Astro Member Cha Eun Woo in Talks to Join Shin Se Kyung for Sageuk Drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung

I’m going to ask fans of Astro and/or viewers who watched My ID is a Gangnam Beauty to tell me whether idol-turning-actor Cha Eun Woo is good at the latter. I ask because he’s just been offered the leading man role in the upcoming sageuk drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung which will likely star Shin Se Kyung. My only knowledge of Cha Eun Woo is that he’s an idol who also got a leading man role seemingly straightaways after branching into acting, and also fans seem to think he’s the shizniz in looks but he just looks like your garden variety good looking K-idol. If he’s a good actor or has potential then this casting could work but Shin Se Kyung is herself a very hit-and-miss actress and when she’s involved I think the effort should be made to cast stronger than her leading men. Oh wells, there’s going to be a lot of visuals to drool over in Rookie Historian is this casting pans out.


Astro Member Cha Eun Woo in Talks to Join Shin Se Kyung for Sageuk Drama Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung — 39 Comments

  1. he is good for a rookie. his character in my id is a gangnam beauty was perfect for him. one could even say the character was written for him.
    however, beyond that only time and future, acting roles will say if he has got it in him or not.
    but you shouldn’t put him down because he is an idol or he too flower boy looking. I am not his fan in any way but he did a good job for what its worth.

    also, I remember him playing a bratty top star in one of yoon shi yoon’s dramas. though not memorable, it wasn’t bad. so he does have a bit of a range for now.

  2. I’m glad they actually cast a rising rookie because the core for the drama is the female lead and SSK is very good with Saeguk so this drama will now fully concentrate on her. I’, hoping it turns out like the historical version of Miss Hammurabi where GA stole the show because the story focused on her.

  3. He got leading roles right off the bat because he’s actually a trained actor fro Sungkyunwan University. The idol status just helped him get those roles faster and Yeo Jae Suk hyped him majorly in some running man episode.

  4. He’s literally the hottest thing in korean entertainment after Kang Daniel. I don’t mind dramas casting trendy stars because they don’t make or break the drama nor does their acting. The only thing that really makes or breaks a drama is the plot. Its about time there was more effort on the part of scriptwriters to write better scripts rather than blame actors for their acting not being able to elevate bad scripts.

  5. I realllyyyy hope he can act. SSK as said is a hit or miss so I we at least need a strong male actor with her, in case she misses. Him getting a lead role of the bat is odd, other popular idols have had a slow and steady rise to lead but who am I to know. Plus I agree with koala on the looks thing, he’s gorgeous but I don’t get the hype, but this is someone who never understood the hype over Yoona, Suzy etc I don’t know Koreas taste

    • Hype is not about taste. Someone appeal to you and others don’t its as simple as that. People also what the hype with BTS is but that doesn’t mean anything. He appeals to everyone which is why he is popular. Good looks is never a bad thing because everything pretty is eye catching. He worked hard for his lead roles so its not odd. Good acting is subjective and I personally think both leads are very good actors when given the right script.

  6. He is gorgeous as hell, but as stiff as a wood from the two dramas I’ve watch him in (Sweet revenge and my ID is Gangnam Beauty). He was offered again another lead role, oh wells. I guess all i can say is that since its opposite SSK, I have not complains.

  7. He’s a good actor though limited in his range. He is very very popular even before Gagnam ID and they only cast him in that lead role because of netizen demand. They love everything about him and he’s known to be a good guy and has the nickname ‘face genius’. Idol actors these days are better than so called ‘real’ actors. They are multi-talented which is why people love them.

    • Hi Loyola I think you forgot an operative word in your statement sorry ‘Some’ idol actors….are better than so called ‘Some’ real actors because when you make such a grand sweeping statement then you’re most likely to shield yourself from the backlash that will follow because on this site we don’t suffer fools lightly when an opinion such as yours is dropped without any thought. As for CEW no worries SSK forte is sageuk dramas and if he is a trained actor with a few acting leads under his belt I guess we can just sit back wait and see. I’d be more worried if he had no prior acting experience and was just a pretty face mouthing words.

      • Actors he is better than – yeon woo jin, yang se jong, woo do hwan, yoo seung ho, lee min ho, lee hyun woo, yoon kyung san etc.. Almost every idol actor is better than them actually. Idol actors who dominate acting – seo kang joon, do kyungsoo, im siwan, lee jun ho, yook sungjae, chani, cha eun woo, jaejoong, hoya, kim taehyung, park hyung shik, moonbin, GOT7 jinyoung etc.. this list is endless. Idols who are improving constantly – taecyeon, infinite L and sungyeol. The era of actors is already over most of the people with lead roles are idols who are also pulling in ratings and buzz. The list of actors who are better than the idol actors is only veterans like hyun bin, goong yoo, so ji sub etc.. When the idol actors reach that age they will be best for their generation even then.

      • @zoya – Although I like CEW and TY, I have to disagree with you that “the era of actors is already over”. The foundation of dramas is based on strong good actors, look at the success of Sky Castle. Name an idol actor at the age of HB, GY and SJS, I cannot think of any. You cannot speculate that any of these idol actors will age well like HB, GY and SJS and will remain in acting. You are dreaming too early ?

      • Eric! Eric! You all forget about Eric who is an idol actor and maybe even better than GY and HB! Don’t you dare say idol actors can’t act!

      • @candycane Strong good actors don’t have to be actual actors though do they? I think the OP is talking about the distinction between the time of actor actors and idol actors. I might be wrong though.

      • How can Eric be better than GY or HB? ??? this is the biggest joke here!! Eric is good but definitely not at the level of GY and HB. Eric has NO movie credit worth mentioning. Next.

