SBS Action Drama Vagabond Releases New OTP Still of Leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy for Valentine’s Day

The production team of upcoming SBS drama Vagabond has definitely mastered the slow burn of the teaser. They release stills and trailers deliberately in tandem with holidays, keeping it nicely spaced apart yet consistently paced. The latest new drama still shows leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy smiling during a pause in filming during the Morocco overseas shoot portion. She’s clutching his arm as both are squatted down by a tree, beaming smiles on their faces. He’s an stunt actor gone rogue to investigate a plane bombing that took the lives of his extended family while she’s the undercover government agent that gets tangled up with his quest. Acting ability or not, they are soooooo cute together. Like a puppy and kitten just cosplaying pew pew action scenes.


SBS Action Drama Vagabond Releases New OTP Still of Leads Lee Seung Gi and Suzy for Valentine’s Day — 8 Comments

  1. ‘Acting ability or not they are so cute together’ Well it’s clearly obvious that they both have chemistry on and off screen so that’s a plus and I’m actually veering towards the story more and I guess I needed the last few months to get over my prejudice of Suzy being an undercover Govt agent so it’s looking good and if she focuses on her character and gives it her all I’m gonna be there when the first episode drops.

    • If this drama flops, Suzy better retires from the acting world. Every actor should stay away from her ? just my opinion, she cannot act. Why cast her to ruin the whole drama?

      • So far all drama with Suzy are box grossing well in the box office directors and producers are dying to have her casted on the dramas and movies. I understand your overflowing jealousy on Suzy. BTW Im not even a Korean but I am a big fan of Suzy Bae from Sydney, Australia.

      • You are wrong. I am not jealous. Why would I be jealous? I am doing very well here and I have no intention to be an actress. I am not Korean so I don’t know why you said you understand me. You know nothing about me. I am only a k-drama watcher. I don’t enjoy watching her acting. It’s ok if you are her fan. I don’t care. We can like whoever and you cannot change me. Directors and producers can die for her. It’s not my business. You think you know all? I am only voicing my opinion here. Your comment is getting too personal to my liking ?

      • She’s good at While you were sleeping though..I think she is suited more for Rom-Coms..One that don’t need to act like sky castle-esque for this type of genre..She’s adorable with lee jong suk ❤️

      • I always see you in all of Suzy’s article. I wonder why do you even dedicate all the effort and time to leave ruthless and biased opinion towards her and it’s kinda fishy. You make it appear like you hate her but clearly you’re obsessed with her. What’s wrong, did she break your heart in any way? Are you one of those hopefuls who want to capture her heart but can’t manage to since you’re a nobody?

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