Happy Ending in Sight as TW-drama Before We Get Married Coasts into Final Episode on Friday

Taiwan dramas prioritize satisfaction over surprises the way K-dramas love to end episodes on cliffhangers and sometimes focuses on that at the expense of smoother storytelling. TW-drama Before We Get Married got me back on the motherland train after three years of not seeing any TW-dramas of interest to me. This one reunited Puff Guo and Jasper Liu and upgraded the two from sweet and cute to angsty and sexy. The rest was hot hot hot and totally satisfying in how the story made us root for their growing connection even at the expense of prior relationships holding them back. I don’t see this as a cheating drama as much as a drama about people owing it to themselves to be honest, assess, and have the courage to do the right thing in relationships, even if it means breaking up. I love the OTP and the teaser still above for the final episode confirms a wedding (please not a dream one!) and hopefully the angry and clingy exes will finally move on for their own sake.


Happy Ending in Sight as TW-drama Before We Get Married Coasts into Final Episode on Friday — 4 Comments

  1. @koala, I haven’t watched this drama yet but seeing how many people are praising it I may give it a try.

    The best Taiwanese drama I have watched this year is HBO TWdrama The World Between Us 我們與惡的距離.
    If you want to watch another good drama after this one has ended then I’ll recommend it. The younger sister to Zi Yuan is in the drama too, playing one of the main roles.

    The Japanese version of “In Time With You” is ending soon too (on Monday). I’m just curious if you are following it and what your thoughts are of this version?

  2. I like this drama but I will find weird if they marry so soon.

    @Koala, do you watch the Japanese drama I Don’t Love You Yet? It’s a remake of In Time With You, it’s a nice version, way better than the Korean one.

    • Have you tried kissasian, newasiantv or dramacool? I watched it with Chinese subtitles and even that was hard to find so I understand that it is not that easy finding it with English subtitles.

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