Kim Sa Rang Turns into Park Bo Young in tvN Fantasy Drama Abyss

This isn’t going to be as absurd as seeing Tae Hang Ho turn into Choi Jin Hyuk in An Empress’s Dignity after merely working out very hard to get revenge but it’s still a stretch in a different way. Upcoming tvN drama Abyss has cast bombshell K-actress Kim Sa Rang as the “other” female lead in the drama, being the character that is the drop dead unparallel beautiful police detective who falls into an abyss and gets good her looks fate swapped with a dude who was born without good looks. Kim Sa Rang then becomes already cast female lead Park Bo Young, who honestly is of the cute and perky variety of beautiful compared to the va-va-va-voom type looks of Kim Sa Rang so it’s kinda annoying the drama insists we all buy that Park Bo Young is the uglified version of Kim Sa Rang. Oh wells, all things considering it’s a small blip in what sounds like a cool and fun drama about reevaluating looks and personal achievement.


Kim Sa Rang Turns into Park Bo Young in tvN Fantasy Drama Abyss — 7 Comments

  1. That can’t be Kim Sa Rang in that first pic. Her face…has changed so much. Drastic plastic surgery? Nice to see Park Bo Young with long hair minus the girly bangs. Strangely, whether short bob, or long haired, PBYstill looks old for her age.

  2. So KSR is drop dead gorgeous and PBY is the dowdy as one so does that mean that Ahn Hy Seop partners up with KSR or PBY? Then who plays his counterpart hobo? I’m lost as always.

  3. the plot is really not okay, the writer could’ve stayed with PBY ugly or not. just need to change some aspects.. this bring me down to the asian beauty standards which is already been westernized

  4. PBY will most likely be portrayed as short nerdy and dawdy AKA the general Asian population that can’t afford expensive cosmetic/ asthetic and $$$ brands

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