US Netizens Backlash Against C-actress Crystal Liu’s Upcoming Disney Mulan Movie Over Support of the HK Police in the Democracy Protests

I’m going to try and lay out both sides and hopefully people don’t get too riled up. I think the issue with the HK protests going on 2 months now are viewed from completely diametric lenses where there is no compromise point of view. Either the HK protesters are in the right, fighting for freedoms they were promised and against encroaching Mainland Chinese government suppression and control, or the HK protesters are rabble rousers being paid for by the Western government forces looking to stick it to Mainland China by creating unrest. But taking a side may have other consequences and C-actress Crystal Liu (Liu Yi Fei) was poised to become the most well known Chinese actress in Hollywood after Zhang Zi Yi when she was cast as Mulan in the titular Disney live action remake. But the backlash has started against her and the movie after she posted on her SNS the stock support statement for the HK police. The movie won’t drop until 2020 so we’ll see how things settle down by then, but for now her movie posters are being doodled on by folks upset at her position but she’s not backing down, issuing another comment “Different positions, then let’s part as nicely as getting together.”


US Netizens Backlash Against C-actress Crystal Liu’s Upcoming Disney Mulan Movie Over Support of the HK Police in the Democracy Protests — 33 Comments

  1. If only HK can part from China, it will. Ooof…Was looking forward to watching the movie, as the first post seems like propaganda and I was going to let it slide…but her last post that you wrote about makes me finally understand that Liu Yi Fri truly does not unDerstand Hong Kong and probably most from Mainland China will not be able to…I might ban the Movie after all…What a shame. She should renounce her US citizenship and return to China as a Citizen.

  2. What a silly girl!!! Sensitive topics such as these are best kept confined within your very close circle of friends and not in Public!

    These comments should have been “No Comment” moment. A win win situation for both parties involved. Sigh…

  3. I will watch mulan and support HK police!
    Hongkong riot is just part of US china trade war barganing chip. jezz people just go and read deeper without bias.

    • If biases are to be removed then a country where you are not allowed to express your honest opinions is not worth emulating. Why does Liu Yiffei has to speak anything at all? She could keep her mouth shut but she must have been asked to be vocal at the time when her movie is about to release in USA.
      I know how Chinese diplomacy works. They smile and then strike. I have also seen how they sucessfully ‘homogenised’ their population and Sinicized non-Han population.
      Chinese government has been accused of spying on foreign countries as well as on their own citizens.

    • How much were you paid to say this? You think people in HK would risk everything just Bc they were “paid actors”? China a communist country who wants to control every aspect of their citizen’s life! Like hell any sane person who lived under a democracy would ever believe HK riots were created by the US trade wars. Tsk tsk only loyal BJ dogs like you would say this! You’re so ignorant! ::pukes::

  4. The Chinese government should realize that hong Kong people are different from mainland Chinese, due to different upbringing and values, though they look the same outside.what works in China doesn’t work in hong Kong. The government should compromise a bit. Look for ward to watch Mulan.

  5. I’ve been looking forward to Mulan ever since it was announced. Now I don’t want to watch it. Disney should sue her.

  6. I’m disappointed. Crystal Liu; who although was born in China but she has been living in the US for many years and even chose American citizenship over the Chinese one, should know more than anyone how important democracy and freedom of speech is. If she is loving her country so much why did she give up her citizenship? Beside, her last post, if it is directed to this issue, is so provoking and immature. I was going to give Mulan a chance despite all the changes with no Mushu and no music but with this incident I definitely won’t support her nor the movie.

      • Thanks for your correction! However, Crystal herself chose American citizenship over a Chinese one for a reason. If she loves her country that much why did she make this decision?
        Probably because there’s more freedom in the US. So what makes her think she deserves to have freedom of speech and not the HK citizens?

    • Your first paragraph is contradictin, U say they are fighting to be heard and expressed. So if the actress expresses herself in a way that is not to your liking, she should say nothing. Isn’t that the oppression that they are fighting for. Shouldn’t she be given the liberty to say her peace be it ‘bad’ or ‘good’. I’m honestly not talking sides and truth be told am ignorant to what is going on in HK and C. But with that said we r all human and we may not always think alike but we have to take a higher road. Her opinion be it bought or her own may not fit in my/your brand of thinking but instead of bashing why not ask her the Que. WHY?. She posted it social media use it as a discussion point instead of a pointing fingers game.

  7. Ironically, this film is produced by Disney which is an American company wanting to earn money in China.

    Also, why don’t HK people compromise and understand the history of China and where it’s going? Most HK people think they are above China people because they used to be a colony of the British. Communication goes both ways, not one.

