize who else.

  8. This drama is amazing! It has taken me 9 years – YES, 9 years – but finally I got my husband to watch a Kdrama and this was the one. He loved it and says it’s better than The Walking Dead. I am on pins and needles waiting for season 2. Finally a Netflix Kdrama that is as good as it should be!

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