Screenwriter of Women of Dignity and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s Next Drama is Sci-fi Rom-com Melt Me

Screenwriter Baek Mi Kyung has an incredible track record so far and her next drama will take her to a new network and back to cable. She cemented her drama success with three jTBC dramas My Love Eun Dong, Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, and Women of Dignity. Then she moved to KBS with the critically acclaimed The Miracle We Met. Her next drama takes her to tvN in early fall 2019 with the drama Melt Me. Its supposed to be rom-com-ish like Strong Woman, telling the story of a man and woman who agree to be cryogenically frozen for 24 hours but due to a conspiracy end up being thawed up 20 years later. To survive the two must maintain their core temperature at 27.5 Celsius. Melt Me is directed by the PD of A Gentleman’s Dignity, Gu Family Book, and Where Stars Land and will air after the Hong Sisters supernatural Hotel de Luna.


Screenwriter of Women of Dignity and Strong Woman Do Bong Soon’s Next Drama is Sci-fi Rom-com Melt Me — 30 Comments

  1. Le jehoon and Kim sarang! I don’t know what the age of the characters is supposed to be but I’d love to see these two!

  2. This writers is really really lucky. Working with good PD in Lee Hyung Min twice and working with someone like Kim Hyun Chul. Working with someone like Kim Sun Ah, Kim Hyun Joo, Park Bo Young. She must be saved country in her previous life. lol

  3. I think this might be Lee Min Ho’s comeback project. The schedule seems to work with him fine. Finger’s crossed.

  4. I hope Lee Joon Gi will have a look at this. It would be nice to see him in a rom-com, if this drama is indeed a rom-com.

  5. Lee Joon Gi is the best Choice for main character of this romcom drama ? I want to see him in this project so much 🙂

  6. Despite the great writher and director; the prodaction team will be great.i’m really wait for news about actors.i wish the man of this drama would be actor lee joongi.he can made any charakters for anyone most beliveble and awesome. So please chose him righ away???

  7. Lee joongi better than lee min ho for this project.I hope lee joongi choice will have a look at this.thankyou

      • lets hope This is KimSoohyuns Big comeback. before I am not a fan but after watching his dramas I fell in love with hs tremendous acting.

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