Zhao Li Ying’s Fandom Rips Lin Geng Xin for Dismantling the CP Shipping for The Legend of Shen Li in Preparation for the Premiere of The Tale of Rose with Crystal Liu

Well, it’s certainly out with the old and in with the new. This week C-ent has seen another fight between the fandoms of Zhao Li Ying and Lin Geng Xin, the popular and successful costars of the xianxia romance drama The Legend of Shen Li which aired earlier this year. The CP shipping was strong for the drama both organic from viewers and of course buoyed by the respective fandoms as it’s always good buzz and keeps the stars high on searches and interest. Recently Lin Geng Xin has gone out of his way to basically dismantle the CP of Shen Li making it clear it’s not possible and the reason he did it proactively rather than let the ship die with time is that next month in June the big budget C-drama The Tale of Rose with Crystal Liu will air and he’s one of the four male leads. His team wants him free for any drama shipping on that drama to help the ratings and buzz and he’s fine with that, and all the single male leads of Rose are very respective to Crystal’s team and will let her side generating any CP shipping as wanted. This has upset of Zhao Li Ying’s fandom who are badmouthing Lin Geng Xin as a user who cuts the bridge down after he’s crossed it, i.e done using Zhao Li Ying and then cuts her loose.

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Tencent Schedules The Tale of Rose with Crystal Liu for June Following Joy of Life 2, After That in July Comes Lost You Forever Part 2

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Top and Popular C-stars All Descend on 2022 Weibo Night with Plenty of Extravagant Fashion Looks to Admire

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Xiao Zhan, Dylan Wang, and Crystal Liu Top the 2022 Actor During Drama Airing Baidu Search Rankings

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Republican Era Romance C-drama The Hypnosis of Love with Crystal Liu and Jin Bo Ran Changes Chinese Title and Removing Cancelled Second Male Lead in Attempt to Get Airing Permit

The long shelved Republican era suspense and romance drama The Hypnosis of Love which is adapted from the novel 南烟斋笔录, literal translation Records of the Southern Mist House, has gotten a Chinese title change to 一曲三笙 which translates to One … Continue reading

Crystal Liu and Allen Ren Reportedly Cast in High Profile Period C-drama Chang Ling With the Production Team Behind A Dream of Splendor

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Crystal Liu and Chen Xiao’s Tang Dynasty Romance Drama A Dream of Splendor Gets Highest Douban Premiere Week Ratings for 2022 C-dramas and Sets New Streaming Records

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Crystal Liu’s First C-drama Comeback in 16 Years in Meng Hua Lu with Chen Xiao Runs into Twin Towers of Competition in the Coveted Summer 2022 Slot as Dilraba and Yang Zi’s Respective New Dramas Also Schedule Same Time

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