    • Why doesn’t China respect the agreement they signed 20 years ago?
      Before Britain gave Hong Kong back to China, did the Chinese government agree one country-2 regimes for 50 years
      It has not even half way yet and China is so quick to suppress the freedom to speak, to vote and other things?
      I’m asking you, if you have lived and used to democracy and enjoy your freedom, and all of sudden, your right and your freedom is slowly taken away without your mentally prep, how would you react?
      It not happened one day or two days , did Chinese government also tried to meddle in Hongkong voting system 5 years ago?

      • So much emphasis on this Sino-British declaration but we are already halfway through and China calling it void. From what I’m aware HK judicial system is still the same as it was in 1997. Is it not? What will happen after the 50 years are up?
        The people of HK will never see eye to eye with the people from mainland China because their education and upbringing is different to them so, I hear from friends the ones that can leave will do so.

    • I don’t understand what you mean by communication goes both way? This protest has been going on because the hk government fails to answer any questions. The press conferences are meaningless when Carrie Lam says nothing. The most recent demonstration with 1.7 million protesters came out because the government refused to admit any wrong doing. The hk people wants gov to answer police brutality and collusion with the triads. I don’t think hk ppl feel they are above, they simply want and expect what’s promised to them by a treaty that was signed in 1997. I think the hk ppl know the history.

  8. But why the producers have to worry viewers outside the mainland China? They just need the 2billion people in the mainland China to watch the movie, then that solve their box office worry.

    • I reckon; outside of China wouldn’t box office sales be just a pebble in a pond? Small fry considering Mulan would definitely make its money worth over and above in China so I guess that’s why LYF dropped her 2 cents worth comment she doesn’t care about anyone else in the project why should she? It’s all about her; stuff the hundreds of cast and crew who busted their chops off to make Mulan a reality only to have its so called Diva blow it with a 2 bit post. Who wants #boycottMulan hanging over your head? Yeah LYF walk the red carpet in Hollywood when your movie premieres proud as punch you’re such a winner! So rooting for you (not). I actually really liked you in that movie ‘Never gone’ with Chris Wu but you’ve blown it now we’re not friends anymore; I’m taking you off my Christmas card list. Bye bye Felicia!

  9. Not exactly a China supporter but Hong Kong was never a democracy. Not one Hong Kong native was ever chosen as Governor or elected to high office under the British. If the British truly wanted what was best for HK then they should have started democratic reforms right after World War 2 like they did with their other colonies. If however they wanted to respect their agreement on the lease of HK then they should never have tried to introduce a system that they knew was diametrically opposed to the Chinese Govt. Basically an act of sabotage for the incoming Chinese.

    Secondly for Crystal Liu, her future career is in China. Making no comment will still be seen in a negative light by Chinese citizen. Show signs of anything less than support for the offical party line and she could see herself sideline by major producers and fans and Govt. On the other hand the success or failure of the Disney movie would only have a limited impact in her career. Even a huge success would be unlikely to lead to a great Hollywood career… the roles for Asian are still very limited in that field.

    • You are right about Hong Kong never having been a democracy under British colonial rule, or about British backhandedness when introducing some level of democracy just three years before handover to a country intolerant of democracy. However this should not stop Hong Kong people from wanting democracy if they really do, nor should it stop us outsiders from sympathising with their plight when they have no say over their own fate and are forced back to a system diametrically opposed to their values. But alas, as the Singaporean strongman Lee Kuang-Yaw famously said, Hong Kong deserves freedom, but in this life we don’t always get what we deserve.

  10. I’m not really sure why people are surprised about all these public posts on social media by these celebrities in support of Mainland China. One, I wouldn’t be surprised if they were asked/told to post about the issue. Two, they’re not going to torpedo their careers in China by going against the party line.

  11. All of the responses by artists to this should be taken with a grain of salt. Is it disappointing for people who disagree with a certain point of view? Of course. But at the end of the day, the artists/celebrities know where their main market is and will continue to be, and know that standing with the Chinese governments stance will benefit them in the long term. Of the responses, hers if probably a bit more controversial because her near future will rely on a lot of foreign audiences for Mulan, but no matter how successful Mulan will be, she knows that most of her career will still be in mainland China, so that is where she needs to stay in favour with the higher ups. If she were to go against it, she would essentially be exiled from mainland Chinese entertainment. It’s just basics for these artists.

  12. Yea – wasn’t a huge fan of hers prior to this stunt but I was looking forward to Mulan. Now not so much. I’m confused how anyone sees the HK protests as part of the Western game chip like sorry but I like not being censored without access to google and legit free news reporting and having been censored while across the border during the umbrella revolution 2013 was scary enough. I also don’t enjoy state sponsored social media through wechat disinformation to brainwash and make me drink the kool-aid because I have no other source of “truth” or news access. That’s what democracy is and freedom to speech and press.

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