      • @Ciara – don’t you dare say I said idol actors can’t act!!! ? When did I ever say that? When When?? Gosh, you cannot read or what?

      • Oh no Zoya now we’re going to war! Who in their right mind would say that idol actors are better then other actors. Seriously who does that? An actor is an actor without the tag of idol. None of your idol actors would be caught dead saying ‘Look at me I’m a idol actor?’ Acting is a craft not a 2 bit pantomime. For a start idol actors have a platform from being in a K pop group and that is their first claim to fame and popularity. So of course they have a fan base to support and fawn over them in whatever they choose to do. Secondly idol actors don’t instantaneously garner success in fact a lot of them do have a stop start erratic path to take with a lot of criticisms and negative feedback fired at them that they have to contend with. So it’s not all light and easy in their neck of the woods. Thirdly CEW is the new IT boy fair enough no arguments over that true story but when you dare to say he’s better than Woo Do Hwan then over my dead body he isn’t. Obviously you haven’t seen Save Me and Mad Dog. Retire please before Mz Koala starts removing my posts. You’re such a dreamer yeah keep dreaming I guess gotta credit you for that.

  8. I liked him in his 2 last dramas. In Top Management, he was better than Ahn Hyo Seop for me. Now, they were modern dramas and I have a hard time to picture him in a sageuk. And in Top Management or in Hit The Top, he was playing an idol, so not so much research about the character to do :p

    It’s funny how girls idol are bashed pretty bad and for boys nothing…

  9. They must be drunk while taking decision to put Cha Eun Woo in a sageuk. Not everyone can pull it off in a sageuk, let alone a total newbie like him. Well maybe it will be a wake up call and can improve his actinng somehow? But we will see… As of now… They are insane.

  10. sorry to say.but he was stiff in ID gangnam beauty…and he was stiff in The Best Hit too.not much improvement.but if the story is good i might watch it.i miss good sageuk drama

  11. Can’t say anything about his acting because I haven’t checked out his dramas. Only recently got into
    Astro’s music after coming across one of their songs since I don’t listen to much kpop these days. All I know is he is kind of the IT boy right now because he is naturally really good looking and was a good student growing up. Fun fact though, his groupmate and closest friend in his group is MoonBin , who used to play Kim Bum’s child counterpart in BOF and also was presented as a child version of DBSK’s Yunho way back. Let’s just say when I saw ASTRO I instantly felt really old to see what that kid looks like now .

  12. He’s very good actually and this is a good cast. I like how she gets both the trendy actors but also the senior actors. Shows her continued popularity to be able to act with all generations.

  13. I wasn’t a fan of his until I saw him in Gangnam Beauty and I think he pulled off his character pretty well. He was stiff in the role I admit, but fans of the webtoon have repeatedly said that is what the webtoon character is like. He didn’t have much of an impact on me in The Best Hit because it was a minor character and I really didn’t care much for that drama in general. Still, I think he has potential, is hardworking and I’m excited to see what he’ll bring to the table. A lot will depend on the script, directing and editing. A good crew can make or break a drama so I wish them all the best.

    • I don’t see his potential yet though… The acting is very important for me. Especially if he hold an integral part of the drama. And It’s can make and break a project, especially a project that require the nuance actor acting skill. It’s like every blockbuster movie I’ve watched, which I won’t watch it if the actor not selling the character and has good screen presence. Like imagine The Crowned clown, the 2 character played by Cha Eun Woo, omg. The horror.

      • What is wrong with you? YJG isn’t a perfect actor either and when the script is bad he also fails to deliver. You have barely seen CEW act so don’t say what he can or can not do. No actor is a golden standard and anyone can be a better actor if the script is right. The director and script make an actor not the other way round. Your understanding is very erroneous.

      • I watched him in ID gangnam Style. So I definitely has already witness his acting. He is still unexperience. And sageuk is not for everyone. So might be they will give him unchallenging role. Why so defensive @bebe ?

      • @missjb – to my argument that the editing and directing can make or break a drama, a good example is Fluttering Warning. We all know that YEH and Chun Jung Myung are established actors and have long experience with dramas, yet that particular drama sucked because the writing, editing and directing were awful. There were some scenes in which the actor and actress would stare into space for long periods of time with painful background music, overuse of flashbacks and a plot that seemed to meander in the middle. I do agree that a bad actor/actress can sink a drama, but not to the extent of a really bad script, bad editing and directing decisions. If the actor is relatively good then a good script will not be that badly harmed by the actors performance. In my opinion, CEW can pull off nuanced roles, he has good eye expression, reacts well to scenes and although, still a relative newcomer is much better than Hyeri or Suzy for instance. I don’t know Saguek speech, but I think he can pull off another lead role if he has a good crew behind him.

  14. I’ve got a suggestion- if idol actors are better then real actors then I propose that Seolhyun from ‘My Country’ with Woo Do Hwan and Yang Se Jong swap with Shin Se Kyung so the ‘real actors’ can do some real acting and your idol actors can claim that they’re the better sageuk actors because it will be great knowing Seolhyun and CEW are aesthetically compatible and have the acting chops to deliver bringing top ratings for their drama. See problem solved and everyone lives happily ever after.

  15. Atleast this drama would have ery pretty posters and promotional stills. Haha. I think both of them rely very much on their looks and not much on acting.

  16. I don’t think she’s great actress but still better than the guy. ? His acting is awkward and sageuk is harder than the teenage dramas he was in… Maybe they want him in dramas because he’s an idol and attractive. I’m pretty sure he’s a great idol/singer/dancer etc. but acting is not for everyone! There are so much better young actors I wanna see even if they’re not as pretty as him. But I don’t wanna be rude to his fans and he’s a sweet cute guy I’m so sorry pls don’t hate me XD (and sorry for my bad eng I’m hungarian lmaoo)

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